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Olympic torch put out by protests.

Back to the subject at hand...Citzens of the world are following this country's lead in reframing life in some wide open, artificial, there-are-no-absolutes, sanitized, made-to-order-so-it doesn't- threaten-my-personal-preferences sort of "reality." But right is still right and wrong is still wrong. The courts say that if a policy seems to have a moral context, it must be religious and shouldn't be foisted on the general populous. So, like the foolishness of "separation of church and state," the separation of sports and state is also impossible and inadvisable. Now China is using the olympics for politcal purposes. I THINK CHINA SHOULD BE ANSWERED IN THEIR OWN TERMS. Any country or athlete who disagrees with China's crimes against humanity (you can call it "human rights" policy if you want to sanitize it a bit) should boycott the olympics. China now has the world stage. So let them continue to be exposed and answered in terms of their own reality. Today we say, "it is what it is." Grandma used to say "they'll get their comeupances."

posted by JayLBird at 06:34 AM on April 09, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

After re-reading Andy Pettitte's press conference, I know we have an example of a stand up guy. Maybe its a little remorse, a little humility, a little understanding what a guy has done to "the game," that I'm looking for; a little self-appraisal, and a coming clean that is not forced out of him. Not perfection; nobody is perfect; just a little man-to-man, man-to-fan, look-em-in-the-eye honesty and contrition. Andy's true character shines through. That would be included in my definition of "sport being a repository of the best in us." Now Andy is forgiven in the eyes of many. By contrast Belichick is not forgiven and we keep hopelessly beating our gums. The same will be true of Roger. He would have to cry some awfully big tears to get me to accept an apology after all of his arrogant denials, and the things he has put his teammates and the country through to get at truth. What a contrast in character.

posted by JayLBird at 03:20 AM on February 19, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

I could not have said it better myself, budman! If the call to move on, elijamin, is a call to forget about it, I do not agree. Are there any action steps that the mere fan can take to make his voice heard besides on this website? Who is in charge of "quality control" in the league office? How do we get an asterisk placed beside the Patriots' success? Can we keep Belichick out of the hall of fame? Can we present them with the FICKLE FINGER OF FATE AWARD as the Olympic opening ceremony? (some time when the whole world is watching) Does some Senate commitee need to investigate? Can we organize a boycott of sponsors of Patriot games? Super Bowl? WHAT? Or do we continue to beat our gums and have some "fan" psychoanalize us and say our thoughts are motivated by jealousy?

posted by JayLBird at 02:49 AM on February 19, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

aMAIZEd Mark, You are good a labels. That's fine if it helps you sort out and classify those around you, but you are right that I would like to "conserve" some long-standing values that have served us well up til now...apparently not well enough for those who always want more. Was it Rockefeller who, when asked how much would be enough, said "just a little more?" Anyway I am glad we share some values even if you despise some of us who are okay when the natural consequences of certain actions are realized by "masters of masters" (quite a label when put along-side the one you gave me) when there is not enough intrinsic satisfaction in mastery itself and they seek dominance at any price. I am glad that Pettitte and a few others still understand "embarassment." BB's fumbling rationalization doesn't quite have the same ring, does it?

posted by JayLBird at 08:50 PM on February 18, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

We still have a notion (buried deeper in some than others) that sports are supposed to a repository of the best of us This is a pipe dream JayLBird. Sports, high school, the military, your job, all are microchasms of our whole society. the good and the bad. How can you even think it is about the best of us when Pacman Jones is on ESPNews every day? How can you read the posts on this site and think that. It is what it is, and the more you fight it, the more you will be disappointed. I think I said "buried deeper is some that others." Right now I am disappointed and so are a lot of others. One day we will all burn out on disappointment, join aMAIZEd Mark, and either watch sports to see who can bloody the other the worst with deceipt and theft OR quit.

posted by JayLBird at 03:17 PM on February 18, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

