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Terrell Owens is a sweet, sweet man.

Steelergirl- I could not have said it better myself. It does not make him a better teammate. Not being a great teammate does not mean he is a crappy human being. It humanizes him and I am glad he did what he did in this situation. I agree a big check mark in the book of life.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 01:17 AM on July 22, 2008

Jason Taylor Traded to Redskins

Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Jason Taylor. All were ready for their careers to take back off in Washington. Except Jason Taylor. He will hate it in Washington and wish for his season to end to return to LA and his next movie or TV spot. Believe me if he was not happy in Miami he will hate DC, I live there. Great job Danny Boy! Once again you got an ancient one year project that will cost a couple draft picks and a whole lot of fans to have one more reason to hate you. From a Giant fan I salute you! Keep it up little man, it gets better every day.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 01:08 AM on July 22, 2008

Jeremy Shockey Traded to Saints

Shockey can do what he wants in NO and it won't make the papers, cause there's too much stuff happening there every day that's way heavier than anything he can come up with. I think the premise may be true, but not the message. I loved Shockey at first (I am a die hard Giant fan) but his antics outweighed his performance. He inhibited Manning and set him back, he was jealous of Plaxico Burress for being the big reciever. His attitude was not the same as Tiki, but with the same outcome. Both were great players, but shitty teammates. The Giants won without him (and Tiki) for a reason. Hello Kevin Boss and and more draft picks! Goodbye Cancer!

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 12:59 AM on July 22, 2008

Judge Sides with Redskins

I have no problem with Uncle Abe changing the name of the Bullets to Wizards, regardless of the reasons. Irunfromclones, thanks for good insight on the subject. I agree with you and MrFrisby in the aspect that if Dan Snyder was a "man" he would change the name and secure a better image. He would still get "throwback" rights for old jerseys and encourage fans to buy new merchandise with a name change. I just do not see him as a man of integrity. He is in it for the dollars and he sees them coming in. He will not jeopardize that even if it means people think higher of him or are willing to purchase new stuff. He is not a risk taker. He now is trying to corner the sports radio market in DC so that all employees are his and no one can criticize him anymore. I hope the new lawsuits will force him to change the name of the Washington football franchise. Maybe the new commish should throw around his attempt to "clean up the league" and force the team to change its name under financial penalty or loss of franchise if it is not done quickly. I think that may be the best solution that will not drag on in courts forever. If the Commish is serious about cleaning up the sport- how about spreading some input into changing the racist name of the Washington football franchise.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 10:57 PM on July 14, 2008

Judge Sides with Redskins

I have also lived in DC for many years, including years where the Bullets changed their name and the Redskins refuse to change theirs. I never heard a peep in the press, at games or by word of mouth about the name "Bullets" being offensive in any manner. Their original slogan was "faster than a speeding bullet" or something like that. Many Washingtonians believe that Abe Pollin changed the name as a marketing strategy (Bullets were at or near the bottom in sales of tickets and merchandise). I can understand the name change however, if the owner felt it impacted negatively on his franchise. On the other hand I have been hearing the protests about the Redskins name for as long as I can remember. I remember my mom sitting me down one day at a very young age and telling me why the name was so offensive. Afterwards I never rooted for the team and never will. The biggest reason Dan Snyder will not change the name has nothing to do with the history of the team and everything to do with his favorite thing in the world, the dollar sign. The Redskins are one of the most valuable franchises in sports and their merchandise sales are always in the top tier. There is no way Snyder would risk changing the name, no matter how offensive it is. I personally think he would bring on many more fans and maybe even help resurrect his image, as people in DC despise him as do most true Washington fans. Maybe with a name change it would remove "The Curse of the Danny" as it is known in DC.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 06:30 PM on July 14, 2008

Landis Loses

lilbrownbat...after more research i can see your point. the testing process in cycling is much different than in other sports, maybe because it is international and a lot of the control and process is lost.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 05:31 PM on July 01, 2008

