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Presented without comment,

I'm right there with you, skydivemom.

posted by redsnare at 03:41 PM on November 06, 2007

I found my beret while packing

Yikes! I come back after a long hiatus from the site and this is one of the first threads I see. Man...I'm I miss chico already. Since your last visit: Links: 812 Comments: 19395

posted by redsnare at 06:19 PM on June 21, 2007

The Write Stuff

I'm pretty neutral on the spelling issue and am actually more distracted by the attempts to correct the offenders within the thread. I scan right past a comment that leaves out any punctuation and/or capitalization and move on to those comments less offensive to the eyes and, usually, more relevant to the topic at-hand. Delete the specific comment or ban them outright and I wouldn't care, although, grum's idea seems to be the most even-handed. Then again, at best, I lurk here and don't get the constant day-in, day-out barrage so my opinion probably won't carry that much weight.

posted by redsnare at 02:48 PM on September 27, 2006

FPPs and Linking

"Is there an IMDB for pr0n?"

Good news and great news.

First the good news: IMDB does do pr0n.*

Which brings me to the great news: Chico, your porno alter-ego is apparently still up-for-grabs. It's always good to have foreign language aliases to fall back on when times get rough.

To keep this somewhat on topic; I prefer the analysis of the blogs and smaller news outlets to ESPN, Yahoo, AP, and the big name papers.

*Some titles may be NSFW.

posted by redsnare at 04:49 PM on June 20, 2006

Off Topic: Happy Father's Day!

Happy belated Father's Day to all the Spofite Pops out there. Picked up this guy for my Dad this year although haven't had a chance to meet up with him yet.

posted by redsnare at 04:32 PM on June 20, 2006

Deadspin invite, anyone?

"understand the genius that is Douglas Adams."

Or, you know, read the book(s).

posted by redsnare at 11:32 AM on May 05, 2006

Apparently Wayne Gretzky was not the first Super Bowl MVP from a losing team.

Good one on allowing Brazil or Brasil for international Q#1.

posted by redsnare at 09:31 AM on February 09, 2006

Apparently Wayne Gretzky was not the first Super Bowl MVP from a losing team.

Eggselent. The only thing I noticed is that it doesn't appear to be case-sensitive (which is nice, I guess). Exact spelling is apparently a necessity (very nice). It lets you know the question you incorrectly answered, if any, which, if not deterred by the questions themselves, will most likely keep away those prospective users *cough*STEEELORS ROXORS!!1!1!*cough* too lazy to Google. I think I'll second DJE's approval.

posted by redsnare at 04:41 PM on February 08, 2006

SportsFilter Olympic Coverage

I dashed off a note to the pantheon via the contact form as well due to a very observant tselson comment in one of those threads. I was originally going to post it here but didn't want to stink up the locker room with dirty laundry.

posted by redsnare at 04:24 PM on February 08, 2006