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1988, Year of the Card

OOP!!!!! You are absolutely right dyams. the 71 set were the black beauties. The 72 set looked like cartoons with all the color LOL

posted by cheftad at 12:00 PM on January 16, 2008

1988, Year of the Card

Ah the memories. Back in the day [late 60s-80's] Topps had a printing system where they printed sheets of cards then trimmed them. Don't know exactly how many cards were on each sheet. When distributing them, they always made one or two of the sheets extremely rare in each distribution zone. I lived in Missouri and had 6 full sets minus like 12 players each. We went on vacation to Florida that year and bought a box, filled all 6 sets out LOL. My personal favorite was the 72 "Black Beauties".

posted by cheftad at 11:27 AM on January 16, 2008

Mitchell report is Out

So where does this leave Mark McGwire? He is not on the list, and neither is Sosa (although he was referenced to the prior senate hearings.) You know he was probably investigated as much or more than anyone else, yet there was no evidence he took anything illegal. Does this mean Canseco lied? Does this mean he should be exonerated? Your thoughts please.

posted by cheftad at 10:53 AM on December 14, 2007

MU,KU chart path to showdown in KC

Great teams do what it takes to win, It may not be pretty, but a win is a win. The OU/MU game was anyones until the fourth quarter, I believe OU's big game experience put them over the top. Mizzou made a couple mistakes and it cost them dearly. But like Drum said, it will be tough for OU to repeat on a neutral field. I don't think MU will make those same mistakes again. The game was a win/win - OU got the W and Mizzou took a lot of confidence out of the game believing they can play with anyone. One thing that may hurt MU's chances - Cornelius "Pig" Brown, MU's best defensive player - went down against Texas Tech with a ruptured achillies tendon and is done for the year. He is the defensive captain and TWICE this year was named Big 12 defensive player of the week.

posted by cheftad at 11:54 PM on November 06, 2007

Pitchers and Catchers Report

"I'd just like to point out that in reporting for spring training, the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals now begin their defense of their totally unexpected World Championship." "They cheated! It was a conspiracy!" Actually, after having won over 100 games the previous two seasons, only to get bounced by teams that got hot at the right time, they finally figured out when to peak! LOL

posted by cheftad at 12:06 AM on February 15, 2007

Peyton's won his. Phil Mickelson has won his. Who's next?

A-Rod will never win a championship unless he stays in NY because any team that picks up his salary won't be able to afford any other top-tier players!

posted by cheftad at 09:54 PM on February 13, 2007

Pitchers and Catchers Report

I'd like to feel sorry for you guys, but my beloved cardinals need a 2nd, 3rd, 4th AND 5th starter!

posted by cheftad at 09:45 PM on February 13, 2007

Ripken and Gwynn guaranteed to receive less than 100% of HOF vote.

That guy being able to cast a ballot just goes to show how George Bush got elected --- twice (sigh). Gwynn has one of the highest lifetime averages in the modern era - pretty sure (not positive) even higher than Boggs, if he doesn't belong in the hall, no one does.

posted by cheftad at 07:13 PM on January 07, 2007

And your 2007 MLB HOF candidates are ...

The steroids thing is a load of crud. When Sosa and Mac were having their longball contest, baseball was in a tremendous slump and besides, people pay to see homeruns. No one would have said squat about steroids if Canseco's book had come out in that season. That homer derby revitalized baseball, And besides, Mac hit 49 dingers as a rookie. He deserves to be in.

posted by cheftad at 11:46 PM on November 27, 2006

In a year of ups and downs

True, plus they are a very young team - with the potential to get much better. The quality of their young pitchers, starters and relievers alike, is amazing. I predict they will be back to the series soon. And I doubt you'll see the nervous mistakes they made in this series in their next one.

posted by cheftad at 11:46 PM on October 29, 2006

The rich tradition of baseball in the city of St. Louis, MO got a little richer tonight.

Hey Everyone, newbie here. I am a Cardinal fan in St. Louis and would just like to clarify a few things: 1) Chris Duncan is a work in progress. He has been a first baseman but since we have a guy named Pujols there, they are trying to switch him to the outfield, Great bat - 22 homers in only half a season - but as you all saw he needs some work on his play in the outfield (OK a LOT of work) 2) Weaver pitching that well wasn't a total surprise. Dave Duncan, the Cards' pitching coach, is a miracle worker with struggling veteran pitchers. In Jeff's first couple starts after being signed he was horrible, but he just kept getting better and by September was really starting to pitch well for the most part. Thanks to all for making this a very interesting and informative site!

posted by cheftad at 11:02 PM on October 28, 2006