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Kansas Wins National Title...

My point about coaching is painted with a broad brush. All I'm saying is that alot of what is mentioned in the thread in regard to winning and losing the game came down to what a player is doing or learning in the weekly practice. - " All the right plays down the stretch" End of game strategy is or should be a daily drill in practice. - " No foul shows lack of game winning strategy" Same as above. - " Kansas being perfect at the end" Apparently something that was taught in practice by Self and staff or they would not have been perfect down the stretch. - "Memphis foul trouble". This is something taught in practice also. How and when to use your fouls. I hear week after week that the team is a reflection of the coach, so heart and guts, and how the players play in a game are 2 catagories where I think coaching plays a major part of the success of a team. I thought it was a great game and both teams were very talented and could have won the game. I also think that fate / or luck has alot to do with the out come of the game. Maybe good coaching puts a team on the more positive side of luck or fate when the game is on the line.

posted by sportnut at 10:20 AM on April 10, 2008

Kansas Wins National Title...

It's been said all year by many different people that free throws would come back to haunt Memphis and they were all right, but that is not the whole story. How many D1 coaches(Calipari) seem to have no game ending strategy, time -outs, fouls etc......... Granted Memphis had a good percentage when there was zero pressure, but choked at crunch time. Could it be that maybe the Memphis team puts more emphasis on practicing the 3 point shot, than they do shooting free throws at the end of every practice, or maybe they have dunk competitons. I saw Calipari on Sports Center about 1 month ago say that free throws would not be a factor with this team, WRONG! Let's face it, Self is flat out a better coach. I also heard Calipari say on a sports show that he was going to put this game in the hands of the players and let them do their thing. As I have said many times before that is AAU team coaching mentality that seems to prevail in basketball coaching today, wether it be a the D1 level or grade school level. You can go to a local park in your city and see this type of basketball any day of the week, it's alley ball! I have no dog in this fight but I think a fundamentally solid basketball team will beat a group of superior athletes that have basketball ability any day of the week. Congrats to both teams they certainly deserved to be there, but the best COACHED BASKETBALL team won.

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Indiana set to hire Crean as hoops coach

Chargdres, I stand corrected on both John Jr. and his son,Thanks. I hope Crean can restore some of that academic pride to IU. He certainly tried to establish some Indiana camaraderie in his acceptance speech yesterday. He mentioned BK, Indiana highschool basketball, IU basketball tradition, and a few other tibits. I think he got an 8 year contract so I guess he has some time, if the fans will be patient. I still think the AD should go.

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Indiana set to hire Crean as hoops coach

Chargdres, I stand corrected on both John Jr. and his son,Thanks. I hope Crean can restore some of that academic pride to IU. He certainly tried to establish some Indiana camaraderie in his acceptance speech yesterday. he mentioned BK, Indiana highschool basketball, IU basketball tradition, and a few other tibits. I think he got an 8 year contract so I guess he has some time, if the fans will be patient. I still think the AD should go.

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Indiana set to hire Crean as hoops coach

Since Motta /Matta? at OSU has big ties to Indiana I am kinda suprised his name didn't enter the picture more. I could be wrong but I think Crean has recruited a couple of kids out of Indiana. Pearl is probably in a situation where he has the opportunity to make a run at the national title a couple of more times so that would take him out of the picture. I saw an interview with Pearl and in that piece it was said he was not highly paid. Being the huge Indiana fan that I am it hurts me to say that the programs reputation in the last few years also has something to do with the ability to get a super coach. I think Crean is a good coach but the verdict is out on if he is a super star. I have been impressed with his current teams but they seemed to be a little up and down at times. We all know that the NCAA is not done with IU yet, and I think that looms large. All you have know about John Thompson Jr. is where he played his college ball, and the great coach he had to know why he is more book oriented than most of the coaches in the NCAA. By the way the SI piece on him was great. As for his father, I don't think he had very many academic all Americans. I think he had great athletes and good kids but I'm no sure there was a great focus on grades. Some one help me out here, why does the AD at Indiana still have his job? If anybody can justify him keeping his job I would like to here it. I think he is more guilty than any body in this whole mess, including KS.

