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I grew up in the Bay Area about a half-hour north of SF. Grew up a Giants/Niners fan but defected to the A's because they are so much sweeter (during the time of Giambi, Tejada, and the Big 3). Still a fan of all teams by the bay, whether they are winning or losing (the latter more often, as of late).

Baseball was my first love, and i've followed it closely over the past few years, most likely because i've had nothing else better to do than read the sports page. I also became big on football after being introduced to the sport while playing in high school. I flip flop between the two, but during the summer nothing quite beats sitting on the beach all day listening to the A's beat the crap out of those friggin' Bankees.

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What are the odds

what do you think the odds are johnson ate it afterwards?

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 05:18 PM on June 07, 2006

Your university as a Simpson's character

i love the stanford-martin comparison. perfect.

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 06:21 PM on June 05, 2006

Mad About Ricky

does anyone else think its funny that Bonds has somehow been worked into this thread?

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 01:47 AM on May 31, 2006


god, i love grums posts. you must have an assload of time on your hands to figure out/ find all those stats. good job on at least trying to keep the Bonds haters in check.

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 08:50 PM on May 29, 2006

Fat reporters and pencilnecks !

does that link actually go to anywhere or is my internet just being dumb?

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 12:54 AM on May 22, 2006

Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer

actually a good catcher can buy his pitcher quite a few borderline pitches well said. catchers can be assholes like that, but you love it if it's for your team. See, the thing about the knuckleballer is that he's only as good as his catcher have any of you guys ragging on this quote ever heard of a catcher who handles his pitchers well. with any pitcher, a catcher calls the location and types of pitches all game long. they really are the unsung heroes of the game. if a pitcher pitches an incredible game, no mention goes to the catcher, who probably was the person framing all the called strike threes and dictating how to pitch to every hitter to get them out. on another note, to everyone saying that knuckle balls suck, have you ever tried to hit a good one? it'll fool the shit out of you.

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 07:19 PM on April 07, 2006

Is David Ortiz really Mr. Clutch?

hitting in the clutch is kinda bs. it goes along with a confirmation bias in peoples' heads where a player comes through with a few consecutive clutch hits, then they're the greatest clutch player in the world. now, whenever he does succeed, it's because he's so great and whenever he doesn't it's like "oh well, he'll get it next time". really, it's just that ortiz is a great hitter and just gets a lot of hits. he most likely approaches every at-bat the same way, because that is what good hitters are trained to do. he's just had the right hits at the right times. it also helps that ortiz is a big name player to begin with. he gets lots of "mr. clutch" publicity and someone like marco scutaro, who has one something like seven games for the A's the past two years in the final at-bat, gets none. i also could garauntee you that because scutaro is not an everyday player, ortiz gets a lot more chances to succeed.

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 01:07 PM on April 06, 2006

NFL Curtails End Zone Celebrations

i wonder which 3 owners still wanted the dances just a guess, but probably the 3 teams who have the greatest chance of being penalized- Dallas, Carolina, and Cinci

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 10:09 PM on March 29, 2006

Soriano refuses to play outfield for Nationals

i agree with ninja. he wants 2b for the prestige. he's a shoe-in for the all-star team at 2b andd arguablly the best hitter at his position all-time. he goes to left and he's still a damn good hitter, but not the elite of his position. being the best at your position, no matter what position that is, gets you a hell of a lot more money than being in the top-half of your position.

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 02:21 AM on March 21, 2006

USC bballer 0wnzrd by Cal fan club

the cal kids pulling this elaborate prank is the same as dressing up to go to a game, cheering at games, or even clapping. it's all a way to psych out the opponent. the cal kids took their 1600 sat's and 4.million gpa's and figured out a creative way to absolutely demolish this player's confidence. the entirety of the black hole doesn't work that well.

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 01:24 PM on March 15, 2006

A-Rod lifts USA past Japan

It just clicked in, Rally Monkey... i'll accept that as your apology.

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 04:17 PM on March 13, 2006

A-Rod lifts USA past Japan

I don't get it. Can you explain, you think it's funny and I don't want to miss a laugh. Thanks were you alive in 2002?

posted by SavyMcSaverson at 01:34 PM on March 13, 2006