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September 01, 2004

Innocent? Guilty? Off the hook, either way: Kobe Bryant will reamin a free man (as if there were much doubt). Prosecuters will ask the judge to dismiss the charges against Bryant. Next up for Kobe: an out of court settlement for the civil suit. So does Kobe's endorsment money come back in any way or is he S.O.L. for good on that front? Maybe a slow trickle back to where it once was? Maybe everyone forgets in a year and he's the next Ray Lewis? At least it's over (pretty much).

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January 11, 2004

Vlad to the Angels: for a reported 5 years and $70M guaranteed . This after rejecting a 3 year $30M deal (incentives and clauses for up to 5 years / $71M) with the Mets and a longstanding 5 year $65M deal with the Orioles. Wonder why the Angels. Does this, along with Colon and Escobar, get them past the A's and Mariners? The West should be interesting this year.

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January 01, 2004

KSU Quarterback Ell Roberson accused of sexual assault: in Scottsdale today. This following a report he may be suspended for violating curfew. Doesn't he watch the news? Why do athletes continually put themselves in these situations? Props to ABC for breaking the news during the Rose Bowl without any additional information or facts. Jackasses.

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