August 03, 2002

The MLS All Star Game: , played in a rain soaked field, pitted the US Men's National Team (sort of) against the best of the MLS (sort of). Results and more inside...

posted by elsoltano to soccer at 05:35 PM - 2 comments

Interesting game when we weren't getting rained out (57 minute rain delay) or being subjected to an awful half-time show. The teams were pretty even, but the MLS All-Stars triumphed in the end. This game, combined with the state of the league address really encapsulated US soccer this year - a bit of a mess, a bit too optimistic, a bit too full of itself, but able to provide some great games.

posted by elsoltano at 05:40 PM on August 03, 2002

I saw some of the game after play resumed. Man, that was a lot of water. With a few more inches of water in that one corner they could have been playing water polo. I think any state of the league address is going to be a bit full of itself. Still, some good information out there. The new stadium in LA is going to be a good thing, and it was good to hear that the plan in NJ might still have a chance of happening. No expansion, of course, but that just gives us another year to gab about it.

posted by eckeric at 01:57 PM on August 06, 2002

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