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Critics Go Ape Over LeBron James Magazine Cover

Who says we are split down the middle? I think I have read many more threads that think this is something to do about nothing than the opposite. And another thing, why are many of the contributors talking about LJ like he some kind of little kid that is being taken advantage of by his "HANDLERS". LJ has been more places and seen more things in the last 4 years than most of use will experience in a life time. I hardly think he is the kid that allot want to make him out to be. He seems to be a very smart young man, give him a break. He is not going to realize in the future that this was done in poor taste because it wasn't. I think his nick name of KING JAMES is an indicator of how he is perseved with his public. He had some fun doing this with a beautiful girl and made some money. And frankly all those people that want to make a big deal out of this, it is none of your business or concern and you should get a life.I bet LJ didn't lose one seconds sleep over the issue and for that matter never will.

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Critics Go Ape Over LeBron James Magazine Cover

I think this is being blown completely out of wack. - LJ okd the picture - Gisele okd the picture So why is it anybodys business except those 2 if the picture is on the cover. I guess some people are bored, why does there always have to be some long drawn explanation. It looks like to me they were having fun and making money. HEY, I would seriously like to get lil_brown_bat's opinion on this. lbb has some great comments and I think this would be a great subject for a comment. I'm serious!

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"KG tanked it."

ok,ok, I admit ignorance. I am not a professional basketball fan so I didn't know those stats. It's the NBA, I guess you could call that basketball. But I do know enough to know that KM also fired Flip Saunders and couldn't do anything with one of the best players of our time. Play-off appearences don't count, did they win the title,NO. So I guess his so called genius is a wash.

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"KG tanked it."

Thanks lilemo

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"KG tanked it."

I guess I'm showing my ignorance but when was Bird a head coach in the NBA? I'm serious, when was Bird a head coach in the NBA, was it with the Pacers? I'm embarassed that I don't know when. Please don't get me wrong , like I said I'm a huge Larry Bird fan. I would like to know why the Pistons got over the fall-out from the fight, and a few seasons later the Pacers are still in shock. I really don't think Jermaine can be blamed he has not had a very good supporting cast the last 2 seasons.

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"KG tanked it."

I hope it not something in the water that KM drank while he was playing in Boston. This is very similiar to what appears to be happening at Indiana, and he and LB drank the same water. I am a very loyal Bird fan but it seems that he and Kevin should have stayed out of the management end of the business and rode their white horse into the sunset after they retired from playing the game. Maybe there was a reason the Celtics did not want either player after they retired. The same goes for the situation in New York, with their current coach. IT was not offered anything in Detriot after his retirement.

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The Sad tale of Maurice Stokes.

My rant was not about the actual structure of the game itself. I think that is there and will never change. My argument is basically pointed toward the fundementals of the game. Shooting, rebounding defensive and offensive play etc... As I pointed out in my first responce, a team had the chance to beat the #1 team in the country Saturday and couldn't get over the hump because they missed EVERY free throw going down the stretch. What is ironic about that game is that NC couldn't hit a free throw either but it didn't matter because VT was already behind and because of missed free throws couldn't catch up. I heard an announcer say they shot 100 throws daily and the other announcer said they didn't shoot enough in a practice game situation, thats exactly right. It all goes back to poor coaching.

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The Sad tale of Maurice Stokes.

I agree with you hawkguy on mentioned teams. But the truest statement you made was a FEW, very few.

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The Sad tale of Maurice Stokes.

AMEN to all the above with their comparision of the 2 eras, past and present. In the said(55,60,and some of the 70) time frame fundemental basketbal was played. The game was not 3 point shooting and a slam dunk contest. Pick and Roll, Blocking out, Squaring your shoulders with the backboard for a put back, proper free throw form, were coached in that time frame. It amazes me as I have been watching the NCAA these past few days how the total concept of the game has been abandon. I see young men who bring the ball up one side of the court or the other on the fast break when the ball should be brought up the middle and the lanes should be filled for an outlet pass to the left or right. I see players who miss free throws going down the stretch, and lose conference titles simply because they think it is more important to practice a 3 point shot at the end of practice instead of free throws, and worst of all VERY POOR clock control going down the stretch in a tight game. The strategy seems to be hold the ball until the last second and pray for the 3 pointer to go in. The game has evolved into streetball and nothing more. Where has the coaching gone? We are now watching basketball that has been relegated to an AAU level. I profess that if you had a team made up of Oscar,Stokes, and Walt Belamy, along with some complimentry players, of that era, not superstars this team would win the NBA title hands down. The same would go at the college level with fundemental players. The game of basketball has been replaced with alley ball, because of poor coaching, AAU, and the televised NBA games. Professional basketball is garbage. I'm sorry for my rant, but I love the game that has feel by the way-side This was one of the best articles I have read in along time. Oscar has some great old experiences in his book "The Big O". It is a very good book to read.

