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Vick Sentenced to 23 Months in Prison

If Vick had channeled his interests into one of the 16 (!) greyhound racing tracks here in Florida, would he have been charged with any wrongdoing, no matter how cruel his practices might have been? Answer: Yes (If Congress, Roger Goodell, or some of the members here could prove that Pacman Jones,anyone wearing a gold chain, any NFL player with dreads or cornrolls, Allen Iverson, any group of non whites and or posse was not only present but betting on the races as well). Greyhound racing would be outlawed so fast, you could face 5-10 for riding on one of their buses. But as long as those 19,000 dogs you mentioned were killed by being forced into a sport that's not to popular in "da hood", then it's all good.

posted by FlyerFan at 09:20 AM on December 11, 2007

Vick Sentenced to 23 Months in Prison

He was into dog fighting, that made him a danger to his family and friends? This is the type of thinking that I'm targeting. Do you have any idea what he has done for his family and friends, outside of the dog fighting issues? The dogs fight to the death? I wonder why they kill the dogs afterward if they are already dead. While I'm sure some of the dogs die as a result of the fighting, I know the dogs do not fight to the death every time. Wouldn't they eventually run out of dogs if this were the case? Dog fighting is like the UFC to me, barbaric and gruesome, but hardly a fight to the death every single time. In the US some animals have to be put down i.e a horse with a broken leg. Every time I saw a TV show about dogfighting it made sure to cover, in length, a portion on all the medical supplies that were present. These dogs had more value alive vs. dead. Whens the last time you saw a hunter give the animal he shot medical attention? Hunter's kill defenceless animals and hang their heads on walls, there was no mention of dog heads hanging on MV's walls. Out of the hundreds of dogs that fought in this so called fighting ring, they only had proof that 6 were killed by the hands of the men involved. Not a bad ratio when compared to duck season, deer season, turkey season etc. But I digress as I'm sure, due to it's history, hunting and killing a defenceless animal for sport is not frowned upon at all since not much of it goes on "in da hood".

posted by FlyerFan at 03:38 AM on December 11, 2007

Vick Sentenced to 23 Months in Prison

FlyerFan- You equate dog fighting FOR SPORT, and lab testing on rats as being the same? Don't feel the same. Sorry . . . . Drood just expressing his feelings. Nah, It's a little more than that. Wishing death (and then hell) upon a Human being for what amounts to a crime with not 1 human victim is absolutely absurd. Rot in hell? That sounds like it might run a tad deeper than being angry at someone for being involved in dog fighting. If I'm wrong, then will all the hunters and fur wearers please raise your hand, Drood has something he'd like to say to you.

posted by FlyerFan at 07:32 PM on December 10, 2007

Vick Sentenced to 23 Months in Prison

Rot in hell? I wonder how many products you have in your house that kill animals during testing. Courtfilter at it's best.

posted by FlyerFan at 03:06 PM on December 10, 2007

Barry's Back In Frisco

Bonds, Pac-Man, they should change this to Courtfilter.

posted by FlyerFan at 11:01 AM on December 07, 2007

Pac-Man Jones pleads no contest.

uuummm. OK.

posted by FlyerFan at 01:48 AM on December 07, 2007

Redskins' Taylor Shot by Intruder

well ladygen.. i keep a gun next to my bed, plus i spent 8 years in the marines, i am pretty confident if someone was to break in my home. posted by jlh0837 at 9:22 AM CST on November 27 Thieves tend to rob homes that appear to have valuables, they usually stay away from dwellings with steering wheels, trailer hitches etc. Maybe when your mother dies, someone will remind you about that time she stole her Avon profits. God bless the Taylor family.

posted by FlyerFan at 12:38 PM on November 27, 2007

Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

NO, it's not being debated because you called the Jones hit dirty, it's because you lumped the hit in with the other 2 and called the 07' Flyers dirty motherf*ckers. I'm not putting all the blame on the victim, I'm simply saying things may have turned out different if he played the puck as Mcsmokey suggested. If you did play hockey for 10 years you should at least understand what we mean. How ironic you call the Tucker hit clean, it was an obvious forearm to the head, no body check would have caused that kind of reaction. He went high on a smaller player and look at how you defend it you damn homer. Tucker is nothing but a goon and you defend him with everything you've got. Crazy, but expected from a Flyer hater. The Flyers are in 1st place and will be in the ECF, live with it.

