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Red Sox Owner Was Fined $500,000

I would love to see relegation in MLB. It's probably the only major American sports league that has anything approaching the right structure for it.

feloniousmonk, I actually wrote an article about that very subject yesterday on another website. As a matter of fact, it was John Henry's revelations along with Hank Steinbrenner's comments that gave me the inspiration. I wanted to begin a dialogue here on SpoFi about it citing my article but I never heard back from the moderators on whether or not it was ok to do so.

Basically, I made the argument that a relegation model might incentive some of these tight wad owner to actually spend some money, while maybe rewarding some of the better minor league owners. I think that with very minor modifications, relegation could be implemented very easily within baseball. As far as small & mid market teams opposing, I think some may, but some might actually welcome the opportunity to drop to a lower level where they might be more competitive and have an easier time putting fans in the stands.

If you're interested in reading my thoughts, check them out here. Moderators, if I am violating any guidelines, I apologize and please feel free to remove the link. I'm not looking to self promote but I would like to get people's feedback on this specific subject.

posted by crqri at 08:56 PM on March 03, 2011

BYU kicks Brandon Davies off team for violating honor code

The one thing I am still waiting to hear is how exactly did the school find out about what happened? Did he turn himself in, or did somebody else do that to him? Maybe I'm focusing on the wrong question here, but I still think it would be germane to the topic. If he did turn himself in, kudos to the kid for have that sort of strength of character. If only he had used it before he slept with his girlfriend. Then again, we are talking about a young male college student...

Steve Young, BYU class of '83, said in an interview that BYU doesn't hide anything regarding its honor code when it recruits. This kid knew exactly what he was getting into when he decided to go there. It will be interesting to see how this does all play out.

posted by crqri at 11:45 AM on March 03, 2011

Obama Praises Eagles Owner for Giving Vick Second Chance

President Obama is right. Too many ex cons don't get a fair second chance. And sometimes it doesn't matter what the charges were or the circumstances behind them, the second an employer sees a check mark in the answer box, they automatically dismiss the person as a candidate, previous experience be damned. Unfortunately, I don't think this will change any time soon, if ever.

Vick's circumstance is unique. Pro athletes aren't treated like the rest of society by and large and you are kidding yourself if you think they are. If it wasn't for Vick's God given abilities, say if he was just some special teams player, do you really think any team would have given him the time of day?

posted by crqri at 12:45 PM on December 27, 2010

Belichick Call Questioned in Pats' Loss to Colts

"Here is a point that I think needs to be made, they should have let Addai score with around 1:11 left he got down to to the two and was tackled..."

Soocher, I made that comment to my wife while we were watching the game. She actually looked at me weird for saying that they should have let Addai score, but I thought it made perfect sense. 1 minute plus would have been plenty of time for Brady to get the team into field goal range, even if it had been a touch back or (gulp) downed inside the 5. I think Gostkowski has a lot stronger leg than what Belicheck lets him do and think he could have easily nailed it up to 55-60 yards out in that stadium.

posted by crqri at 06:32 PM on November 16, 2009

Girardi risks his life helping accident victim after the series celebration

Just thinking outloud. Girardi just won the WS. I assume celebrations abound. Never won myself, but I am assuming. Wouldn't it be reasonably likely that Girardi has a few in celebration with his team? I wouldn't expect him to be behind the wheel. I agree he did the right thing in helping the victim.

To quote the article:

"Police were in the area conducting a driving while intoxicated checkpoint on the parkway. Girardi had passed that checkpoint about 15 minutes earlier."

bperk is right, not everyone has to drink alcohol to celebrate. I, myself, haven't touched any alcoholic beverage in over 3.5 years. And no, I may not recovering or have any trauma that stops me. I am a born again Christian and don't feel the need to drink (and spare me the born-again/trauma joke that is inevitably jumping around in someone's head right now)

posted by crqri at 03:42 PM on November 06, 2009

Can the Yankees Be Stopped?

MKUltra beat me to the punch.

posted by crqri at 02:25 PM on October 21, 2009

Can the Yankees Be Stopped?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the most recent Yankee dynasty made up primarily of mostly homegrown talent? As a Red Sox fan, I have repeatedly said that the Yanks were the best team money could buy; however, during their most recent golden years, that money was spent on guys that came up through the system- Jeter,Rivera, etc. Only when Georgie-boy started getting involved heavily again, did they start trying to buy rather than win championships again.

