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Troll Bait?

multiplicity is such a great movie... BTW I miss you guys... Cry...

posted by everett at 09:58 PM on July 19, 2006

soccer trolls

jerseygirl, he was not my friend at all, not even in the least. I was making fun of him, and he thought it was funny. I could tell he thought it was funny, because he ended his meassage with "lol"... You know, the inernational sign for haha, thats funny, and i'm a douche.

posted by everett at 01:37 PM on June 08, 2006

soccer trolls

I know I'm a bit of a newbie, and that I get pretty lippy in my posts sometimes, but none-the-less I really appreciate SpoFi, and I'd be all for anything that might make the community more of a community. If it means that I need to ignore the trolls, or whatever, I'll do it, but I really think at some point we are going to need some more tangibly defined rules, so when someone breaks the rules its a black and white violation, and it can be pointed out as such. Just my two Lincolns.

posted by everett at 03:10 AM on June 08, 2006

I want my MTV

Hint: American Idol IS usfbull TAYLOR HICKS???????????

posted by everett at 11:41 AM on June 03, 2006

most significant sporting figures of the 20th century

I feel that Barry Bonds could be one of the most significent figures of this century. I would be interested to hear why you think that. As for me, I really feel like Bonds is a character that people will be so happy to forget. Its just like Hammerin Hank, in thatr people were PISSED that he was breaking Babe's record, and even today no one puts him on top six inluential athletes lists. The athletes that have come up on this list were almost without exception (selig, of course being the biggie exception I saw) players that were overwhelmingly loved and praised for their achievements when they were around the game. Barry is too hated I think to make this sort of list down the road. Just a bit of an aside about Ty Cobb ( I though it may be relevant): Best hitter of his era, if not of all time. Has a career batting average of .367. Won 12 batting titles, including 9 in a row from 1907 thru 1915. Third all time in stolen bases with 892. Second in runs scored with 2,245. Second in career hits with 4,191. Led the American League in slugging eight times. Scored 100 runs 11 times in his career. Drove in over 100 runs 7 times in his career. Led the American League in runs 5 times. Led the American League in hits 8 times. Played for 24 years; 22 years with Detroit, 2 with Philadelphia. Youngest AL player to reach 1,000 hit level (24 years old). Batted under .320 only once in his career. Batted over .400 3 times.

posted by everett at 02:30 PM on June 02, 2006

most significant sporting figures of the 20th century

I agree with Ashe over Becker, but I would say Borg over even those guys. Curt Flood and Joe Dimaggio?

posted by everett at 04:31 PM on June 01, 2006

most significant sporting figures of the 20th century

So... I obviously have formed my ideas based on an American context, but here it is. 1.Jackie Robinson... his dominance after he got signed absolutley MADE GMs and owners look at the game, and as a result all other games, differently. 2. Babe Ruth. Sorry to have two baseball guys at the top, but the Babe is the Babe, this guy is still getting front page talk more than most active players. 3. Pele. Most Americans didn't care about "futbol" before this guy. 4.Babe Didrikson. The other "Babe." She proved that women could be athletes... real athletic athletes. 5. Secretariat... sorry, I know... But the whole country cared. Hes gotta be here. 6. Jesse Owens. What can you say about this guy? He was there on an international level, when it was most important. The others... Muhammad Ali, Jordan, Navritilova, and yes... Jack Nicklaus

posted by everett at 02:38 PM on June 01, 2006

most significant sporting figures of the 20th century

Define your own terms, and justify your choices. That will make this thread the most fun I think.

posted by everett at 02:37 PM on June 01, 2006

I want my MTV

What in the world????

posted by everett at 12:15 PM on May 31, 2006

I want my MTV

So... not trying to be an idiot, but if anyone is still watching this thread could you please explain to me what the use of the rss feeds is? I don't really think I understand them.

posted by everett at 06:02 AM on May 30, 2006

Movin' On Up

rcade, When will you have more on the new "administrative tools" and such?

posted by everett at 02:45 PM on May 29, 2006

User name change advice

My username was a real stretch... No relo is going to affect it too much one way or the other. However, I could become a muslim, and then I would really need to do some reconsidering.

posted by everett at 10:53 AM on May 15, 2006


whoa... Sam... I'm just joking. go easy on me here man.

posted by everett at 03:21 PM on April 26, 2006


Not fixed yet... I'm just sayin...

posted by everett at 02:04 PM on April 26, 2006


but wait, back to the bug... is anyone else having trouble with the new explorer? Oh yeah, thanks for the help.

posted by everett at 07:20 PM on April 25, 2006


how do I get a screenshot?

posted by everett at 05:39 PM on April 25, 2006

The S-Team.

That netiquitte test is dumb. Abbreviations and smileys are annoying. lol... j/k :-)

posted by everett at 05:37 PM on April 25, 2006

Know when to hold 'em...

I wanna play, I wanna play!

posted by everett at 06:58 PM on April 13, 2006

Question: when you post a FPP, is there an implied responsibility to moderate the thread?

I was under the impression that only like four or five people had any sort of moderator responsibilities. In my experience when you give someone moderator rights, they get real power trippy.

posted by everett at 12:48 AM on April 11, 2006

Jennifer the Russian Spam Posting Bot.

Uhhh... Derka, Derka, Muhhamad... Jihad.

posted by everett at 01:53 AM on April 06, 2006

Jennifer the Russian Spam Posting Bot.

ok... I guess I understand about the google ranking, so that makes more sense now, but I don't really think she was taking anything away, and some of the articles were interesting. Still, I understand... I think.

posted by everett at 02:53 AM on April 04, 2006

Jennifer the Russian Spam Posting Bot.

I guess I'm just a little concerned that "jennifer" is getting banned even if she is self-linking. The site does not have popups, and the articles are not horrible; they are maybe a litttle bit trivial and certainly they are only russian themed, but they are not bad! She's not making stupid, ignorant, or poorly spelled comments, and she consistently is providing topics that at least some people have found interesting and worthy of discussion. So what if it is a self link? People post their own columns all the time. I really think a ban should be reconsidered, but I of course don't have much say in that.

posted by everett at 10:14 PM on April 03, 2006

Jennifer the Russian Spam Posting Bot.

I'm still confused as to what the problem was? the links were all legit even though they were to the same page... Am I missing something?

posted by everett at 09:47 PM on April 03, 2006

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Hmmm.... Do you really think? Maybe...

posted by everett at 03:12 PM on March 08, 2006

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

how about a comment minmum before you can make FPP's. I would recommend the number of "103." (Is the New Rolex Women's Golf Ranking a sport?)

posted by everett at 06:34 PM on March 07, 2006

Testing 1 ... 2 ... 3 ...

I can post to lockerooom now, but still not to the main page!

posted by everett at 04:00 AM on February 27, 2006

brokeback html

nononono... Please Don't think that I would do that on purpose. I was just as perplexed as you all. And I certainly would never advocate myspace or any myspace site, I dont know how that happened. It was a legit post to an interesting article about players suing the NCAA for extended scholarships. I wouldn't spam SpoFi, really.

posted by everett at 03:55 AM on February 27, 2006