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The Statistical Case Against Miguel Cabrera for MVP

What I meant was rather than just taking the season-long statistics of each player, look more closely at what he did at critical times in his games. This allows you to see what contributions were made when the outcome of a game was in doubt, not when a game had been decided and it was the baseball equivalent of "garbage time".

Actually, there is a stat that attempts to capture exactly that: WPA (win probability added).

Let's see who led the AL in that this year:

Mike Trout 5.32
Prince Fielder 4.93
Miguel Cabrera 4.82
Josh Willlingham 4.79
Edwin Encarnacion 4.75

posted by keylimeguy at 09:36 AM on November 17, 2012

Penn State Removes Paterno Statue Ahead of 'Unprecedented' Punishment

Rumor has it they're not getting rid of it entirely, just moving it to the library as a reminder to keep quiet.

posted by keylimeguy at 11:03 AM on July 22, 2012

Being convicted of attempted murder helped a former NHL player save a life

That's nice and all, but if he'd received any actual first-aid training, he'd probably know that you're not supposed to shove your hand into the mouth of someone who's having a seizure.

The whole thing about swallowing and choking on your tongue is an old urban legend.

posted by keylimeguy at 09:41 PM on September 21, 2011

Draft guide rips Newton personally how much is too much?

Man, what's with that ellipsis? They left out the most important stuff!

"Often forgets teammates' birthdays, then sends embarrassingly unfunny belated birthday cards. Leaves lights on all night--even when not at home--then insists electric bill be split equally between all housemates. Gets upset when teammates fart in huddle, despite fact that his own farts are easily the raunchiest. Orders foie gras without even pausing to consider ethical implications."

Teams need to know these things.

posted by keylimeguy at 07:46 AM on March 30, 2011

Packers Favored to Win Super Bowl 0x2D

Ah, the yearly Super Bowl tradition....the Vegas folks decide Team A is slightly more likely to win than Team B, Team B takes it as a grievous affront to their honor, and sportswriters everywhere somehow convince themselves that there's some kind of unique angle worth writing about.

posted by keylimeguy at 08:47 AM on January 26, 2011

Yes Virginia, there's a $100,000 Stephen Strasburg card

The bid is currently at a whopping $999,700.

I'm beginning to doubt that any of these bids are serious.

posted by keylimeguy at 12:04 AM on June 25, 2010

LeBron James: Honor Jordan By Giving Up No. 23

"I just think what Michael Jordan has done for the game has to be recognized some way soon," James said.

Yeah....if only there were some kind of, I don't know....a hall, maybe? Where they put famous people? They could put Jordan there.....that would be so cool. He'd probably even get to give an awesome speech!

"Now, if I'm not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it."

This.....seems a little arrogant on James' part.

Am I the only one who finds professional athletes' utter fetishization of uniform numbers a little creepy?

posted by keylimeguy at 12:33 PM on November 13, 2009

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

This perfect record will be tainted in most peoples mind (sic), like it or not. Well, change "most people" to "a small cadre of hardcore Patriots-haters," make the requisite grammatical changes, and, yeah, I'd say you've nailed it. Seriously, as has been pointed out ad infinitum here and elsewhere, the whole videotaping thing had no effect on the outcome of the Jets game or of any of the subsequent games, and the fact that there's been not a whiff of malfeasance since then--despite close scrutiny--is pretty convincing evidence that the Pats have kept their noses clean since. Was it illegal? Sure. A little slimy? Probably. But it doesn't make the season any more asterisk-worthy than if it were discovered that, say, Richard Seymour made a habit of parking his car in handicapped spots. P.S. Somebody please come up with a better name than "Spygate." I refuse to believe that this country is so intellectually lazy that every scandal has to be slapped with a name ending in "-gate." I'll brainstorm.

posted by keylimeguy at 01:41 PM on December 25, 2007