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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss?

Dyams, AMEN on your last contribution. The Tigers are going to quietly beat the hell out of both the Red Soxs and the Yankees. And American League fans don't forget Cleveland. I love the conversation on this thread.

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Vivian Stringer reaches 800 wins

Congrats! She is one of the best basketbal coahes of all time, male or female. It is a very exciting brand of basketball that more basketball purest should watch. Womens basketball is the purest form of the sport today. It is not a live or die on the three point shot that has evolved in the mens sport. Women still block-out, hit free throws, run offensive and defensive patterns, and basically play a great brand of fundemental basketball that is not in exsistance in mens basketball anymore, with a few exceptions. For proof of what is happening in the mens game look at free throw percentages now compared to 10 years ago. Also take note on the statement made by JC at Memphis 2 weeks ago, he didn't think free throws were important in regard to the success to his team. 2 days later Memphis lost it's #1 ranking at the free throw line. If you appreciate good fundamental basketball watch the womens teams at Rutgers,Tennesee,Uconn, etc,etc...........

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

Thanks steelergirl you put it much better than I, and you spell much better also. That is what I was trying to express , but not very good.

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Over the Top

jrsrigmvr, Please don't think that is my attitude. That was my perception of one part of the problem.

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Over the Top

curlyelk, I was going to bring BK into this thread but I thought I might get my head handed to me. I was at one of those games in Bloomington when he reprimanded the fans. I tend to agree with Howard_T, if there is no respect taught in the home how can anybody expect there to be any expressed among young adults at an athletic event. However I don't think every young college basketball fan should have to take the blame, I'm sure there are many good and respectable young fans at the games. Maybe they should say something to the fan that is out of order. I also think that the prevailing mentality is that if a fan pays cold hard cash for a ticket that fan should be allowed to say and do anything they want.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

Sorry for the mistakes in the last thread, I am working on a project and not concentrating on what I am writing, one of those dumb fans I guess I can't explain loyality I'm just a die-hard. I don't think you are an alien, you just have an opinion. There is nothing wrong with passion. Hey what is Barney style? LOL

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

elijahin, I'm from Indianapolis myself and I know you are an avid IU like myself, would you stop going being an IU fan if they had a 5 or 6 year losing streak? I realize the Cubs have been losing ALOT LONGER than 5 or 6 years so I guess they are super fans or dumb fans. I now live in Detroit and you cannot believe how many people are still die-hard lions fans. Up to last yrear they sold out every game. The haven't really contended for anything in over 50 years, and still have a tremendous following of FANS.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

elijahin, I don't think winning and losing has anything to do with the history / tradition, that exists at Wrigley. What the heck does getting a buzz have to do with it. Do you think a Cubs fan goes to the game to just get a buzz. They are loyal FANS just like you are a loyal fan of another team, and if you go to the game to just drink beer you should save some money and go to the corner bar and get your buzz, it's cheaper, and you can watch the game on TV. I've been to Wrigley many times, and seen them get their head handed to them many times. But you can't deny the tradition and history that surrounds the park. Granted it is a fun place to go and get buzzed but that is not the main reason I go. I go to watch them get beat. LOL

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

WOW! elijahin24, did you have to many Red Bulls this morning. Weather YOU like it or not there some mystic about Wrigley that can not be argued. I think it is relative to the mystic that surrounds Notre Dame's football stadium. I am certainly not an expert on the the subject but I get a mystical feeling when I enter these stadiums knowing the great players that played in them, and the history that is there. I got that same feeling at Tiger Stadium and a few others. I don't think winning has got anything to do with it. Don't the Celtics play in a fairly new facility?

