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Rush Limbaugh: Group Therapist.

The sad thing here is rush rimjob 2 years ago would never mention these 2 names, let alone invite them to his show. How dumb can this guy be. If this is not an example of attempting to stir the pot, i don't know what is.I think his true desire is to put those 2 in a cage and have only 1 come out alive. For what its worth, I'd like to see rush rimjob be reduced to a match on celebrity boxing. His opponent, William the refrigerator Perry.If nothing else, I'm sure he could get some Oxycontin(from 3 different doctors) due to the pain that would be inflicted upon him.Then he could invite rite-aid,eckerd, and happy harrys' to is show and try to convince them to merge, so he could fill all 3 illegally photo-copied prescriptions at 1 convenient location. There's nothing worse than someone trying to prosper from someone Else's trouble.

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OJ unplugged by 18 year old.

I believe it's in the Bible and states "Eye for and eye,Tooth for a tooth". Actually a scripture that mentions "eyes" states...If your right eye offends you(as in lusting or finding negative in everything you look at)then pluck it out. For it is better to enter the kingdom of Heaven with one eye then to be Damned forever(paraphrase) Since someone else went for a Bible scripture(actually "eye for an eye" is not in the Bible), i guess i'd offer one of the less popular ones,... John 8:7 He who is without sin among YOU, let him cast the first stone. I guess my piont is no matter how much we think oj got away with something,he or anyone else cannot escape the punishment for hidden sin. The Bible also states that any man may repent and be forgiven.If oj is guilty of that horrible crime and doesnt repent. He will receive swift and just punishment.He will not have gotten away with anything.) He who covereth sin will not prosper.

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I personally cant wait to see a series involving toronto and philly. that is going to be hands down a cage match atleast. Rathje and Hatcher are both decent skaters, but not much speed, or puck handling back there. Though they do still have Pitkanen and Kapanen who are two great puck handling defencemen RK PLAYER TEAM POS GP G A P +/- PIM SH PP EV GW GT OT S S% SFT/g TOI/g FO% 14 KIM JOHNSSON PHI D 80 13 29 42 16 26 0 4 9 3 1 0 189 6.9 28.2 24:26 0.0 How could you forget phillys all around best defensemen, he was only ranked 14th among all nhl's d-men in 03/04 by that said, with johnsson and pitkanen hadling the puck on D and kapanen playing rw to primeau's center.(remember the eastern finals last yr)forsberg and gagne,(and knuble a 30 goal scorer who people seem to have forgotton philly picked up cause of forsberg)handling the scoring/hatcher, rathje and brashear handling the rough stuff/and carter who will win rookie of the yr. i think this is the hands down cup winner. just my opinion

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OJ unplugged by 18 year old.

I swear, some of these comments actually sound as if they are filled with jealousy. hundreds of people get away with crime everyday. Some of you actually sound like you're more upset that it wasnt you who "got away with murder". Its like you take it personally.How about the african american male that got the chair a few years ago and then was found "innocent" not "not guilty". Then the other man who also happend to be black who spent over 25 years in jail and then "evidence" found him "innocent". You would think that a society founded on "innocent until prooven guilty" would take more offense to a criminal justice system that actualy commits murder of "innocent" people then it does to letting a guilty person go. are these people casualties of the system? And if so, what if you or a family member was wrongfully convicted of a crime and the sentence was irreversable "death".I wish everyone who has posted here would give thier true answer to the following then we would know what type of people we are dealing with. Do you find it more grotesque that a guilty man is found "not guilty" or is it more sickening that a innocent man is murdered by capital punishment and then found to be just that "innocent"?