I wanted an all LA series, only so the Yanks would be out and so Torre could be the salt in their latest wounds- but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. The only plus side that I can find is that when they finally win it this year, we can stop hearing all this A-Rod postseason jinx talk. The less we hear about him, the better place the world will be.

posted by crqri at 02:24 PM on October 21, 2009

NFL Changes Rules for Player Safety

"Brady already had a rule changed because of his actions on the field (Tuck rule anyone..?)" Sorry to burst your bubble, BornIcon, but the Tuck Rule hasn't been deleted, changed or modified. It has come up for review a few times, but not much else. I think Jim Rome said it best when referring to that play: "It wasn't a bad call, it was(is) a bad rule". However, the fact that the owners nor the Competition Committee can offer an alternative should say something.

These rule changes seem a little confusing to me and I feel leave too much open to the referee's interpretation. I do think the issue of player safety needs to be addressed. I'm just not sure they are going about it the right way. I wish I could offer some suggestions, but I can't

posted by crqri at 02:05 PM on March 26, 2009

The Life And Death Of The English Football Song:

"As far as team songs go, the Baltimore Colts Marching Band had a song for the team."

Let's not forget the Red Sox team song - "Tessie" by the Dropkick Murphys. It has a catchy beat and you can dance to it. Just ask Papelbon.

posted by crqri at 04:57 PM on September 24, 2008

Jeremy Shockey Traded to Saints

Speaking as a Patriots fan, I only have two words to rebut what everyone is saying about Shockey: Randy Moss. The change of scenery did wonders for him and I think the same will be true with Shockey. Let's remember 2 things: 1. Shockey's best years were when Payton was the O Coordinator; 2. Brees LOVES throwing to his tight ends. Lest anyone forgets, Colston was actually listed as a tight end his rookie year and look at the out of character numbers Eric Johnson-ERIC JOHNSON- put up last year I think both Shockey an the Saints will be comfortable with one another, and Eli will have that ball monkey off his back as well, so it appears to me to be win-win-win. Don't be surprised to see a Saints-Cowboys NFC Championship. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

posted by crqri at 01:00 PM on July 22, 2008

Ortiz goes on DL

By the way, justgary, great link!

posted by crqri at 12:25 PM on June 04, 2008

Ortiz goes on DL

lil_brown_bat , I didn't mean to put the comment in there, but then I couldn't figure out how to edit the thing. For the record, I don't think the Sox need Bonds. I was just wondering aloud how long before the Bonds chatter would begin. It is a natural assumption that as soon as any major bat goes down, his name is going to come up. I remember some people suggesting Bonds might sign with the Rays before the season began. I wonder how the Rays would be now if that had happened.

posted by crqri at 12:20 PM on June 04, 2008

Page 2's Bill Simmons channels Doc Rivers

Call me a homer, but I think the Celts have a shot at closing it out in 6. I don't have any analysis or statistics to back up my statements, just a feeling that I have inside. Maybe I'm just looking forward too much to an 80s rematch of the Celts and Lakers.

posted by crqri at 11:13 AM on May 15, 2008

Boston Herald Apologizes for False SpyGate Story

Why doesn't Senator Specter get his head out of his sphincter let the league and all of the other teams do what they want to do-drop this. When even Bill Polian is asking for closure on this matter, you know its time to let it go. Do the Republicans really have so little fear of retribution that he can continue his crusade for one of his backers with such impunity? Geez! Your Steelers were handed the SBXL. Move on!

posted by crqri at 04:41 PM on May 14, 2008

Want some flies with those fries?

Re Yankee Stadium: "...inspectors found evidence of mice and rats..." Rodents.... in New York City....You must be joking. How could there ever be rodents in New York?

posted by crqri at 04:32 PM on May 14, 2008

Boston Herald Apologizes for False SpyGate Story

I don't think the story had any impact on the Pats' performance in the Super Bowl, but boy could the timing have been any worse! I would've expected something like this from the Globe, owned by a NY paper, but not the Herald. Of course, this is not going to exonerate the Pats in the court of public opinion, I'm sure the haterade will begin flowing here very shortly, but I think the people should give the devil their due. What the Pats have done is special, they are not the first team to cheat, nor the first team to be caught, but no one can take away all of their wins nor their place in history as a dynasty. Let the piling on begin!

posted by crqri at 08:36 AM on May 14, 2008

Yankees fan kills Red Sox fan.