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Over the Top

I think alot of the disrespect toward the athlete especially in basketball is caused by the fan being so close to the court, and also the limited number of people who can attend the event. In football fans are 50,60,70,yards from the playing field and many of their rants fade into a crowd that is typically 50K to 100K strong. There is also so much media coverage of the indiviual athlete of today. The two players that were the center of the article have been covered by the media with a fine tooth comb since way before the basketball season started and there is very little in their lives that are private. By the way both guys are fine young men. If I were a parent I would encourge my son or daughter not to have a cell phone, or paticipate in any kind of web blog period. I don't think that is at all fair to the kid but it may cut down on the lunacy that seems to prevail in sports today. However I don't think this is anything new. I played bball in Indiana in the early 70s and my teamate was in the running for Mr. Basketball. We played a game at a Bloomington, Ind. high school and proceeded to win the game. When my teammate and I left the court to allow others on the team some playing time we were spit on and cursed at to the exterme. My mother and father got the same treatment when they left the gym. The next day I got a personal call at home from the AD of the highschool we beat and he apologized to me for the behavior of his fans, i think that is the difference. I wonder if these type of actions by the fans are taken seriously by the AD,coach or school president. I guess a player, parent , or fan will have to be hurt before something is done.

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Tony Kornheiser Hates Sportsfilter

I guess I'm going to be safe here and take the middle ground, mainly because my wings have been clipped here on SF a couple of times. I also think there was complete justification for the clipping. I am a very passionate sports fan and also tend to be one sided, and a hot head. I think there is room for both types of distributing the sports of the day. I watch PTI everyday but I also am a daily reader of SF. I get a different type of information from both types of sports reporting. One from the fan(SF)and another from the print and TV media. I make an attempt to draw an opinion after I combine the two. Both sides are protecting their turf, and are naturally going to be prejudice. However my opinion tend to side with the media person who I has some sort of experience in regard to participating in the sport they are taking about. Example: When a person is buying a car do they value the opinion an automotive engineer who designs the car for a living or do they put more weight in the guy that is selling oranges at the supermarket. I think SF is a great source for overall attitudes and opinions in regard to current sporting events and stories. I also love the sophisticated sport view points expressed on SF. Keep up the good work.

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Sampson Reportedly Out at Indiana

Greenspan is as responsible as KS and should be going as well. I don't think everybody else doing it is a valid excuse, even if that is the case. The guy did it more than once. And I agree he should have never been hired. IU better focus their program on steady honest growth, with a coach with zero bagage, and some creditablity or they will be burnt again. I think all the above starts with the AD.

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Sampson Reportedly Out at Indiana

In regard to watching IU again,I never stopped. I didn't stop because I was following the players that played there not KS. I never agreed with hiring a coach with negitive bagage. However being a life long IU fan, being a season ticket holder in the Ray Tolbert era I wonder what the priorities of the university are in the last 4 or 5 years. I was listening Mike & Mike this morning and they had a great observation. First Indiana replaces BK who was honest and a winner, but had BIG personality problems with a very honest person / coach and great recruiter BUT does not win games. They replace the second coach after BK with a coach that has an NCAA brand on his back, but is proven to be a good coach and in my opinion a pretty good guy. I'm not saying he should not pay for his down falls, but from what I see of him on the tube he seems to be a nice guy. I think the blame should fall directly Greenspan. It appears to me that the basketball program has been in complete disorder since he took over, and he should be gone as quick as KS> I think the list of potential coaches that would like to coach at IU must be endless. Dan D. is a great guy but he was not a smashing success at Bowling Green. I would like to know how many Indiana high school players are going to stay in the state and go to Indiana to play ball. I personally think this is a major reflection on the program at IU. Indiana has more teams in the top 25 college rankings than any state in the country(4) and most of the top highschool players are leaving the state. Butler recruits many players from in state, and so does Purdue, maybe I'm wrong but why doesn't Indiana. Case in point their current super star committed to Illinois before IU. Why didn't IU reel him in before he graduated from North Central. But high school powerhouses like Lawerence North Have 2 maybe 3 players going out of state. Is this a reflection on the current problems at IU? IU needs to look past their feet and understand the future troubles they are brewing with an extreme lack of consistancy in the program, and make a responsible well thought out decision on who will be their next coach and the direction to take the program.

