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I grew up in St. Louis watching the Cardinals win WS in 1964, 1967 and then later 1982. I've lived and died as they changed from the funky robins eggs blue uniforms of the 70s and 80's back to the real uniforms of today. I went to St Louis Cardinals (football) games as a season ticket holder and when they left I was devastated but never lost my interest in the NFL. The Rams came to STL and won a Superbowl and things were great.
One of my best moments related to sports, in person, was going to the Florida Georgia game in 1980 when Hershel Walker ran all over Florida.
The Greatest, next to the Superbowl win, watching Mark McGwire break Maris' record, then get to a legitimate 70.

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Bonds May Miss 2005 Season

I believe that Bonds has shown his true colors. Cheat, Lie then get away to let things cool off. I believe that this is the only way he feels that he can get away with his lame excuses and his cheating. BASEBALL WILL BE FAR BETTER OFF WITHOUT HIM PLAYING STLHAMMER

posted by STLHAMMER at 08:17 PM on March 22, 2005

Little League, Big Expectations

Amazing that a family would let a 12 year old boy direct thier families finances. Must be nice to have that kind of money to put out on a 12 year old, particularly since making MLB is a long way from a guarantee. Perhaps it would be best if the family took that money and invested it in a retirement fund or a college fund for the boy. I'm sure mom and dad are living thru this boy vicariously. STLHAMMER

posted by STLHAMMER at 03:51 PM on March 14, 2005

"Holding a hearing on steroids in baseball without Bonds would be like an inquiry into the Titanic sinking without mentioning the iceberg."

Come on people get with the program here, the reality of the situation is this, a congressman is willing to expend large parts of taxpayer money to "find out" why steroids are being abused, why they are having an effect and then he'll make a decision to either push forward with the investigation or let baseball handle it themselves. Without Baroid Bonds and Sheffield, who are under gag rulings from a federal grand jury, there is no reason to hold these hearings. For if Baroid and Sheffield say anything contrary to their grand jury testimony, they can be held on perjury charges. Then they can kiss their careers gone, which tomy thinking isn' a bad thing. Baseball can only clean its act up, with stiffer penalties, no arbitration with mediators as to the penalties and full to disclosure to the public of the abusers names. If it happens again, then total banishment from basebal, ala Pete Rose, and expungement of all records past and present of the offender. What reality do I live in, that will never happen. STLHAMMER

posted by STLHAMMER at 06:38 PM on March 12, 2005

Not done yet.

Favre to play one more seaon, nothing left to prove! Now lets give the man a grand sendoff if it is to be this year. If not, lets sit back and watch the record holder for consecutive games, stretch a streak that may never be matched. Lets watch his love for the game drive him, for that is what young players need to see. Finally, its time for the Packers to draft a QB and have him learn behind Favre.

posted by STLHAMMER at 10:56 AM on March 11, 2005

Welcome to the outfield?

Ankiel in the Outfield, funny comment, Can he hit the cutoff man. The odds are that he can and with more accuracy than he has shown from the mound. Now lets look at his progression, and I'm not discounting his pitching, in fact he has proven something young ballplayers haven't shown, and that is a determination to play the game, no matter what position he has to play. If he can hit like a full timer, then by all means, give him the opportunity, for now you're dealing with a mature player, who made a mature decision to change positions and to remain in baseball.

posted by STLHAMMER at 10:49 AM on March 11, 2005

His Fastest Sprint was Out the Door

I think the Clarett didn't so much run himself out of the NFL Draft, as kept up the enigma patern of his life. Did he take money or didn't he? Did OSU cheat to get him or didn't they? Too many questions, too many questions, here is my take. 1) He will workout privately for certain unnamed NFL teams who might be willing to expend a 3rd or 4th round pick on a "PROJECT". 2) He would be a good, if his attitude isn't shot, running back for a team that needs a closer. That is if he can prove himself. 3) Lastly, no one knows what is inside this kids head. Only he knows, only he can show them, and that is the bottom line of Maurice Clarett. STLHAMMER

posted by STLHAMMER at 09:43 PM on March 01, 2005

Barry Bonds: Roid Rage

The temerity of Barry Bonds toward all that is MLB is insightful. He has shown his narcisim is self evident. He cares for no one except himself. He denigrates MLB each time he steps or will step on the field, and this includes his racial comments, which he hoped would take attention away from his obvious steroid use. Lets get to it, the only records that Baroid should get, is the most steroids taken to cheat in a game. Lastly, when will people realize he is not the Greatest ball player of all time, until he matches Babe Ruth's pitching records at the major league level.

posted by STLHAMMER at 08:20 PM on February 24, 2005