Joey, hanks for posting this. I had wanted to earlier when I had 1st seen it but SpoFi wouldn't let me (Apparently I haven't posted enough times to be granted the privilege of starting a thread). My neighbor and I rib each other all the time (he's a Yanks fan, I'm a Sox fan), but we would never take it to such an extreme. This is truly tragic, and I am genuinely surprised that today's sensationalist media has picked this up and run with it. My condolences to all of the families involved. Pathetic- to take a life because of a sports rivalry. It was almost certainly more alcohol induced than anything, but it was still pathetic. Yet another reason why I won't go to bars anymore, or drink for that matter.

posted by crqri at 10:32 AM on May 06, 2008

De La Hoya wins easy decision

Hey Drood, remember when Wide World of Sports used to show boxing on Saturdays? I also remember watching the Vinny Paz/Greg Haugen battles on NBC. I agree, boxing needs to come back to the mainstream. As much as I loved boxing, I really can't tell you who the up and comers are anymore because I don't subscribe to either HBO or Showtime, and there is no real way to keep up on it otherwise. How many people can name the heavyweight champions, much less have seen one of their fights? I loved watching the Contender, and that is a show that should have gotten a lot more exposure for the sake of boxing. On King he has done more to destroy boxing than just limiting the bouts to PPV. The sooner he's gone, the better off the sport will be.

posted by crqri at 05:00 PM on May 05, 2008

LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

Chico, that is kinda the point I was making when I first posted here. I wasn't "attacking" Phason's ideas, as he claimed, rather his need to post whenever a thread regarding American Soccer is started. Phason, the fact that I do have more posts than you proves our point against you. I have more posts because I am a sports fan an I like to engage in conversation regarding my various interests. It is apparent from this thread that you are known for one particular reason, an not a positive one at that. We have offered suggestions because we don't want to keep reading your self promoting materials. In short, Put your money where your mouth is. Once your clinics/Academies/training facilities, etc, are open, give us the link to your site and let us see what you are espousing. Once your book is published, PM me the Amazon link and I will decide if I feel it is worth my time. Until then, there are many other means of increasing awareness and support. Please find them and use them.

posted by crqri at 03:39 PM on May 05, 2008

LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

"all I ever see you do is talk." Actually, all you ever see me do is write, but that's just semantics. It's been my experience that people who go on the attack in such a manner, it is usually because a particular nerve has been struck. But, seeing as how I love to antagonize: Dreamers talk, doers do. Successful people are fortified by their adversity, and use it as motivation, others are convinced that their failures are due to conspiracies and blame everyone else. I was blessed with an engaging personality, but absolutely ZERO athletic skills. As such, I am a Salesperson/Entrepreneur and not a professional athlete. That much being said, I promote the love of the sport to my sons, have volunteered for their teams and league, and introduce the love of the sport to all those whom I hear deride or are curious of it. In short, I practice what I preach. I am not discounting Pele's contribution to the US, but when the Cosmos brought him on, they were doing so to have him BE soccer, a fatal error by the team and the league. None of the current leagues, even today, are built on the backs of just one player (and before anyone mentions the NBA and MJ, remember it took Bird and Magic to even get to Jordan). That is the same mistake MLS is doing now with Beckham. My question to you is: if you are so confident in the superiority of your system, why haven't you actually done something more to get it off the ground. Again, all I ever "see" you do is complain. If your product is as good as you say, you should have waiting lists of people dying to learn. Sometimes, businessmen will give away their product as a trial and are able to get customers by referrals and from success. Maybe you should start by running a few free clinics? Maybe something at the local Y or Boys & Girls Club. If the greatest player in the history of the sport can come up from abject poverty, learning how to play by kicking boulders, imagine what you can do in the lives of some of those kids! "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step", and I sincerely hope you realize your dreams, but until you genuinely put in the effort to get them started, stop using SpoFi as a bully pulpit for your conspiracy theories and self promotion. I am sorry to everyone else for detracting from the original topic. GO REVS!!! We'll win one eventually.

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LA Galaxy reserve team uses ticket agent to fill out game day roster

1. They are talking about their "minor league" team, right? Seriously, I'm asking because If they are, I didn't even know that a "JV" squad/league existed for MLS. If they are talking about the main squad, that truly is pathetic. If this is just their JV squad, who really cares. The point is to get those guys some field time to be able to eventually contribute to the big club, right? 2. Hey, Chico-what's with not showing the Revs any love? Their championship game futility notwithstanding, they have to be considered one of the cornerstone franchises in the league. 3. Phason, why is it that any US soccer talk immediately brings out your bellyaching about some vast conspiracy that is denying you the opportunity to raise the level and notoriety of American Soccer. If Pele couldn't get this county's head out of their crevices and appreciate the beautiful sport, what makes you think you can? It is going to take more than one man to change Americans' attitude towards Soccer. We all, as fans, have to promote the sport to the uneducated and help them understand it so that they may become passionate about it. The MLS still has a way to go, but they are getting better. What they need to do is to find a way for the World Wide Leader to give them some of the pub force that they throw behind Arena Football. A little extra coverage on Sportscenter would do wonders. Just my 2 cents

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Giants Win Superbowl!

