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October 04, 2007

If you can't beat the drug test,: then sue to keep them from suspending you for it, says Travis Henry.

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May 15, 2007

Dale Jr. docked 100 points and his crew chief suspended six races: for what NASCAR says was obviously intentional cheating.

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April 07, 2007

Mizzou's Hawkins becomes first openly gay coach in NCAA: Does this take us one step closer to an openly gay pro athlete?

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April 02, 2007

Is it the stick or not?: And if it is, is that OK?

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March 30, 2007

“They ought to tell the girls that they are signing a death waiver.": New study shows cheerleading accounts for more catastrophic injuries than all other sports combined. And cheerleaders account for more insurance claims by NCAA member schools than all sports other than football.

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March 29, 2007

Why don't I subscribe to Extra Innings?: The only thing more ridiculous is Jerry Jones saying teams should be able to break news of trades and such through exclusive deals rather than letting the mainstream media report it.

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NFL Competition Committee won't change overtime,: but at least they tackled the tough issue of guys spiking the ball after non-scoring plays. Another rule change this link does not address is that home teams can no longer be penalized for excessive crowd noise.

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