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

I was just trying to make the point that verbal accountability really means nothing if there is not some sort of penalty that goes with the apology. I know there were actions taken by the league the first time. jerseygirl, I'm talking realative to sports, and that would be another fine of maybe 1.5MM, banned for a certain time period from the NFL,MLB,NCAA etc, etc..... I don't really have a dog in this fight, I could care less what is done with BB(PROBABLY NOTHING). I'm a Colts fan and honesty is about the last thing we as Colts fans have to worry about. I just think it is to easy to cheat and apologize and do it again. Where does the line get drawn, 1 apology ,10 apologies, maybe 20 apologies. Maybe excuses is a better word ,like I was not aware of the rule. Didn't BB get fined and the Pats lost a draft pick for 1 specific incident, and hasn't there been some more incidents brought to light since then. Maybe this will fall into the 10 apology catagory. In general I just question modern day accountability period.

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

Unfortunatley we live in a modern society that justifies a wrong doing if you admitt you did wrong and apologize. I think that started in our political system 3 administrations ago. We judge character today as the first person to apologize has some type of positve moral status, when in fact he still committed the deed and as guilty as he was before he confessed. By the way if you waited to destroy the MV footballs until he was busted in the NFL you about 6 years late. This guys character was questioned way before he ever entered the NFL. I agree that character SHOULD count more than wins and losses, but I realy don't think that is the case in athetics today. The game plan today is to win at any cost, and you cheat and don't get caught thats OK, and if you do get caught just be apologetic and everything will be just fine. If in fact winning with honor is a 50 year old concept than I will continue to live in the past.

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

WOW, This is better than the Bobby Knight thread. Like I said in the last thread cheating is cheating regardless of who gets caught or who doesn't, or if everybody else is doing it. This is not the MBL,or NASCAR, or field hockey for that matter it is the NFL and the simple matter is, if BB got caught once and was punished, and gets caught twice he should be punished again. Couldn't any team TIBO a game and get as much information out of that tape as on the spot taping. I'm very ignorant to the practice and that is a serious question. When I was playing both basketball and football in college we had a day set forth to watch tapes of the other team. Oh how much simpler the old days were.

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Bob Irsay begged the city of Baltimore to help improve the dump they played in for years with no success. Lets face it the stadium was falling down for many years before they moved. Baltimore was one of the first teams to get a franchise after the Colts left and won a Super Bowl long before Indianapolis, so I think the Irsay's did them a service. Do you really think Baltimore didn't know Irsay was going to leave? What is ironic about the move is that the Colts are getting ready to move into their 2nd new stadium in Indianapolis since the move. Granted the RCA Dome is one of the worst stadiums in the league, but in "84" it was like a palace compared to the stadium in Baltimore.

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Does advantage have anything to do with the whole story. If they cheated ,they cheated. Having some sort of advantage should not weigh into the conversation at all. If you cheat and win you are still a cheater. If you cheat and lose you are a dumb ass cheater. What difference does it make. Because everybody was doing it, should that give the team who got caught a free pass. I still think the team that got caught is stupid. I guess this is the new attitude in our society today If you cheat and don't get caught it's ok. Why does everything have to be so complicated. To many theories, but I guess alot of theories is what makes this thread so interesting. To those who are profound please forgive my simple mind.

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Scandal Hits Indiana Hoops

bperk, AMEN

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Scandal Hits Indiana Hoops

bperk, AMEN

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Scandal Hits Indiana Hoops

I think the next coach will be under a spot light and will think twice. Being a die-hard Indiana fan I will always root for the Cream and Crimson. I just hope they don't act in desperation when choosing the next coach. I think there are many,many quality D-1 coaches that would kill to coach I.U. And Indiana should be very selective. I like Dan D. but he had a hard time at Bowling Green.

