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I want my MTV

"Sobs" Pulls out lace hanky..... Waves at tieguy, "Adieu, sweet sorrow, adieu."

posted by gac at 05:58 PM on May 26, 2006

Link Dump

Congratulations Fraze. Very pretty. Nice work indeed.

posted by gac at 04:25 PM on March 19, 2006

flickr anyone?

Thank-you lbb. Another pretty cool place I'd never heard of.

posted by gac at 04:15 PM on April 30, 2005

flickr anyone?

Oh, come on, somebody, play nice and tell us "dummies" what it is. I for one would like to know what it is I don't have a chance of getting free.

posted by gac at 11:58 AM on April 30, 2005

Let's Examine Our Members

Pantheon....Please....Make it stop.....

posted by gac at 10:18 PM on April 20, 2005

Let's Examine Our Members

I think squealy has the right idea. I know I haven't been a member of SpoFi for long, and I usually keep my mouth shut, but I vote for 1 warning, then oust 'em. More hate the world doesn't need.

posted by gac at 11:31 PM on April 17, 2005

NFL Pick 'Em Contest: Superbowl Mania Edition [MI]

Back in the day, I had an English teacher who used to say, funny ha-ha or funny peculiar? That referee thing would qualify as a little of both. Maybe not dead, just wounded.

posted by gac at 04:47 PM on February 04, 2005

NFL Pick 'Em Contest: Superbowl Mania Edition [MI]

Team: Pats (but, Go Eagles) MVP: Dillon Margin: 4 Total: 52 Disclaimer:Boy, I sure hope this doesn't happen, but if it does, it's not my fault!

posted by gac at 08:24 AM on February 04, 2005