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March 15, 2005

Peeling Grapes: An excellent profile of Don Cherry from Saturday Night Magazine. [via Jes Gőlbez].

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December 09, 2004

Final Offer: The NHLPA has put forth what is believed to be their best and last offer towards saving the NHL season. If this offer doesn't provide a basis for negotiation, and the owners reject it outright, we can probably kiss the season goodbye. Details of the proposal inside.

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September 30, 2004

Lockout looming!: The National Lacrosse League prepares to cancel the 2004-2005 season over, you guessed it....labour disputes, namely the lack of a CBA. First hockey, then the Expos, then lacrosse...will Canadians have to finally start flocking to curling rinks?

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February 18, 2004

Bonnnnzaaaaiii!: The Senators land Peter Bondra, and the Eastern Conference arms race is on. Will the Leafs, Flyers, Bruins and Devils retaliate?

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January 30, 2004

"The NHL's Washington Capitals edged out the NFL's Cleveland Browns, to top the rankings in the study of 131 professional sports team web sites (MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL and NHL)." For the web usability junkies among us, every major North American sports team's website, as ranked by the experts at UMass. Maybe it's just me, but don't all these sites look the same? That is, loud, busy, and overstuff'd with info?

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January 23, 2004

Jagr on Broadway?: is reporting that a deal has been worked out to send Jaromir Jagr to the Rangers for the underachieving Anson Carter.

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November 03, 2003

"To get the game back to the way it was, we have to keep the goaltenders from coming out of the net to play the puck,": says Flyers GM Bob Clarke. He blames the NHL's lack of offence on roving netminders. "They're like third defensemen." Under Clarke's regime, goaltenders would be penalized for wandering behind their net or to the faceoff circles. Is this scheme so much more hoo-ha from one of the game's most noxious spokesmen, or a legitimate way to decongest the NHL game?

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October 01, 2003

CBA negotiations underway.: Looks like Bettman and Goodenow are starting to develop some semblance of a clue. So what will be the opening salvos in this sure-to-be-ugly peepee contest? I predict something along the lines of: "We want a salary cap!" "No." "We want a salary cap!" "No." ad infinitum, while the WHA sneaks in and steals all the fans away.

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July 12, 2002

Amonte's a desert dog.: There were lots of signings today in the NHL, but Amonte's the biggest one. Was anyone expecting him to end up in Phoenix? Probably not. And at $24 mil/4 yr, he's getting no more than he deserves (arguably...hint hint).

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June 13, 2002

Lakers win the Championship.: At this point, does anyone even give a crap? A team with Shaq and Kobe would have to TRY to lose. Let's get some retirements, career-ending injuries, or trades to make NBA basketball interesting again.

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June 09, 2002

Tyson gets knocked the fug out.: I thought Tyson won the first round, and Lewis' penchant for holding was on display for all to see tonight, but there's no question the better fighter won. Lennox made Mike look like pizza dough. So, what remains for both fighters? Lewis has nothing left to prove, and Tyson has nowhere to go. Is this it? Is the heavyweight division officially irrelevant?

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April 15, 2002

The NHL Playoffs are upon us : starting Wednesday, and nobody could have predicted some of these matchups when the season began. New Jersey looking up at Carolina in the standings? An unlikely Original Six matchup? "Phoenix" and "playoffs" uttered in the same sentence? Who's gonna win? Who isn't?

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March 12, 2002

The National Hockey League Fans' Association: has been the best grassroots effort thus far to create a league-recognized committee for representing the viewpoints of NHL fans. They've come close to their membership goals, but as of this Saturday, they could be closing up shop. Is it worth saving?

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March 02, 2002

NHL Third Jerseys. : There are some nice ones, and some truly hideous ones. Is this a trend worth keeping around? Does it bring anything beneficial to the team, or is it just a blatant cash grab?

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