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Scandal Hits Indiana Hoops

I find it ironic that Myles Brand may indirectly have an influence on both Bob Knight and coach Sampson exiting the I.U. basketball program. I don't think many of the fans bought into coach Sampson from the begining. However I do think he is an excellent coach, he just doesn't have a good understanding of the rules. LOL! You reap what you sow. I also think the Indiana fans will come back.

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Bob Knight Resigns

Thanks for the link, I don't know what you read but I saw as much positive about BK as negitive. In fact most of the contributors were more frustrated with SI/CNN than they were with BK for the timing of the articles. MANY more people supported Bob than degraded him. That said, yerfatma is right, everybody has a different opinion and I get too aggresive on many issues.

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Bob Knight Resigns

wfrazerjr. Didn't you state in one of your entries you were at one time a member of that media that BK made hamburger out of at nearly ever press conference he had. Did BK shun you in a press conference or something because you really hate him I would like to here your personal experince on that matter. I guess now is a good time to kick him when you don't have to face him in a press conference anymore. Is that how you coached your team of grad schoolers, kick the other team when they can't compete back? Like I said I would think that every coach that coaches at a NCAA Division 1 school has the same type of moment with a player(Neil Reed) at one time in his career, especially when you coach for 42 years. WE all know BK was not an angle by any means but he was not a douch bag, but maybe you know more than I do, after all you were a membr of the upstanding ,nonbiased press. When the incident occured the majority of BKs collegues expressed that very thing. They said they had all had physical contact with a player or two in practice or a game. Infact last year BK had contact with a player during a game and the press tried their best to get the parents of that player to speak negitively about the incident, and what they said was they would hope Bob would do it again if their son needed it, and they were quite pleased that the young man went to TT and was going to return. Why did you not state that?

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Bob Knight Resigns

lbb, I agree with you, the reason for my last and final entry was to give jm82 some insite on my personal experiences on the subject at his request. I guess we will let time be the judge as to the jerk statis of BK. And again I guess it has allot to do with who is spinning the lable of jerk on an individual, somebody who knows something about the so-called jerk, or sombody who has no insite on the person except what they hear or read in the media. One of the reasons the media did not like BK is because he made it very clear to them he did not like, or need them and I guess in this day and age that is suicide. Because you and I know what is said on the media sports outlets and magazines are gospel, and are never one sided. HA HA!

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Bob Knight Resigns

I had a friend who played for an Indianapolis school that went to Indiana in "71" and was able to get a national championship ring. He was virtually a practice player his entire 4 years there but did get some playing time when he was needed due to injury. The most positive thing he ever said about BK is that he was 100% honest with each of his players weather it be positive or negitive. From the first day this guy was recruited(NCAA visit) he was told his roll on the team would be that of a practice player. But he was expected to give 100% as was every player on the squad, average or superstar. By the way he and his parents were told this on the visit. He also said there were zero favorite players in the system. He was treated the same as the so-called superstars of the team. I have another friend that is a former highschool teamate that was recruited by BK the year before and chose to attend another school due to BKs honesty. BK told him he would be just another player on the team and that his past success in high school would mean nothing the day he stepped on the floor to play for IU. This player did not to go to IU, but went on to break all the scoring records at Ball State Unversity. Years later BK was the first to admit that he made a mistake when recruiting this player, and he should have played for IU. I have played with many players Wayne Raddford, Rodney Scott, Larry Bullington etc... who were recruited by or knew Bob and to a man they compliment him on his honesty. They all did not like him but I think they all respected him. Again BK is not perfect, but who of us is. Most of the people I know at one time didn't see eye to eye with him but they always knew where they stood with him, because he was straight forward and honest. Tony Hinkle was a family friend and one of my mentors and he liked and respected BK and that is all I need to make my judgement on the man.

