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Marketing the Grief [flash]

I am happy i look at the world thru rose coloured glasses. I see the ad as a tasteful tribute to a fine father and son pair on the son's first fathers day without his dad.I see it as a very large Hallmark card signed by the sender. If it was not signed people would probably assume Woods put it out himself, then they would bitch calling him a rich, pompous, ass. A very tasteful ad promoting a nice thought (happy fathers day ) signed by the sender. That is all I see.

posted by patch606 at 09:43 PM on June 14, 2006

Going Long for Jesus

"I know that atheists are created, not born," Of all the statements made here, this is the only one that could get me to make a comment on this thread. Seeing that religion is taught, not inate. Are we not all atheist at birth? Other than that,i refuse to make any other comment because i believe religion is to volitile of a subject for public discussion as we can see from the thread.

posted by patch606 at 10:12 PM on May 10, 2006

8th Seeded Oilers knock out the President's Trophy winning Red Wings 4-2

To all the people looking thru red(wing coloured) glasses who were not going to whine but did, the refs did not lose the series for the wings they were outplayed point blank. In previous years when a team lost out thier fans would cry about all the non calls now this year the loses are blamed on to many calls. Let us be realistic the refs make the calls in real time not slow motion and instant replay. They will make mistakes but in the end your team still has to outplay the other team to win. As for the so much bitched about high stick, look at the replay closely you can see it is below the hieght of his shoulder which is the determining factor on this call. It looks real close now stand the oiler up straight as he was bent over and it is not that close at all. Also that part of the play was not reviewable under the nhl rules. As a fan of hockey in general and a bar tender it is getting really old and tired that the refs are causing the loses. Do what Buffalo did to the flyers tonight then your teams leave no doubt. Outplay ,outscore,play better defence within the rules set out in the book and your team will win as well.Hopefully if my flames lose out i can be a man about it congratulate the team that put them out and jump on some other teams bandwagon. In fact i know i will do just that, lets enjoy our right of spring but just remember nobody is perfect and upsets are part of life. go hockey go

posted by patch606 at 09:34 PM on May 02, 2006

Bettman: Refs will make calls, or else

after 20 years of reffing i love the" new rules"or as we say the old rules being enforced. i do not have much faith that the playoffs will be called the same way. each year i was working i would get the first 2 rounds then be was something i got quite used too. thier reason was always the deeper the games were intom the playoff the further into your pocket your whistle had to go, and i could not ever agree to this idea. the thought that u don't want the ref deciding a game never sat well with me. is it not the player who hooks,trips, slashes etc breaking the rules that is putting his team at a diadvantage not the person enforcing the rule.i believe we will have to wait a few tears for the old boys club to retire from reffing before we see the playoff called the same as the regular season and more consistincy as well. but i do give a hand to bettman for the statement hopefully he sticks by it. one last point for all those who want to yell at me saying they like the old playoff hockey i say great form a league a make your rule book reflect that. do not put rules in the book that you do not want enforced. also i dare anyone to show me in the rule book where a penality in the first minute of the first game of the season is not still a penality in game 7 quadriple overtime. once i read this maybe i'll change my opinion.

posted by patch606 at 11:23 PM on April 19, 2006

Crosby becomes the youngest player to record 100 points

i think we have to put numbers aside and look what each player meant to his team. In that case i would difinatly give the nod to Phaneuf. He plays a tougher position, plays power plays and stands out on a team with a strong defensive core. He earnt his ice time by playing better than good players not being a kid and the best on a bad team. It saddens me that the eastern voters will have thier blinders on and miss out on a gem of a player with an eaqually bright of a future as the other yonug forwards.Do Cros and Ovech get the same numbers on a team where they are not the teams best players and have to earn there way onto the first or second line? All were great and the league can only go uphill with young talent like this years crop, i only hope that Dionne gets a fair look

posted by patch606 at 12:35 AM on April 18, 2006