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And you thought Duke fans would be upset

Go to this site for more info.

posted by arij1234 at 08:53 PM on March 20, 2007

And you thought Duke fans would be upset

I was watching the Pakistani news today and they are saying that Bob Woolmer was murdered by someone. This is the order of events: 1) After the match Woolmer goes to his hotel room 2) Team has dinner at a restaurant; Woolmer not present 3) Woolmer order room service 4) Woolmer not at breakfast the next morning and the team finally goes into his room Woolmer was found dead in his bathroom with vomit everywhere and his skin was yellow. This is an obvious sign that he was poisoned because his body was trying to expel the toxin by throwing up repeatedly. The Jamaican police is investigating

posted by arij1234 at 08:46 PM on March 20, 2007

And you thought Duke fans would be upset

of rioting after a win or loss, I suspect fans are greatly outnumbered by drunken idiots looking for the chance to loot and break windows. Ok Frazier you have to be from Pakistan or have been to another country in the area and not look at it as an ignorant American. People in America have rarely been united as one under any one sports team with the exception of the U.S. hockey team that beat the U.S.S.R. When one of the countries overrseas or even across the border have a world event, 95% of the people are behind their teams and to be embarrased by a team that is unranked in the Cricket standing s is humiliating to the country. Second, money is the only thing that is important to the Pakistan cricket players. That is because they are extremly lazy people who have enough money so that they do not have to work hard to stay on the team and have people in high positions who will keep them on the team. And finally, 98% of the people in Pakistan are Muslims, and drinking alcohol is prohibited in Islam so obviously they could not all be drunk. And dont call them drunk idiots who are looking for a chance to loot and break windows because that is a very racist comment. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD LETS WIN IN 2011!!! lol

posted by arij1234 at 03:41 PM on March 19, 2007

And you thought Duke fans would be upset

the reason we pakistani's were rioting and mad was because we have nothing else to cheer for (aside from the worlds best floor hockey team). Our country is in constant turmoil and all we have representing us in the world except for damn terrorists is our cricket team and for them to go down to IRELAND of all countries is crazy. I dont put all the blame on Woolmer (R.I.P.) but rather on our stupid captain Inzimam-Ul-Haq (better known as Inzi). He was too stupid to play Danish Kaneria, one of our best spin bowlers. Also, Younis Khan should be exiled for his horrible performance. How the hell do you get out for 0 against IRELAND?! But in my countries defense, Shoaib Akhtar, Abdur Razzaq, Mohammad Asif, Rana Naved and Shahid Afridi were all injured or suspended and were not able to play. With them we were legit contenders to go all the way. After we lost to Ireland I was, for a brief moment, humiliated to be a Pakistani but then I went over to CBS and saw the Vanderbilt/Washington State game making me realize why College Basketball is the 2nd best sport ever (after cricket of course) lol

posted by arij1234 at 09:39 PM on March 18, 2007