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Upper Deck pulls Vick cards, memorabilia

I think it is BS, maybe he is the next satan but who gives a crap, don't pull it untill he is convicted. After that then maybe you have a moral need to do so but untill then let those who want it get it.

posted by cptdon at 12:46 AM on July 29, 2007

NASCAR comes home to ESPN

My son and I just love the, "Boggedy Boogedy Boogedy," stuff. I imagine I will take my new born child down the same path of dark linguistic destruction! I just wish it was not on ESPN I only pay for the $15 a month cable and can't get it. When the race comes on it is like the 1920's sitting around the radio listening to an old show. But going to the race is the best!

posted by cptdon at 11:08 AM on July 26, 2007

Tony Stewart Likens NASCAR to Pro Wrestling

I don't get it, Tony Stewart has never thrown a caution flag on another driver. He is complaining that NASCAR is doing it to all the driver for good or bad. So why the crap about how he is getting what is coming to him? As far as I see it another driver can take a driver out of the race and that's fine. Tony is right though that NASCAR should not be doing it with cautions. I would love to see a few races where the winner is ahead for the rest of the pack by a lap or more!

posted by cptdon at 02:27 PM on April 26, 2007

Gordon Takes Phoenix for the First Time, Ties "The Intimidator" for Career Victories.

I am not a Gordon fan, I am a Dale JR. fan, but Gordon is the real deal in any generation. He races against the likes of Tony Stewart, Mark Martin, Jimmy Johnson, and yes Dale Jr. oh he even raced against Dale SR.. Any of them from Tony to Dale Jr. would have held there own in the NASCAR of the past. I have seen them all take someone out to gain position just like the old days. So yes Gordon is the real deal.

posted by cptdon at 05:03 PM on April 23, 2007

Champions League on ice?

I love the idea! That way we Americans can be proud of the Canadians that play on our teams as they win ;)

posted by cptdon at 09:58 PM on January 26, 2007

Michelle Wie Hits the Green

I read Golf World about every week(and look at the pictures), and not that it has any merit on their skills, but the LPGA is full of hotties. Hotties that could golf me under the table anyday.

posted by cptdon at 12:41 AM on January 14, 2007