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Bob Knight Resigns

TBH, I have many many friends that have played for BK,I also have many friends who have competed against him, and true to form there is bad and good to say about the man, but when it comes down to the final evaluation of a person is there not bad and good to say about all of use. What gives you or anybody else the right to sit on top of the mountain and judge. Did you know the man, did you ever have an opportunity to converse with him, for that matter do you know anybody who knows him? BK is the NUMBER ONE WINNINGEST COACH IN NCAA HISTORY why would anyone not compare him to all the mentioned coaches. Fact be known most of those coaches in the last 2 days have come to the fore front and said he was the best college coach that ever coached the game. All of them said that they currently use a number of the things he taught them today.Most of them said that they went to 20 or more of his coaching clinics to learn how to be a better coach, from BOB NIGHT. BY THE WAY, I lived in Indiana my whole life and played ball in high school and college there, DID YOU, and at one time his likeness could have been put on the state flag(tonue in cheek). If you are from Indiana you know what happened to the Brand residence the day after he railroaded Bob Knight, he and his family had to leave the city under the dark of night. I guess all those BK detractors don't carry much weight do they. The only positive thing that has happened with the IU basketball program since he left is they went to the final four with a team that was recruited by BOB KNIGHT. The program was not investigated one time when BK was running the show, they have been investigated twice since then. Bob Knight has taught more positive lessons to more young adults than you will ever speak to period. PSYCHOANALYZE THAT!!! I apologize TBH for getting so passionate with someone as biased as you, it's a waste of time. I rest my case.

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Bob Knight Resigns

I really don't know what is ment by being more accurate, since Bob taped all of his practices it has been seen on many editions of sports center and every other sports show in history. As is clear you don't like Bob and that is all right, there are many people in this world that don't like BK, AND HE COULD GIVE A DAMN. He did not coach for 42 years for an approval from you or any other person who is apparently biased. He coached to win and develop young men that contributed something positive to society, and he accomplished that. By the way BK has confirmed that Pat Summit runs the best basketball program in the country AND IS ON A COACHING PAR WITH THE BEST MENS COACHES IN THE COUNTRY. That is more respect than she gets from most of her male colleagues. I wouldn't know anything about her graduaton rate, because as was said I don't think there are any stats published. It would be interesting to see. I admire her allot also.

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Bob Knight Resigns

Thanks, dyam. The man has been in a career for 42 years. In most cases that career is 24/ 7 ,365 days a year. For anybody to hint at hypocracy is totally out of wack. Some of his tactics were overboard and I think that proves Bob Knight is as far from a hypocrate as anyone can possibly be. He did not care what the media thought, or for that matter anyone else. BK stood for the right things and did not let trends and fades comprise his values. Bob Knights end did justify the means. Maybe Bob thought he was not a benefit to the team and Pat would do a better job so he stepped down, he told Pat he was tired after the game on Saturday per Pat. As I watched him on the TV on Saturday I noticed that he was looking very bad physically and was possibly worn -out. Maybe familyman and wfrazerji should do some research on the Landon Turner story, or research his past in regard to the support he has given his past players with finanacial support in starting their professional career after basketball. By the way he funded 2 university libraries vertually out of his pocket. One more thing of interest, when at Indiana he was the only active coach at the D-1 level to teach a ligitimate class. Bob Knight made men from boys, and was the greatest teacher in the game. The 87 national championship is proof of that. It is a shame that the Neil Reed hick-up may be talked about more than his accomplishments. I think if you talk to any coach they have ALL had a Neil Reed incident.

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Bobby Knight gets 900th career victory.

indycoltsfan, THANKS, for supporting a man who expects young men to be responsible to their community, school, and parents. As for all the so-called problems with Bob, most of it was an element of the media that did not like being called out by a man that knows more about the game in his toenail than they all do together. He didn't suck up to them because he didn't care what they thought, and he didn't have to. The true measure of BK is what the majority of the parents of the players who played for him thought of him. Isaiah Thomases mother and Isaiah give Bob full credit for saving his life and turning him into a man. Steve Green is another example of BK influence. Steve is a very successful dentist in the Indianapolis area that BK loaned money to to get his practice started, I could go on and on.We all deal with authority in this society and the ones who are able to deal with it are the leaders of men. The ones that can't, are pink pantied underachievers. As for the university president who finally dealt the final blow to BK at Indiana, he put his tail between his legs and ran 1 year after he dealt Bob the final blow. He now is doing such a bang up job of running the NCAA. Indiana has not had any degree of success since Bob left. Two less than successfull years with one coach, and probems with the NCAA the last 2 years. Bob Knight was not an anything goes type of guy that prevails in college athletics today, he was the boss and if a player didn't like it they could go else where and play, if their parents would let them.

