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Evander Holyfield

It's a sad day for boxing. There has been many sad days such as: George Foreman climbing back in the ring at 45, Mike Tyson bitting Holyfield's ear off and Don King owning about every boxer. There is no way that a 40 plus year old man should be in the ring, not alone one with brain damage. Sad day's indeed.

posted by calvinobass at 07:28 AM on August 12, 2006


Add Jim Bowden to the list. Giving a pitcher a shot to mask an injury and then trading him without telling the other team is in my mind cheating the other team. I am speaking of the Majewski trade. Some might say let the buyer beware, but I say that baseball already has too many black eyes and don't need this type of trash. Whatever happen to being a good sportsman and having honor? Bowden never heard of such things I guess.

posted by calvinobass at 09:00 PM on August 09, 2006