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Agent says Williams likes Saban, seeks return

Are Onterrio Smith and Rickey related? Weed smoking buddies. Way to go for Rickey if he does come back but so far he's done this evey year and I just don't believe him. And I can't believe Onterrio he was going to be the vikings number 1 running back then he goes and does that. Wizzinater.

posted by HitmanTennis at 01:58 PM on May 23, 2005

Orlando Magic general manager John Weisbrod resigned Monday to pursue opportunities in hockey.

Well the magic really haven't been good ever since Shaq left so pursuing hockey might not be that bad except where did all the hockey go. I mean this really angers me I live in Minnesota and no hockey is a kick to the nuts. Thank God its baseball season and we have the Twins.

posted by HitmanTennis at 01:52 PM on May 23, 2005

Don't drink and drive go to the ballpark:

alcohol helping guys pick on people twice their size. And get laid.

posted by HitmanTennis at 01:51 PM on May 17, 2005

Whizz Kid

cut him what is this two seasons in a row at a boy smith.

posted by HitmanTennis at 01:57 PM on May 12, 2005

Giambi considering Yankees' request to go to minors

Hell Go Baltimore. I'm a member of AbtY. Anybody but the Yankees.

posted by HitmanTennis at 08:36 AM on May 11, 2005

Giambi considering Yankees' request to go to minors

Yankees? What are they now last in the AL east. 200 million? Money is no worry for that club it really doesn't matter what Giambi does they're still gonna make their money and suck it up in last. Go Red Sox!!

posted by HitmanTennis at 08:33 AM on May 11, 2005

NHL Lockout Clock

Dudes I'm from Minnesota I go to a ton of Wild games hockey is life up here I had to watch the timberwolves suck it up this year thank god baseball season is back. Go Twins

posted by HitmanTennis at 08:28 AM on May 11, 2005

Bertuzzi argues for reinstatement.

I for one can not stand the Nucks. I totally agree with Duncan. But in my opinion he should be tried for some assult charge a sucker punch and driving Moores head into the ice that is totally different than Moores check on Naslund. I play hockey if somebody ever did that they'd be gone forever. Moore could have been killed I hope you feel like shit Bertuzzi.

posted by HitmanTennis at 02:20 PM on April 26, 2005

Are you kidding me?

the only way the lakers will be good again is if they get shaq back phil won with two great players M J and shaq kobe is a good player but without shaq he's nothing.

posted by HitmanTennis at 02:08 PM on April 26, 2005