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Garcia Booted from PGA Championship for Incorrect Scorecard

When is the last time the official score keeper/Internet tracking counter/judge etc. was called out by a player for having the wrong score and the players score card proved the player was right?

posted by Aces Full at 07:46 PM on August 12, 2007


without having to turn to steroids to help him out Apparently they don't help everyone out, they have the ability to choose which performance they are going to enhance. I want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly. Steroids helped Bonds break the all time home run record, but didn't have any effect on Hensley? PED's enhance one's performance correct? So which ever performance you perform, it makes it better or else why take them. Right? Or are you actually saying that steroids know why they are being taken? The steroid says, ok, I'm going into a pitcher so I will only make him feel better faster. Now I'm going into a hitter so I will make him bigger and stronger. I'm not saying steroids had no effect on Bonds, I'm saying maybe they were about as effective on him as they were on Hensley. Talk about a weak argument, steroids made Bonds the home run king, but only made Hensley, well...Hensley. From Wiki- No injury history documented until 07'. So no reason to take steroids for recovery purposes while he was in the minors. He was taking them so he could be a better pitcher, and they didn't make him one.

posted by Aces Full at 02:04 AM on August 09, 2007


* Hey Cody, it's obvious how you feel about the guy, and you have the right to your opinion. I was just wondering what your opinion was of Bonds hitting 755 off of a steroid user (Hensley)? What do you think about that? I'll also say it again. If steroids made Bonds into Hank Aaron, how come they didn't make Hensley into Cy Young? Opinion?

posted by Aces Full at 01:20 AM on August 08, 2007

The elbow guard

Does this site just find different ways to talk about the same foolishness?

posted by Aces Full at 05:45 PM on August 07, 2007

Does Bonds have a mechanical advantage?

I had a feeling Spike Lee was right all along. It was the shoes!!

posted by Aces Full at 12:08 AM on August 07, 2007


1 more thing is going to lend slack to Bonds (thanks to him hitting 755 off of a past cheat). Hensley cheated and what did it do for him? Nothing. There are players out there that try their best to cheat or get an advantage with PED's and it does absolutely nothing for them. Because they didn't have any advantage to begin with. Is there more proof that Bonds could have broken the record without the help of PED's. Sure there is. Aaron, Ruth, Maris and the current collection of HR's A-rod has. They all did what they did without PED's didn't they?

posted by Aces Full at 12:37 PM on August 06, 2007


You see, Mitch, "cheating" goes on in every profession. How right you are. I can't help but notice how everyone over looks the fact that he tied the record by hitting a HR off of someone who used steroids and was suspended for actually testing positive in the minors. How ironic is that. I wonder if that will get an *. I doubt anyone will really make an issue about that because then it may actually appear that IF Bonds used steroids, all he did for the most part was level the playing field. I also can't help but wonder, if steroids had anything to do with Bonds record, how come they didn't help Hensley strike Bonds out? He used steroids, he got caught, he got suspended, that makes him a proven cheater right? So if he is a proven cheater, and the steroids he did increased his abilities beyond measure, why did he get stretched for 380 some odd feet last night? I mean if steroids make you superman and Clay Hensley did steroids why are people hitting home runs off of him? Steroids helped him go a whopping 11-12 in 06'. If steroids made Barry Bonds into Hank Aaron, I wonder why they didn't make Hensley into Cy Young.

posted by Aces Full at 06:56 PM on August 05, 2007


From the AP story* Bonds hit the tying homer off a former* Giants* draft* pick* **who** was suspended* in 2005* for violating baseball's minor league *steroids* policy*. I wonder how many pitchers he has faced who were currently on steroids at the time he hit each home run*.

posted by Aces Full at 03:46 AM on August 05, 2007