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A dazzling Manny being Manny moment

And doubles the guy off first!!! Saw it on the highlight reels and it ranks up there...

posted by lpaulson at 12:53 PM on May 15, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Chuckster

Sounds like he gambles like he swings a golf club...

posted by lpaulson at 12:49 PM on May 15, 2008

8-year-olds suspended after hockey brawl

Coached hockey for many years and there is guilt at all party levels, coaches , players, parents and referees and management. I agree on the filtering of the coaches and strict punishment(permanent suspension) should result. This should also carry over to the referees/management of a facilty. Seen a group of referees in combination with management ruin hockey for many players, parents and coaches alike. They have controlled games and their outcome, calling phantom penalties and choosing to ignore others. Hits from behind should bring an immediate suspension to the 18 and under groups. I have seen many intent to injure incidents net 2 minutes and other blatant acts go unpunished. The saddest part is that the kids want to play but the volunteer parents of the past don't want to deal with the refs/management so there is no coach and the rules say they must have one. We need a good system, please.

posted by lpaulson at 03:36 PM on November 27, 2007

Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

Yeah,the Detroit Lions 49 years of rebuilding. Wait, didn't they set the NFL record for consecutive road losses? The Lions use to own Thanksgiving Day games. This is a different team, before they stayed in games with the D and then eventually lost the close one. Kitna said 10 games this season...time will tell. Go Lions.

posted by lpaulson at 11:16 AM on October 01, 2007

The top 10 worst sports team names

I think Washington was going for something organic but naming yourself after a potato wouldn't do. The Chief just shows that the native Americans grew them first.

posted by lpaulson at 04:04 PM on September 13, 2007

'Roid rage on the 9th tee

Mr. Player is a fitness nut and all natural fitness nuts strongly oppose the intake of steroids. Don't think steroids would be a lot of help in golf. There was another rumor regarding the Black Knight when playing in the first skins game quite awhile back. Something surrounding the removal of a root in the fairway. I believe it was on ABC and they edited out that sequence. Heard about it after the fact and had it on tape but never saw the violation. Many, many a golfer has been involved in a rule infraction whether intentional or, in most cases unknowingly. But I would have to say that 99% or more of Gary Players' career was/is always way above the board. He has always been a fierce competitor and respectful of the competition. He has always seemed to rub many people the wrong way also. I respect him as a golfer. Everyone has a right to their own political beliefs......off the course.

posted by lpaulson at 07:38 PM on July 19, 2007

Pronger elbows way to Game Four suspension

The NHL must eliminate the blow to the head and from behind. It seems they like to wait and see if a serious injury occurred before they act. The act needs to be removed from the game and severely penalized. Pronger gets those arms and hands out almost everytime. Perry should have gotten a game for the hit from behind on Chelios and we know the ref saw it, then Perry faked like he was hurt. I warned my buddies in Ottawa to have the players watch their backs when you play Anaheim. They are called Ducks because that is what the opposing players should do when they approach.

posted by lpaulson at 07:33 PM on June 03, 2007

One-eyed referee sues Big Ten over firing

Was he the same official that was at the Michigan-Ohio State game that missed the fact that the receiver went out of bounds without being pushed and came back in play to make a catch inside the 10 that led to the winning TD last year? If so, keep him out. The close one trick does not really give an honest accessment as the body can adjust and compensate to many handicaps. If they can review his performance(compares to other officials) and the present rules do not specifically state that an official have 2 good eyes then you bring him back. But definitely make it that from now on they meet the standards of 2 eye vision as the peripheral vision is diminished with only one eye.

posted by lpaulson at 02:17 AM on July 19, 2006

The Dominator may be back.

He wimped out in Detroit, too...

posted by lpaulson at 08:47 PM on May 10, 2006

8th Seeded Oilers knock out the President's Trophy winning Red Wings 4-2

Don't want to whine, the Wings didn't play to their capabilities but are there any non-biased fans that can comment on the officiating? They certainly seemed to give the Oilers every break possible. Game 4 was so bad overall, the league has probably already destroyed the footage. The Wings will regroup and be back again.

posted by lpaulson at 03:50 AM on May 02, 2006