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Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

Nemo are u serious JAY RICH????? i mean common now ill give it to u he is the mvp CANIDATE for the first 10 games hahahaha of the season thats it common now stats wont win u the mvp its a big part but if u in the weak record team Wont happen if it could then KOBE got robbed last year for mvp.... the only agrument u can have is steve nash no other player come close

posted by DNiCe253 at 04:53 PM on April 22, 2006

Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

leading the league in scoring is gonna be an NBA 1 team nba gonna be 1st team defencive team i mean how can u say lakers are a 7th place team and the heat is a potential championship team yea but look at it this way before shaq came to the heat they went to the second round of the playoffs second round people so he gets there and what happens they make it one round further come on now thats a big upgrade and i guarente that they wont win it this year or next year shaq is simply done and yea so what lakers didnt make the playoffs the year he left and the big part to that is that they didnt have a set coach when rudy t was there they work floating around 6 7 8 th in the west they had like a (20-11) record but when the left they had who for a coach never coach one an nba game in his life lets get serious

posted by DNiCe253 at 04:43 PM on April 22, 2006

Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

The Mvp is none other then KOBE BRYANT for these various reasons if u put any of those names im talking about any!!!! on the lakers roster now they would not make the playoffs imagin steven nash as a laker imagin chauncee billups on the lakers imagin lebron james as a laker remember he doesnt like to take game winning shots and he proved it this year i mean common now 20 years down the line if any of those players was mvp what would they be remembered for the only argument u can say is that steve nash won it two years in a row but if kobe was mvp u can remember it as a hall of fame year with 81 points and 62 in three quarters that is simply an mvp season

posted by DNiCe253 at 04:37 PM on April 22, 2006