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Sacramento Kings Considering LA Move

They should get Sleepy's as their main sponsor and call themselves the California Kings.

posted by Meathooks at 11:57 AM on February 22, 2011

Review of Springsteen's Super Bowl Halftime Show

Springsteen is weak. That was a terrible performance. It was a good opportunity to use the bathroom.

posted by Meathooks at 10:22 AM on February 03, 2009

Questionable Call

Wow, the Chargers got hosed in that game on both calls!

posted by Meathooks at 09:55 AM on September 15, 2008

Patriots to Honor Booed Teenager

Yeah, the classy Pats fans wouldn't have booed a kid wearing a Colts jersey. The kid was old enough to understand why fans boo someone wearing the jersey of their rival....its more of a joke than anything. Doesn't make it right, but it happens.

posted by Meathooks at 11:44 AM on January 16, 2008

Yankees pull off a "Bronx" Buster

I like the "Red Sox can't compete with the Yankees in the FA market" crap. Why can't they? They have the second highest revenues in baseball. They can compete if they want...their ownership apparently just has a different attitude about what to do with their profits than the Yankees do. I don't like either team, but I am not crying for the Red Sox in the $$ competitiveness department, that's for sure.

posted by Meathooks at 12:52 PM on July 31, 2006

These are your 2006 MLB Some-Stars!

Loretta "only" has 3 errors because he has no range. If it isn't within 5 feet of him, he doesn't get there.

posted by Meathooks at 10:54 AM on July 03, 2006

Hear My Song, Fear My Fastball

C'mon....Trevor coming out to hells bells is still the best closer music! Even the old people get up and get into it!

posted by Meathooks at 10:36 AM on April 18, 2006

Rockies rookie shortstop clarifies how he was injured

Luckily he didn't choke on Todd's meat. Then he would really get a ribbing.

posted by Meathooks at 11:33 AM on June 10, 2005

MLB's All Porn Mustache Team

I think it is missing Jeff Kent

posted by Meathooks at 04:24 PM on May 27, 2005

Three-pointer is too close for comfort

I agree that the three point line is too close. It has definitely made the game boring. It has made point guards that can actually move the ball and get other players open less common. Now guards just get the ballat the top of the circle and shoot. I watched Nash last night, he got the ball at the three point line and instead of shooting, penetrated and dished the ball to Stoudamire for a dunk. This seems to be less and less comoon in the NBA, probably because of the closer three point line in college.

posted by Meathooks at 12:49 PM on April 12, 2005


He is 36. He should've hung 'em up after last season. He was good in the early 90's....

posted by Meathooks at 09:45 AM on March 16, 2005


You think an article written by an owner would be uninformed? I completely disagree - biased maybe, but certainly more informed than you or I.

posted by Meathooks at 06:56 PM on February 17, 2005


I concur with this view...

posted by Meathooks at 05:11 PM on February 17, 2005


posted by Meathooks at 04:30 PM on February 17, 2005


No, it is the current teams les the 7 or 8 teams I mentioned above.

posted by Meathooks at 01:44 PM on February 17, 2005