Jaybird, don't you watch major league baseball, the land of the cheaters. Or Nascar? Ever wonder why they keep changing the rules?? Hmm, Ford has an advantage one week, Chevy is posting better times. Cheating is the name of the game for most of these "professionals". I'll stick with logic, because apparrently you don't resemble any..... Logic? So why are we having this phony conversation about "cheating?" If it is the accepted standard of sport, how can anything be "unfair," "unsportsmanlike," or even "wrong?" What is the object of "winning?" To be the guys who cheat the best? What are all these phony admissions, denials, senate hearings, news articles if there is no "logic" to trying to keep sport clean. Are we so bored that we need THAT as an excuse to beat our gums? Such as you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. Yes I do watch sports along with millions of fans who still tell their kids to be good sports and assume we don't mean (yet, no thanks to your kind) that they should be the slickest cheats.

posted by JayLBird at 03:02 PM on February 18, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

Nope, can't let it die. He's on tape, cheating. Tough way to go. He failed to consider that when he was documenting others, he was providing the rest of the world with documentation of himself. Let it die? At least you, a supporter, are acknowledging that he did it, he did it on purpose, he did it knowing it was illegal, and (as you suggest) he did he because "everybody else is doing it." Wow, now that is an adolescent argument if there ever was one. Cheating is cheating and that's why we have rules and governing bodies and sancitons and an irrate public...We still have a notion (buried deeper in some than others) that sports are supposed to a repository of the best of us.

posted by JayLBird at 09:22 AM on February 18, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

Sounds pretty simple to me. The rule is hard to misunderstand. I agree. Do you want a specific phrase against "clandestine video spying" to make the message clear? IF Belichick knew, as he says, that this was a gray area, why did he not ask for clarification? Maybe Belichick thinks all the coaches are doing this. No, some amoung us seek out those shadows to live in then when called to account, shift the blame to those who wrote the rule in good faith for honorable men and didn't think it necessary to shine the light into every possible dark corner. This IS sport, after all. And these ARE leaders of men. Why should we have to do more that say "here are some reminders of sportsmanship rules we know we are all living by, right guys?"

posted by JayLBird at 08:40 AM on February 18, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

"I regret that any of this, or to whatever extent, it has in any way brought that into question or discussion or debate. The decision was made by the commissioner, the practice was immediately stopped, and we're not doing it." Having been brought into the public's eye, you bet he's got regrets. If he hadn't got caught, the "practice" would have continued. Since this was their "practice," it sounds like any number of Patriot wins over the years should have an asterisk beside them. Lucky for them its not a college team or they'd be living with sanctions for years, and the evidence would NOT have been destroyed. The fact that they played in the super bowl tells you it was quickly swept under the rug. It's all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. How sickening.

posted by JayLBird at 08:24 AM on February 18, 2008

Giants Win Superbowl!

Congrats to the Giants. It seems they were the first team that actually THOUGHT they could outplay the Patriots' offensive line and made that their game plan, blitzes and all. It proves that no position or unit is invincable to an all-out winner-takes-all challenge...which is the only thing that won it for the gritty Giants. Like the Good Book says, "Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. It was good to see good football beat up by better football. I enjoyed the cameras staying on Brady during his whimpy little sideline pouts and rants.

posted by JayLBird at 10:32 PM on February 03, 2008

Patriots are perfect 16-0

Taking nothing away from anything lil brown bat has said, because those seem to be the facts of the case. But I'm thinking team chemistry also benefits from its own, new, shared "crisis" of which everybody is a part. Belichick couldn't lose in his little plot. They don't get caught and they all have their little secret (along with the unfair advantage that just may win one game they might not otherwise have won). They do get caught and its circle the wagons (and the emotional juice that may win them one game they might not otherwise have won). I think I have put a mental asterisk beside their perfect season, along with a footnote to give the lions share of the offensive credit to their line and receivers.

posted by JayLBird at 03:59 PM on December 31, 2007

Patriots are perfect 16-0

I am tired of all the hoopla about Tom Brady...a GOOD quarter back with a GREAT supporting cast. Given the same offensive line and receivers, I can think of two or three other QB's that would look as good. So acalades to a GREAT team...with a cagey coach...who arranged on the first game of the season to create a "we're under seige - rally 'round and vindicate ME and OUR integrity" mentality that had a lot to do with them coalescing as a team early.

posted by JayLBird at 02:41 PM on December 31, 2007