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November 24, 2002

Beat Report: MLS

The MLS announces playoff changes and a new schedule. Plus the US Men's National Team has their first post World Cup friendly. More inside..

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November 23, 2002

Ohio State heads to the national championships!: You've called us boring. You've called us lucky. But we're also undefeated and heading to the Fiesta Bowl. A classic OSU vs. Michigan match up came down to the final second today.

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October 24, 2002

My team just won the US Open Cup! : More inside.

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October 08, 2002

MLS Players to form union? : Failing to secure a court appeal for their class action lawsuit against the league, some MLS players are now talking about forming a player's union to collectively bargain about salaries, transfer rights, and other hot topics. Will this help or destroy the league's chances of becoming successful?

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August 17, 2002

The English Premier League: begins today! The link is a great preview of the upcoming season and each team. If you're in America and have Fox Sports World set those Tivos to "Premiership Soccer" to get the games. This is the year I pick my team (instead of lazily following Arsenal), any advice?

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August 03, 2002

The MLS All Star Game: , played in a rain soaked field, pitted the US Men's National Team (sort of) against the best of the MLS (sort of). Results and more inside...

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July 11, 2002

Here's the deal:: we're going to trade all of your good players and then fire you when you begin losing. Ok ok, so I'm being unfair. The Cleveland Indians fire coach Charlie Manuel. Please bring back Hargrove. Please?

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