posted by FlyerFan at 02:17 AM on November 01, 2007

Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

Call it what you want Black hand, but calling the Flyers dirty motherf*ckers is haterific at best. Jones leads all Flyers defensemen in points and leads the Flyers in +/- at +8. He is far from jesse boulerice and far from a goon. And I'll say it again, if Bergeron played that puck as he was trained to this topic wouldn't exist. Grum you mentioned Domi, but what was your opinion of the headhunting forearm Darcy Tucker gave to Sami Kapanen a few years back? How many games did he get for that? Domi and Tucker being on your favorite team and you're calling the 07' Flyers dirty MF's. Get real.

posted by FlyerFan at 11:41 AM on October 31, 2007

Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

No it's not silly, as WeedyMcSmokey indicated. 10 out of 10 players (except 1 attempting to draw a penalty) would have turned to skate out of the area. Did we expect him to skate through the boards and take a seat in the stands? No you're almost making the point for us. What player in this league stops and stands there after he plays the puck from the that area? Why would he? 9 1/2 out of 10 players would have chipped the puck along and actually got out of the way of the hit. Players following others into that area are trying to time they're hit with the other players turn/move. What he did was the equivalent of a Baseball player making a subtle leaning motion into the strike zone to take 1 on the shoulder (knowing a high inside pitch is coming), and then wondering why he got hit in the head. Should the pitcher be throwing high and inside? Maybe not, but if the batter doesn't make the wrong move (leaning in to the ball instead of ducking), he doesn't get hit in the head. Now try to imagine assigning blame in that scenario. There are drills in Hockey that teach the exact thing we are discussing. They go over them time and time again. If we all know that if a player goes in to the boards/corners to battle for a puck bent over with his back towards the game his risk of injury is 10 times higher, don't you think a pro knows it? If he chips that puck along and turns out of there we wouldn't be talking about this. Is this all Jones fault? Not by a long shot. Bergeron made a terrible error, one that he will not likely make again, unless he is trying to draw a penalty. While the intent of the Jones hit remains in question, there is no question that Chuck Kobasew went after Jones to pummel him with his fists afterward, what the f*ck do you think his intentions were?

posted by FlyerFan at 02:35 AM on October 31, 2007

Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

PHILADELPHIA (AP) 10/15-- Jesse Boulerice, who last week was given the longest single-season suspension in NHL history for hitting a player in the face with his stick, was placed on waivers by the Flyers on Monday. My mistake, he obviously wasn't picked up. All i saw was that they did waive him. "Savagery doesn't belong in the game. Legal clean hard hitting and enforcing does." Who has created the measuring stick to decide which is which, you?

posted by FlyerFan at 02:49 PM on October 29, 2007

Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

Man the Flyer haters have surfaced quick. Jones was headed toward him before he was anywhere near the boards. He also (watch the video) stop taking strides, the only thing that made it boarding was "the victim" kept his back to Jones in an obvious attempt to draw a penalty. It happened in an instant. Some of you are acting like Jones took a run at him. And why do some of you continue to address the actions of players the Flyers have let go or reassigned? Every thing was ok when the Flyers were getting injured left and right last year and in last place, but now things are different. Firecop, give it a rest. 1 of the first moves Holmgren made was to let long time Flyer bruiser Donald Brashear go and bring in guys like Jason Smith and Kimmo Timonen. Are you actually making a reference to the broad street bullies? Do you think management, during those years, would have fired or reassigned the offending players this year? And the Doom line was a scoring line. Aside from Lindros, LeClair and Renberg were hardly fighters. Poor fellow, must be a Ranger fan. You sound like the Russians that year they quit midgame "they're to rough, we're going home".

posted by FlyerFan at 09:34 AM on October 29, 2007

Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

Big over reaction here. Take a look at the video and also see Jones' response (comments) on the Flyers website. Even Bruin fans are saying they know it was unintentional. As far as Boulerice, the Flyers really condoned what he did by FIRING him 2 days after the hit. Downie was reassigned. Gagne, Briere, Knuble, Richards, Carter, Smith, and Timmonen "dirty motherf*ckers"? Give me a break.

posted by FlyerFan at 02:10 AM on October 28, 2007