Well, I finally have internet access so I am finally able to post my thoughts on this game. Bear in mind, I am a die hard Pats fan how has followed the team religiously since 1985 1. Congrats to the Giants for pulling off one of the greatest upsets in sports history. Even though I told anyone who would listen that the G-men worried me, I still believed Brady & the bouys would pull it out. 2. This Super Bowl is exactly what a football game should have been: bone crushing defense, intriguing offense, non stop edge of your seat action. Anyone who equates high scoring with greatness is not a true football fan because they don't truly appreciate all facets of the game. 3. My son went to bed crying because the Pats lost. I went in there and told him that the Pats didn't lose, the Giants just won. They out-executed the Patriots, and whoever wound up winning that game deserved to raise the Lombardi. Then I told him welcome to the agonizing disappointing reality of what being a true New England sports fan is all about. 4. the Giants' defensive scheme was genius. They figured out a way to tie up the O-Line 1-on-1 to allow a delayed pass rush get to Brady. Sheer genius. 5. I'm not making any excuses, but I do think Brady's ankle was worse than ANYBODY let on. What stuck in my mind was a comment by Buck, I think, that said that Brady tried practicing with the boot, but stopped because "it was too uncomfortable". You don't recover that quickly from a high ankle sprain, I don't care who you are. 6. Another talking head said that, towards the end of the season, it almost seemed as if the Patriots were trying to lose a game but the other teams just kept giving them back the victories. I don't believe that, but I do believe that the Pats did let the magnitude of the potential accomplishment get to them. Just look at how they looked and acted when they came out. They were too business-like and didn't seem to be enjoying themselves at all. Just a personal observation. and finally, 7. Comic book wise, MJ puts them all to shame; on screen, how come no-one is mentioning Halle Berri in tight black leather?

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Pats Making Move For Moss

Hey brainofdtrain, in response to your q about the D, I've got 2 words for you: Adalius Thomas. They were already the 6th-7th best D last year, and that was with various injuries depleting them during the course of the season. Do you really think Indy could have come back on them if just Harrison and Seau had been in there? I know every team has to deal with injuries, so I'm not using it as an excuse, but I really don't think the D will be that much of an issue. Brandon Meriweather was considered a solid prospect who slid due to his part in that riot of a football game. They'll probably pick up 1 or 2 free agents to shore up the secondary and go to battle with what they have. My main question is, who will they get the ball to all of these guys enough to keep them happy? Its almost as if Kraft and Pioli are channeling Steinbrenner & are trying to put together a fantasy roster! edit: turacma beat me by seconds!!

posted by crqri at 05:35 PM on April 29, 2007

Bo Schembechler Dies on Eve of Michigan/Ohio State Game

See, now this shows how massive tomorrow's game is. Bo wanted Michigan to win so bad, he made sure he could plead his case to God directly!! I'm sorry, I use humor to show grief. My condolences to his family, both blood and U of M. From all that I have heard of him, he was a class act, and will be missed. RIP

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If Washington really doesn't want him, I'm sure my Patriots might be interested in taking him off their hands. Lord knows we need all the help we can gwt with that M.A.S.H. defense. Imagine a 4-3 consisting of Seymor, Wilfork, Jarvis Green, and Willie McGinnest up front, then Colvin, the soon-to-be-returning Bruschi, and LaVar in back?!?! I'm sure that would cure A LOT of our running ills. Now, if we could only do better than Duane Starks.......

posted by crqri at 10:49 AM on October 17, 2005

The 10 greatest sports muggings.

Speaking from this side of the world, and about to obviously show my loyalties, the Red Sox comeback last year on the Yankees has to fit in there somehow. Not necessarily the last second turnaround that the author was looking for, but, come on, the did do something NOBODY, myself included, thought was possible. Maybe more appropraite would be either the Patriots beating the "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams, or even better, the infamous "Snow-Bowl" vs the Raiders. You STILL can't mention the words "tuck rule" without it sending shivers down Raider Nation's spine. English Bettors have to remeber those games.

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This set of "triplets" to be placed in the Cowboy "Ring Of Honor"

"Some day it may be Manning, James, & Harrison, Just need to get by New England...." Seeing as how all these triplets are related to dynasties, who do you think will be considered for the Pats' version? Brady's the only given. Antwon Smith was there for 2 of them, Dillon's there now. What about wide receiver? The easy choice now would be Branch, but what about Troy Brown? Just something that's been rolling in my head since the announcement came and the triplets debates began.

posted by crqri at 11:49 AM on July 22, 2005