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Your only missing esche 2003-2004 - Regular Season - Goalie - Summary - GOALS AGAINST AVERAGE RK PLAYER TEAM GP W L T SA GA GAA SV SV% SO G A TOI PIM 1 MIIKKA KIPRUSOFF CAL 38 24 10 4 966 65 1.69 901 .933 4 0 1 2,300:32 15 2 DWAYNE ROLOSON MIN 48 19 18 11 1323 89 1.88 1234 .933 5 0 1 2,846:56 8 3 MARTY TURCO DAL 73 37 21 13 1648 144 1.98 1504 .913 9 0 1 4,359:16 32 4 MARTIN BRODEUR NJD 75 38 26 11 1845 154 2.03 1691 .917 11 0 0 4,554:33 4 5 ROBERT ESCHE PHI 40 21 11 7 932 79 2.04 853 .915 3 0 0 2,322:14 31 philly set even with esche. Im not a big fan. However philly's d was their weak point in 03/04.Esche's save % was 15th out of 45 goalies who played enough games.Now with hatcher/rathje/kim jonhsson/therien 3 of the 4 are 6'5 230 plus and the rookie pitkanen(see below) 2003-2004 - Regular Season - Rookie - Defenseman - Summary - TOTAL POINTS RK PLAYER TEAM POS GP G A P +/- PIM SH PP EV GW GT OT S S% SFT/g TOI/g FO% 1 JOHN-MICHAEL LILES COL D 79 10 24 34 7 28 0 2 8 1 2 0 115 8.7 24.2 16:13 0.0 2 JONI PITKANEN PHI D 71 8 19 27 15 44 0 5 3 2 0 0 133 6.0 19.6 16:35 0.0 i think philly may win it this year. My prediction, Superbowl and Stanley Cup in the same year.In philly everyone is talking about T.O. Lets talk about Forsberg and Hatcher.

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Owens needs an audience for his show

i think they would make a way.perhaps they would borrow some of jamal lewis's drug money.If not, they would put something together to make him fit.T.O is slated to make 7 mil this yr.hes going to play and hes gonna play for the eagles.It doesnt much matter if you get your wish and williams levels t.o. because by the time he did, philly would already be up by 40...E.A.G.L.E.S all the way with or without him.The story is getting very old

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Owens needs an audience for his show

baltimore would take him so quick,that if they put him on the block,b-more would sign him before i pressed enter to add this post. some teams (i.e.the cowboys of the 90's and michael irvin doing crack)dont care about players attitudes. they want to win no matter what.Dont forget, this is only about t.o and money. if a contract was presented to him that he agreeded with(for the most part)he would be a happy camper and leading the entire NFL in receiving.He's a imature baby. Not a scrub player

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Owens needs an audience for his show

here we go...while i dont agreee with his baby attitude, I also know that roy williams would get leveled by T.O. Lets not lose perspective. While T.O is the biggest baby right now in the NFL.He is rock solid as a player. His come back last year was unheard of. he's a machine. he's like a robo-receiver. T.Oinator.keep it real.That big baby would stiff arm williams in is grill and keep going to the endzone. then do the ray lewis dance. lets not confuse his baby attitude with his mr olympia like body. And the fact that he is the hands down best built and most fierce wideout in the league.period.Whats even more funny, if you were toe to toe with him, you would ask for his autograph and then try to feel his biceps...keep it real

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Owens leaves after verbal spat with Reid

Dusted, to address the red herring comment. I found it utterly ridiculous for a dallas fan to say that the eagles got what they deserve signing a player like owens(reffering to owens and the eagles fans as azzholes)So i figured i would remind him about how dallas handled irvin.T.o. is being an azzhole right now.Just for that reason on 73% of fans have said he needs to be traded.what irvin did and what he was arrested for i think is far worse than anything T.O has done,but dallas managment or fans did not deam it tradable behavior, they gave the guy an extention.So if we're azzholes for signing an azzhole, are dallas fans a bunch of cracksmoking wife abusers?The eagles sent this guy home for mere imature behavior. Irvin gets arrested and gets a new contract.I just dont think any dallas fans should comment on the issue in the manner in which texan did.its the pot calling the kettle black

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Owens leaves after verbal spat with Reid

