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So much for Pujol's run at the HR and RBI records

NO doubt Albert is a great player and a clean one for that matter. But to say ALL of baseball is at a loss with him going down is just retarded. You think the NL Central teams or their fans are all that upset? I think not, this gives the rest of the teams in the division a shot at over taking the Cards for the fist time in a while. Then again, getting back to reality, Albert will be back sooner than later and still put up monster numbers and still win the MVP, and the Cards will(I'M sorry to say) still win the Central. Damn, and I thought my Cubbies could make a come back and make a run at it this year.

posted by cub82 at 07:21 PM on June 04, 2006

White Sox and Cubs brawl.

Man oh man are most of you people missing the point. The play was tottaly clean which even Barrett said after the game. All what happend was a guy who wants his team to win and obvioulsy is pissed by the way the Cubs are playing so far lost his cool and overeacted. As for that ass AJ, he didnt nothing wrong with the play itsself, but the guys is a complete jack ass and I LOVED seeing him get a clean shot to his bitch boy face. No one feel sorry for AJ he does not even deserve it. OH and anyone who calls Cubs fans idiots, look out because their a good chance your not too far from one, WE'RE ALL OVER BITCH!!!!

posted by cub82 at 05:36 PM on May 22, 2006