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Nuggets-Knicks brawl ends with 10 players ejected

I like how some poeple can put their peverbial black robes on and make judgements abouts things they would most likely act different if they were put in the same situation. It kills me how people see money as a reson to act differently. We hate it when someone with money acts like they are better than us, so why do we put them down on the same notion when they would do the same thing that we would do on the street? Money or no money, they are human. the player over reacted to a foul that was like the marshmallows that you put into a smores bar. This guy jumped in his face for no reason. You better believe that he should have had the taste knocked out of his mouth. Lets get real, hard fouls are part of the game. Psychology is also a large part of the game. If the Nuggets were dumb enough to react, even if Isaiah said something is the players fault, not the coach. Mark Cuban yells things at the players the whole game and he is an owner. But everyone looks at him like he is just a big kid in love with the game. Lets stop being hypocritical and let the players handle theirs. If they fight, they fight and will pay for it. But for us, as fans, most who make these judgemental comments have never played ball in thier lives, would treat these players like humans, we would be a better people as a whole.

posted by The_mastermind_433 at 06:13 PM on December 17, 2006