Landis Loses

lil brown bat- I do not think this is altogether BAD for cycling. Maybe it will encourage "clean" riders and give them the hope that maybe they can make it to the biggest stages without doping. If the sport is being cleaned up, the clean athletes will be the ones to reap the rewards. Hopefully it gains a renewed interest from a public that knows their sport is now clean and the best athlete will win. give up the ghost- you are missing the point. there is no reason to give cheaters the edge. If you allow drug use, you are eliminating or hindering at the least, the athletes that work hard, train hard and do the right things. I do not like the fact that a guy I am be facing may be on steroids and have an UNNATURAL advantage that he may not have had otherwise. When you are talking about careers, records and money- YES, it is a very big deal for those of us that do not use/abuse.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 12:24 AM on July 01, 2008

Best soccer/football goal celebrations, 1

Every one of those celebrations were extremely lame. The only ones worthy of mention were the player being "knighted", which was extremely original or the Pepsi can float being dropkicked. The worst were Peter Crouches shockingly wierd robot dance and the many team choreographed ones. (Would they actually be spending time better spent training going... "OK, lets practice our routine again in case any of us are lucky enough to score tonight") Spontaneous celebrations are the best as others have mentioned. I still think the best celebrations are the "non celebrations". When a player scores a big goal and just goes back to his side of the field acting like- "no big deal, I do this all the time, just part of the game".

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 12:12 AM on July 01, 2008

Four-time World Champion admits to using steroids.

bperk- great link. I have been tempted by steroids, but glad I have always resisted. Hopefully it will pay off with a longer, safer, more productive life.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 12:44 AM on June 28, 2008

Remi Gaillard, soccer prankster (video)

Great video. Loved it.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 12:39 AM on June 28, 2008

The Day Innocence Died

The death of Len Bias was very unfortunate. It was in no way a tragedy like portrayed in the story. Kudos to Len Bias' mother for helping a new generation. If I was a Celtic fan, or I would be pissed at his choices, instead of trying to sugarcoat it. The impact of his death didn't change the outlook of sports. Plenty more athletes have died of drugs and similar circumstances, they were just not number one draft picks. I would think a Josh Hamilton story would be a better example of trying to change things for the positive of sports.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 12:36 AM on June 28, 2008

Barry Bonds offers to play for free.

Barry could still be of some use to some team out there. His past and his bad image holds him back, but his numbers suggest otherwise. Of course it had better be an AL team, as all he could do is DH. Then, he would need to be on a proven winner or he would take games off. Of course he would have to have a chance to win this year. He would also need his own locker room with a giant TV and Playstation 3 that no one else is allowed to use or enter. With leather couches and recliners. It would need to be an invite only personal locker room, with of course none of his teammates invited into. It could have no young players that could be influenced. Sounds like a guy I would want to sign if I was trying to build a winning franchise.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 12:26 AM on June 28, 2008

Candace Parker Dunks As Sparks Top Fever

Congratulations to Candace for dunking an open attempt. The fact of the matter is that most of the top 100 High School Boys team could crush any WNBA team. Not even close. I am not bashing womens sports, I think some are great competitions and most are good for society and all the participants in general. However to equate it with great accomplishments in sports history is ridiculous. I could find a twelve year old boy who could dunk a basketball in less than an hour. I probably could never find a man that could pull off a double back handspring and back flip on a balance beam like female gymnasts can do. But if I did, would it make a great news story? Very doubtful.

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 12:11 AM on June 28, 2008

AFI names its top 10 sports movies

North Dallas Forty and Slap Shot got screwed. I agree with Raging Bull and Rocky, but North Dallas Forty, Slap Shot and Bang the Drum Slowly should have made the list!

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 09:11 PM on June 19, 2008

Five More Years of Notre Dame on NBC

Bigpimp and all others, wait until the Irish play. They will try to swim but drown. Educated announcers will bring up the fact that they have not won anything in over ten years and will not do so in another twenty. Unless you count the soon to be "Eskimo Pie, Klondike Alaska Bowl". But then again the Irish wouldn't have the ability to win that one against anyone in the Top 20. That includes the teams Charlie Weiss wiretapped to even get the job which he is not capable to complete. Weiss (the big fat Walrus) got his job due to Spygate and Notre Dame idiot fans are eating it up. That is the best part. Fight On!

posted by MMAFighter/Coach at 09:04 PM on June 19, 2008