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Colts advance, thanks to... their D?

Part of the reason why Manning looked so bad was the Chiefs scheme; they took away Harrison and Wade for the most part, forcing the Colts to throw underneath. Then, in the red zone, they pretty much ignored the run and played a zone that forced the Colts to either run or swing the ball to the flats. I've been watching KC all year since I live in Missouri and am forced to watch them or nothing at all, and while not extremely talented on the defensive side of the ball, they are pretty aggressive. The offense hasn't changed one whit since the Vermeil years and there's a lot of internal strife. There is no way that Herm Edwards has the personality to ever take this team deep into the playoffs. I think the Colts may struggle against Baltimore, but I do think Peyton will have more opportunities to throw to his wide-outs. The Ravens will probably win, but if the Colts defense can play as well as they did yesterday, it could be interesting.

posted by Broncobob at 08:08 PM on January 07, 2007

Fox fires Steve Lyons for racially insensitive comment

I heard the comment and I wasn't offended. To me, it sounded like one ballplayer trying to kid another one. Should a 'color man' be more careful? Probably... but his firing, in my opinion, says more about us than it does about him. In contemporary America today, if you have a high profile position, God forbid that you should ever try to keep it loose in the booth. Yes, Psycho is probably a loose cannon... should it cost him his job for what he said? I think not. Just my opinion...

posted by Broncobob at 07:52 AM on October 15, 2006

Talk about getting kicked in the teeth!

Total meltdown. Dude lost it. Maybe a year's suspension for some apparently long overdue sessions with the talk-doc would do the trick. See ya later, Albert, it's been real... don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

posted by Broncobob at 06:05 AM on October 02, 2006

Captain's choice

I'm not sure he had any other 'great' choices, although Davis Love or Lucas Glover would seem to have been logical choices as well. Apparently, the 'experience' factor trumps everything else in the captain's assessment of talent. From my point of view, the Verplank selection is suspect, but I think Lehman may have made the call based on factors that we, as fans, may not be aware.

posted by Broncobob at 05:06 PM on August 21, 2006