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Lefty Answers Prayers of Football's Dirtiest Player

Football players and professional athletes, in general, have for many years made more than the average per capita income for the time that they were playing. However, the increase in pension payments and costy of living increases from SS have not kept up with the rise in health care costs, from normal visits, to medication (look at the price of a simple aspirin) to the bills for a single emergency or continuous care illness. The real difference is, the players today make more money than they could ever spend, if you are a superstar. And you would think they would have the foresight to save for their retirement. But they have no control over the rising cost of health care, nor do they know what ailments might beset them. One thing is for sure, they do know that their careers are short, compared to those of a life long office worker, for example, their salaries are high and there risk for having medical issues and complications are also higher. So it would be wise of them to "save". But "back in the day" as some have put it, those realizations were there; but the cost of taking care of them or affording them at that time were were not as astronomical. When Mr. Dobler was "hauling in" $130,000.00 per annum, there was no medical treatment costing $18,000.00 a month. That $216,000.00 per annum kind of dwarfs the $130,000.00 (before taxes and payouts to his agent) that Mr. Dobler made in a single year. The NFLPA owes it to these former players to get better care and fairer consideration for their disabilities. The millionaire NFL players of today owe it to them as well for two reasons. These guys paved the way for them to make the millions they are making and secondly, "there but for the grace of God . . . " But we have all at some time been on the sh** end of the stick from insurance or doctors who look solely at the bottom line. Our insurance companies set our treatments, not our doctors, unless you can afford to pay for it yourself. Well the NFLPA is merely the "insurance company" that decides these players treatment.

posted by Tokens0605 at 08:08 PM on February 12, 2007

Lovie Smith becomes the first black head coach ......

The success of black coaches is more a question of numbers, talent and team strength... As well as good coaching. Yes numbers are a big part of it. But as bperk points out 70% of the players are black. How many of them actually are interested in coaching after their careers? And it is not just black players. Jim McMahon, Dan Hampton and Steve McMichael had NO interest in coaching after their careers, and to be honest, none of them would have the capability to be successful coaches, let alone head coaches to get to a super bowl, because it was not a passion or even an interest. Think of the Rooney Rule, the mandate that minorities get an interview for any head coaching position. The fact that this even exists is an example of tokenism. Many well qualified and driven black coaches don't even want to be interviewed because they feel that they are just getting the interview from a team to avoid that team being fined. And, unfortunately, they are correct in many cases. The point I was trying to make is, that Smith and Dungy have done a great job. They are excellent coaches at the highest level of their profession. There are only 32 jobs in the world at this level and they have not only been hired for one of them, they have excelled, by bringing their teams to the pinnacle of the championship. My angst or problem with it is that we have the adjectives, "Black" or "African American" slapped onto their accomplishment. Believe me, it was no less nor greater accomplishment than when Mike Holmgren or Bill Cowher got to the super bowl. I cannot really "relate" to the minority populace that does feel a sense of redemption and accomplishment that their brethren have done a fine job. But obviously, (if you couldn't tell) I am white and have not felt racial slights or oppression of any kind. I just think that if we REALLY want to be considered a nation of equality and forward thinking, dissolve the adjectives and celebrate the accomplishments of the individual regardless of race, creed,. color etc.

posted by Tokens0605 at 05:30 PM on January 22, 2007

Lovie Smith becomes the first black head coach ......

Ah, I'm not explaining this well. Fine - go ahead, celebrate it as an American accomplishment. I hope there are more. No, weedy, you're wrong. I think you explained it very well.

posted by Tokens0605 at 04:54 PM on January 22, 2007

Lovie Smith becomes the first black head coach ......

One other thing . . . Will there be an uproar from the words "First BLACK head coach . . . " Instead of "First AFRICAN AMERICAN coach . . . "? That line written by the media, alone. shows where the race card is being played.

posted by Tokens0605 at 08:20 PM on January 21, 2007

Lovie Smith becomes the first black head coach ......

