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Visualizing MLB hit locations on a Google Map: Started off with looking at data from Mark Buehrle's perfect game that morphs into something else.

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Michigan to pay $2.5M, Rodriguez $1.5M to satisfy WVU buyout: -- Former West Virginia University football coach Rich Rodriguez and the University of Michigan have agreed to pay a $4 million buyout clause and settle a lawsuit that WVU filed after he broke his contract in December 2007. (previously)

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W. Virginia KOs No. 1 Kentucky, heads to Indy

Here is the Mountaineers official sports site, MSNSportsNet.

posted by netbros at 09:05 PM on March 28, 2010

IBAF changes rules for extra innings.

I've often wished they'd do something to liven things up a little? Like say, allow the batting team to strategically stick croquet wickets randomly in the outfield. Three per inning would probably be about right since there are three outs and three outfielders. Imagine the radio commentary: "Jones steps back in the box. Here's the pitch. It's a long fly ball to deeeep center field. Jones sure put a charge in that one. Griffey's going back, waaaay back. OOOOHHHH!!! Griffey's down. Hard. He was running full tilt, and then ... face plant. Looks like another one of those dang wickets Joe." "Yeah Marty, that's gotta hurt. heh."

posted by netbros at 10:25 PM on July 29, 2008

Tiger Woods reportedly to miss rest of season

The official release from his site. This obviously leaves a huge hole in the remainder of the season, including the Ryder Cup, but wow will the rest of the schedule be a wild scramble.

posted by netbros at 11:24 AM on June 18, 2008

Danica Patrick Wins IndyCar Race in Japan

Thanks qbert72. That was my point.

posted by netbros at 09:07 AM on April 21, 2008

Danica Patrick Wins IndyCar Race in Japan

Not to pick a nit, but Helio Castroneves was the only other driver who didn't pit for fuel. Danica passed him on the track three laps from the end. All the other leaders did have to pit for fuel in the last ten laps, but Patrick's and Castroneves' crew chiefs had each top off fuel at the end of the last caution. Excellent fuel conservation strategy finally got Danica her first win.

posted by netbros at 05:40 PM on April 20, 2008

Does Evan Longoria's new contract

Sheesh. I read that as Eva Longoria and was thinking what the hell. New contract. Baseball?

posted by netbros at 08:15 AM on April 19, 2008

Isiah Permanently Ejected

He could work out his contract as a janitor at Madison Square Garden. Demeaning work? Oh, feel free to quit anytime.

posted by netbros at 08:12 AM on April 19, 2008

Indiana set to hire Crean as hoops coach

He definitely has quite a job ahead of him. With Dakich's dismissal of two starters last week, plus early NBA entry and graduations, Indiana is likely to have no starters returning for Crean next year. Not to mention any likely NCAA sanctions because of Sampson's misbehavior.

posted by netbros at 08:37 AM on April 02, 2008

PGA Tour player Tripp Isenhour faces criminal charges for killing hawk

I once hit a member of the greenskeeping staff with a golf shot. The hole was a 135 yard par 3. The greenskeeper was operating the sprinkler controls to the left of the green. He acknowledged me on the tee. I struck a crisp, high, but left 8 iron that headed directly toward him. I yelled the appropriate "fore", but he could not follow the flight of the ball. It struck him dead center in the chest and he hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. It knocked the wind out of him and he was genuinely stunned for several minutes. After just five minutes it was already forming a very large, mean purple bruise on his chest. Even a relatively short shot like mine, by comparison, can really cause damage. Golf balls are hard. As close as spectators are to tee boxes at pro golf events, it's amazing that more aren't severely hurt. Based on the reaction of the fellow I hit, can you imagine someone thirty yards off the tee being beaned by an errant drive? It's not a laughing matter.

posted by netbros at 02:31 PM on March 09, 2008

For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

I have said nothing either for or against Rich Rodriguez in any of my comments. I'm not trying to convict him of anything. I think if you check, elijahin, Coach Rodriguez himself has never said publicly that WVU broke their contract with him. When asked about the $4million buyout clause in his contract with WVU during his hiring press conference at Michigan, he said simply "that is for the lawyers." Ken Kendrick, Managing General Partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, WVU booster, and Rodriguez friend is the one who made statements relative to the contract between WVU and Rodriguez. As to Rodriguez deserving to have his case heard, absolutely. He is required to respond to the WVU breach of contract lawsuit by January 19th.

posted by netbros at 12:01 AM on December 30, 2007

For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

I couldn't care less where he left for. Michigan means nothing to me. I just wish you would quit saying that WVU broke a contract. There is absolutely no evidence of that. You have stated it in two different threads on this site. Please stop.

posted by netbros at 11:35 PM on December 29, 2007

For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

thus proving that i always said that i was giving RR's argument. You never said any such thing. And I have yet to hear Rich Rodriguez himself make that argument. It has been third party individuals. im only telling the side of the argument that is getting no representation outside of me, on this page. Perhaps because that argument has quickly lost all its legs in the media. misquote much? I took the quote verbatim from your previous post. I make no "claims" as you suggest. I'm merely suggesting you might wish to stick to facts rather than suppositions.

posted by netbros at 11:02 PM on December 29, 2007

For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

elijahin: Here are three of your recent comments (emphasis mine): "lets also not forget, that wvu screwed rich on some of the things they had promised him, not the least of which being a raise for his staff." "his argument is that the school screwed him with his coaching staff, by not allowing him to give them the raises that they promised him he could give them. this was written in to his contract. the school broke the contract by not honoring the raise he wanted to give his staff." "im not saying RR is right, but if he is he should be praised for standing up for his staff. if he is wrong, he should pay back the money." So which is it? Backpedal much? How about we await the court ruling to see who is right rather than continuing to state your personal beliefs as fact. That would make it a lot easier on everyone here. Thanks.

posted by netbros at 12:11 PM on December 29, 2007

For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

elijahin: this makes two threads now that you have said WVU broke its contract with Rodriguez regarding asst. coaches pay raises. That is clearly in dispute. Rodriguez, at least through several friends and allies, seems prepared to argue that WVU failed to live up to several obligations in the contract that he negotiated last December after entertaining an offer to become the coach at Alabama. WVU president Mike Garrison said that just isn’t true. “I can say unequivocally that everything that was promised under the contract was delivered, and then some,’’ Garrison said. “I feel very comfortable in saying that.’’ It is also public record that at least WVU strength coach Mike Barwis did receive a raise from $95,236 last year to $127,500 this year. Other WVU asst. coaches have yet to comment.

posted by netbros at 02:07 AM on December 29, 2007

When Is It OK To Go?

elijahin: The West Virginia athletic department DID give a huge raise to Rodriguez' staff, in most cases around 30-40%.

posted by netbros at 06:00 AM on December 22, 2007