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Barry Bonds offers to play for free.

barry bonds is an ass, a cancer, blah blah blah. the man can hit. any AL team in the bottom half in the standings, or in offensive production, should jump at the chance to hire him for FREE. not only has he shown he can carry a team on his back when hot, even if other teams walk him, he is a baserunner. and by walking him they are forced to pitch to the following batter, which tends to increase their production. freeze made reference to jerry jones and the cowboys. i'd go back farther and point to al davis and the oakland raiders. their best teams were made up of cast offs and malcontents.

posted by shaggyhooch at 12:26 PM on June 28, 2008

Octopus swinging by Al Sobotka will result in $10,000 fine.

lol suprised there hasnt been more outrage from detroit fans on this issue. maybe they just think its a joke. the most passion ive seen is from mickey redmond, a die hard wings fan since his playing days and a big supporter of tradition. his take was that the whole situation was an attempt by nashville to get into detroits head, and that the rule would be reversed. i dont know about that but i do believe its the type of nitpicking that brings big attention to a situation that should just be ignored

posted by shaggyhooch at 04:01 PM on April 20, 2008

Mike Wallace interviews Bob Feller

sounds like bob feller was a man ahead of his time. he addressed many of the issues that have changed in baseball in the years since his interview. i also find it interesting to see how much the roll of the head of the players union has changed in the 50 years since the interview.

posted by shaggyhooch at 12:59 PM on April 05, 2008

Flag On The Play!

at least on the high school level, the holding rule is being altered to address some of the concerns expressed here. holding is not to be called unless it is at the point of attack, is blatant or otherwise affects the outcome of the play. the rules are constantly evolving to address problems that crop up, with experiments in the rules being made at one or another level every year

posted by shaggyhooch at 06:11 PM on January 05, 2008

Roger Clemens

shots of lidocaine and b12 arnt uncommon in pro sports, or college for that matter. lidocain masks the pain of an injury and b12 supposedly enhances healing. truth be told it is often used so that an injured player can compete. as to any deal mcnamee might have, if it is proven he lied, the deal would be voided

posted by shaggyhooch at 06:11 PM on January 04, 2008

Replacing the BCS with a 16 team playoff.

year after year, the BCS has proven that it is a joke. big time college football is long overdue for a chanpionship tournament. its the only NCAA sponsored sport without one. the system set forth in this article sounds like the most logical way to go about it, and adresses the most common reason for not instituting a playoff, interfering with semester exams. it makes you wonder what excuse the "powers that be" will come up with now.

posted by shaggyhooch at 03:53 PM on November 27, 2007

Howe boys staggered by cruelty of Dad's stalker-neighbours

the way gordie looked the last time i saw him, he probably doesnt need mark to take care of his light work. one shift on the ice with the old man and that couple would be toast.

posted by shaggyhooch at 03:24 AM on September 25, 2007

Earnhardt Jr. to Hendrick, Kyle Busch out of #5 Kellogg's car?

Jr has gone over to the dark side. next he'll have to change his race attire to all black and start calling himself darth

posted by shaggyhooch at 01:49 AM on June 14, 2007

LeBron James is on another level now

first of all i admit to being a pistons fan, but im also a high school official. the incident that led to mcdyess ejection in the first quarter brings up a question. granted h deserved the ejection, but charging another player as lebron did is also grounds for ejection. it seems the "jordan" mentality took control over the officials, unless the league has declared the golden boy off limits. imagine how the game would have changed if lebron had been ejected when mcdyess was

posted by shaggyhooch at 04:55 AM on June 02, 2007