In a perfect world, the "First African American head coach . . . " would not be an issue. Lovie and his staff did a great job and are one game short of reaching their goal. Success should be success, regardless of race. I think people understand that. But the fact is the people who play the "race card" in sports and in all facets, are the media. Stop saying he is "special" because he is the "first AA to take his team to the Super Bowl" Racism has not been eliminated in this world or even in this country. But Lovie never faced the fight for equality that Jackie Robinson or even Willie Mays faced. He lives a very comfortable life and stays in the same hotels, eats in the same restaurants as his white players. He is a good head coach, and now a championship coach. The only time I consider him a good "African American coach" is when it is shoved down my throat by the media. Their point is to try to hammer home "how far we have come." If we really truly embraced and believed there was equality, we wouldn't have to use the adjectives. All in all a great win by the Bears and Coach Smith. Good luck in the Super Bowl I will be cheering you on from Ron (Puerto Rican) Rivera to Lovie (African American) Smith to Hunter (Caucasian) Hillenmeyer. But I will be cheering you on as simply "THE BEARSSSSS"

posted by Tokens0605 at 08:13 PM on January 21, 2007

The Hoser's NFL Picks, Postseason Week Three

Sorry hoser, your sorry record is going to get worse. Bears defense has given up points, but not the big play. New Oorleans actually scored fewer points than the Bears all year. And it is in Chicago where the Bears only lost a meaningless game. Can't agree with you on this one. And the over will have to be with defensive or special teams help on this newly resodded field.

posted by Tokens0605 at 03:14 AM on January 21, 2007

Who Showed Up? Was it Really Clutch Rex? Bears Move On.

"We are 10-3 with Rex as our Quarterback. The Bears were never 10-3. Rex did exactly what the Bears needed him to do. They know his weaknesses: locking in on one receiver, throwing off his back foot, running backwards when the pressure is on, fumbling, and throwing the ball into coverage to avoid a hit instead of throwing it away. They know his strengths: good arm, nice touch on the deep ball (when he steps into it) short memory, supreme confdence. Rex showed both his strengths and his weaknesses yesterday, luckily for the Bears, this week, the strengths outweighed the weaknesses. Two more games like that and the Bears have a shot.

posted by Tokens0605 at 08:02 PM on January 15, 2007

Scoring With A Heavy Heart.

I am not a hockey fan, and couldn't even tellyou where Teemu played before reading the article. But that was inspiring. Good luck to you Teemu and god bless your friend.

posted by Tokens0605 at 06:10 PM on January 12, 2007

Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

Nevermind that the actual court ruling was correct in this case. I'm sure it was, OJ.

posted by Tokens0605 at 05:53 PM on January 12, 2007

Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

to lil_brown bat I would copy and italicize your comments, but hey they were all good, and why make everyone re-read the whole thing. But a really great thread.

posted by Tokens0605 at 05:50 PM on January 12, 2007

Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

If some regular joe with a construction worker salary was paying child support and alimony and was suddenly put out of his job, don't you think he might seek legal recourse to make sure he isn't bled dry while receiving no income? First, he IS making an income unless all his money is in a mattress. Second it is called responsibility as a father (I won't say parent) to ensure the well being of the child. Third, he is no "AVERAGE JOE" nor was he earning a construction worker salary prior to the strike, or during the strike with his endorsements and PR engagements. Lastly, barry bonds would have only been "bled dry" if he went to the Mike Tyson school of investment. He is an irresponsible self centered loser.

posted by Tokens0605 at 05:37 PM on January 12, 2007

Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

stop and think how many professional athletes made the HoF being complete a**holes. hawkguy So, now it is a requirement?

posted by Tokens0605 at 07:16 PM on January 11, 2007

Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

You dig hard enough into anyones closet, you're going to find something. dyams Barry bonds problems aren't in a closet they're in a hanger. No digging required.

posted by Tokens0605 at 07:11 PM on January 11, 2007

Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

How much do you object to steroid use, and how much do you hate Bonds. Is it the same? I hate them both about the same. There are a**holes in every walk of life and every business. And yes the media jumps on Bonds much harder than a Shawn Merriman for example (who did test positive, which Bonds has not). But, Bonds has never shown an "upside" he is nothing but an egotistical, narcissistic, drug abusing, wife and girlfriend abusing, tax evading miscreant who deserves the negative publicity he brings upon himself. I really don't care if he holds every major league record in the books. What rattles my cage is that the bad guy is gonna win. I was taught that you STRIVE to be the best, but integrity and concern for those around you and a bit of humility will get you farther and will lead to rewards in life. And, sadly, with the exception of the obvious envy I have for such a loser being rich and famous, I still think I am better off than this poor example of a "success".

posted by Tokens0605 at 07:03 PM on January 11, 2007

Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

but every story that comes out seems to prove to me just how big of a dickhead he really is. Let's not forget the first one that showed what a "dickhead" he is. Back in '94 when they went on strike, he went to court to have his child support reduced. He was making 9 million at the time. And those great California courts allowed it, with a wink and a few autographed items in the judges chambers after the hearing.

posted by Tokens0605 at 06:02 PM on January 11, 2007