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Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Well, my guess is that if he goes into prison for 6 years he won't be making "multi-million dillars", and could have his house seized as a "criminal asset". Well, I dont know about you, but Im about willing to bet he will spend minimum if any time in prison. How often do famous people go i said at first "Once in a blue moon maybe?" I guess only time will tell for that one. And as for your point that he "could have his house seized as a "criminal asset"" I personally hope he does (as long as these chargea are true) P.S. Thanks for pointing out my typo. I'm horrible at those

posted by kenakabones at 11:52 PM on July 17, 2007

Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges; many others, im far from what you would call an animal rights activist, but readin crap like this...lets just say I'd like to run into Vick on a back alley somewhere if he really is behind it (as it seems) And like others have already said before sick do you have to be to enjoy watching something like this? Unfortunately though, how often do high profile people actually do time when they break the law? Once in a blue moon maybe? I guess all thats left to say is FUCK YOU VICK. P.S. "If convicted, Vick and the others Purnell A. Peace, Quanis L. Phillips and Tony Taylor could face up to six years in prison, $350,000 in fines and restitution." <- What the hell is $350,000 to a NFL quarterback with a multi-million dillar salary?

posted by kenakabones at 11:19 PM on July 17, 2007