Thank you 2 very much. Finally someone is paying attention. Maybe I was a little aggressive towards mr irvin. However if your not a philly or dallas fan, then you will not understand the hatred.That being said, i can even say after our treatment of irvin maybe texans comments are warranted.But that doesnt mean im stereotyping him. If you havnt heard him testify in church about his antics (i have)back when he was a young player. Then you cant know the entire story about how he was. The medias version and his testimony in church after he became repentent are 2 different things.Maybe i shouldnt have crossed the line with a person who has admitted guilt and asked for forgivness, but the azzholes azzhole comment sent me over the edge.After seeing the interviews today i think T.O. needs to be sat down for however long it takes.But my comments about michael irvin were directly related to things he has admitted to in a public forum, and were in no way motivated by predjudice.I will say this texan, none of your reponses thus far have anything to do with who has been the better team in the past few years,i can only assume that you're feeling what we felt in the 90's and its just a bitter pill to swallow.Now, back to being an eagles fan.DEAL WITH IT YOU COWGIRL SISSY.(STEREOTYPE ME AS AN AZZHOLE, IM GOING TO ACT LIKE ONE)E.A.G.L.E.S...ALL THE WAY WITH OR WITHOUT T.O.

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Owens leaves after verbal spat with Reid

Excellent counterpoint Texan. You've again proved my point that you have absolutely nothing to say. And i dont think that i am able to "stereotype" my own race. I was merely stating that its funny to hear a cowgirls fan be critical of a player like T.O., when they had so much "love" for a drugdealing pimp like irvin. This is not a stereotype, its a fact. Now nemo, i was not excusing T.O's behavior. I was pointing out that compared to irvin, the guy is a saint. I did not know you were going to "grade" my post. I certainly didnt mean to offend you with bad grammer or punctuation, however you must remember,the previous was intended for a cowgirls fan. So i wanted to keep it on "his level". Now, to keep you busy, i have included only 2 gramatical errors and 2 mispelled words in this post. Happy grading. he'd still be saint compared HE'D STILL BE "A" SAINT COMPARED..1 WRONG OMG totally if irvin can get away with several counts of possesion and leon lett spends an in ordinate amount of time in a federal bunkhouse because of his ambition to be the best and most overweight drug dealer of all time than t.o. should be able to rake his team over the coals for several weeks into the regular season AND still be able to abuse women, children, and small animals. RUNON SENTENCE...WE'LL COUNT THIS AS 2 WRONG This site is full of hippo-crites

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Owens leaves after verbal spat with Reid

and talk about hypo-critical..wasnt to long ago that michael irvin was in the headlines for selling coke/smacking his wife around/neglecting his child support.WITH THAT SAID. from here on out, no dallas fan can comment on this subject.i mean compare t.o. to irvin.A t.o. is better stat wise and is a all around better receiver.B. when you think of what t.o. is doing (being a baby asking for money)and acting like a child in camp is no way as bad as selling crack and getting arrested (3 times)for soliciting prostitution/drugs/and domestic abuse.thats why irvin got what he got in the end of his career.its called karma. what goes around comes around.and you dallas fans LOVED HIM.says alot about your character as a team...T.O asks for money and argues with the coach and he is suspended.IRVING sells and buys crack(like leon lett)and pimps women and you guys embrace him like hes your own family.heres to ya dallas for not thinking "crack is wack"whats next..."bobbie brown to buy the cowboys"?see ya at the bottom at the nfc again this year.while we win it again...with or without irving jr.,,,E.A.G.L.E.S...WANNA BE THAT ....WILLIE NELSON

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Owens leaves after verbal spat with Reid

texan came back looking for an arguement...maybe you'll find one when you go clothes shopping at walmart and switch the price tags.and if anyone is a "wannabe"..i think you "wannabe" in that country group garth brooks and dunn.stick to the topic you lowley cowboys're just mad that the eagles ended up with michael irving jr(t.o)and the worst part is,the cowgirls would take owens in a heartbeat(and ask him to wear #88)hows that for standing on the dallas star at midfield. p.s.please win atleast 7 games this year. you should try out for the new reality show "fantasy island" you could play retardo mentalblock

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