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Freely spewing untamed vile thoughts about the Yankees is far too convenient a path to follow. And totally unnecessary, as things have a way of catching up with them often enough to soothe the savage beast who lusts to see them suffer discomfort or ridicule.

When fate doesn't provide enough difficulty, they are adept at creating their own, and occasionally are able to pull people like Boras into the vortex, as in the A-Rod contract dispute. Moments like that are a service to humanity.

I give them credit where due, even if the outcome is not what I would have hoped for. What they did to the Braves in 1996 remains a stunning accomplishment to this day.

For those who are troubled by how people like Torre have been treated by the organization, there is the fond memory of Dick Howser's run to glory, which remains sublime in my mind.

They are going to be center stage, win lose or draw. It's their destiny. I am totally content to leave 'em be and let them do their thang.

It's Trump who hasn't suffered enough.

posted by beaverboard at 09:27 AM on September 06, 2012

Comment Editing

The part I didn't like was the editing out and then the use of part of the edited portion in italics to fuel the moderator's response.

If people came along who never saw the original "HaHaHa" portion that was deleted and then saw it referenced in a response, they wouldn't have the benefit of full knowledge of the situation, which I feel they are entitled to.

If you're going to delete text, then subsequently tailor it to your own purposes without any sort of disclosure or clarification for the benefit of other members, that is something I object to.

I also think that if you're going to delete text and then reference it here as done above, you should quote it verbatim rather than paraphrasing it. The "something along the lines of" approach shows a further disregard for what the poster originally posted, as if to reinforce its illegitimacy in the moderator's eyes. The casual "I threw it in the trash and now I can't remember exactly what it said" approach is dismissive of both the membership at large and the record.

In general, I think this particular episode was not handled well and shows a questionable use of the moderators' discretionary powers and authority.

posted by beaverboard at 08:37 PM on September 05, 2012