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*head explodes*

posted by dg at 09:01 PM on March 31, 2003

Yes, that's the ones. I would be honoured to provide some articles on my particular way of risking my neck.

posted by dg at 05:23 PM on July 15, 2002

I'm in - I'll pick up my ticket at Brisbane airport. I'm assuming that transport to the draft is included in the entry fee?

posted by dg at 07:40 PM on July 14, 2002

Given that the majority of participants here are US-based (I assume), that is probably fair. We need to gang up and plot a coup d'état - have the Rest Of The World take over.

posted by dg at 02:41 AM on July 05, 2002

US-centric? I hadn't noticed ;-). I guess that the separation of "football" and "soccer" into different categories should have tipped me off huh?

posted by dg at 04:55 PM on July 03, 2002

"Other" is not a sport either ;-) A catch-all category for motorsports would be useful, IMHO, in the same way that extreme sports are grouped under "extreme".

posted by dg at 11:05 PM on July 02, 2002

What would be more universally useful, in my humble opinion, would be to have a GMT time/date stamp, either instead of or as well as the existing one (wherever that is). No matter which time zone you use, it is most likely going to be one that only a minority of members are using, so a zone that is standardised and easy to convert to/from would more convenient for most (if you have configured a PC more than a couple of times for your local zone, you probably already know the conversion anyway). Perhaps some clever programming could put the user’s time zone in there, based on their IP address?

posted by dg at 06:36 PM on June 30, 2002

What, no motorsports category?

posted by dg at 08:24 PM on June 27, 2002

Cricket? Shouldn't that be on InsectFilter?

posted by dg at 06:33 PM on June 25, 2002