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Patriots to Honor Booed Teenager

B10, I can see your frustraton coming out, I'm a tranplanted Michigan guy form Indianapolis, and a die hard Big 10 football fan, for that matter I am a big Wings , Tigers, and Pistons fan, BUT for you to call Indy Fans "Big Asses" for someone wearing their biggest rivals jersey into their arena at a game with such meaning I think is not only a mis-statement, but shows your jealousy in regard to who you root for locally.WHO REALLY CARES. Anyone who is still loyal to the Lions after their 50 history is a true blue frustrated fan. Maybe it's just that the Colts have had 10 times the success as a franchise(since moving to Indy) in a third of the time than the Lions will ever have. I saw the girl interviewed the day after the game and she said there were many people coming up to her after the game to say to her it was the jersey not her, and she said she was not bothered by it at all. But I guess when you are a fan of the Lions you have to take your bad feelings out on somebody. OH, I forgot, that the Lions have that superstar QB who lead the league in picks or close to it. Whose the choker? If I were you I wouldn't make any negative comments about any NFL team until you get a team to root for. That may happen in the next 50 years.MAYBE!

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Marion Jones Receives 6 Month Sentence

I think it was bad for MJ to commit perjury, and got what she deserved. But with that said she seems to be a quality person, and after the first lie I think she stepped up and admitted the lie. She made no excuses and said she was wrong, and showed allot of heart felt remorse to her fans and the public in general. I agree with Weedy McSmokey that the presure from outside influnences for these young athletes to do things out of character when millions of dollars are involved must be overwhelming. If I put myself in their shoes I don't know if I wouldn't make the same mistakes.

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Clemens Files Defamation Suit

Sorry to rough your feathers, I was just pulling your chain. I guess that is ok for you to do because I forgot you are all knowing. LIGHTEN-UP

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Clemens Files Defamation Suit

WOW! This thread is starting to sound like a mix of chemistry class and second year law and all we have to do is consult lil_brown_bat because it is apparent she knows everything. Must have gotten an A on the thread entrance exam.

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Clemens Files Defamation Suit

CaveMan, After the strike the home run derby brought baseball back period. Correction, I guess I don't know that for a fact, but if you looked at the players that were hitting most of the home runs at that time they were all juiced up. I think 9 out of 10 fans would say the home run brought baseball back. I live in Detriot and that seems to be the gereral concensus here And by the way, just today there are rumors are flying that the fine up standing Mr. Mitchell threatened Mcnamee if he did not mention Clemens when he was being questions for his input to the report. Funny when the Tigers were not beating up on other teams the attendance was a fraction of the times when they were beating up on teams. Do you go to the park and pay $60.00 a ticket to see a loser? And finally what did we learn after the report that we didn't already anticipate or know. The whole thing was a waste of money. Answer me this how can anybody take any kind of actions against something that was not illlegal at the time. There was and still is no test, unless muscel tissue is taken to prove a player is taking HGH. I don't think juicing is right but I also don't think a player should be crucified for something that can't be tested, or something he may have done when there were no rules against it.

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Clemens Files Defamation Suit

Explain Classic Doc, I'm confused.

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Clemens Files Defamation Suit

I thought we lived in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty. As I see it nobody has proven anything on either side of the fence yet. And by the away, Rusty Hardin is paid to speak out. All I have heard from Rusty is him defending his client, maybe someone has heard more than that. Ithink that is earning his retainer fee. There were countless numbers of players in MLB not on the Mitchell report that we all know were juicing. Why is nothing said about that? I have not heard anybody bad mouth the Mitchell report as false, even knowing the guy that put it together was on the board of the Boston Red Sox, and made big,big money for authoring the report. I suppose he was paid by Bud and the boys. And I'm sure you all trust big Bud, HA HA! I'm not defending anybody in this circus, but lets face it, it is all crap. And the SAD, SAD true fact of the matter is MLB would be dead without performance inhancing drugs. Maybe someone should put big Bud in front of a Grand Jury and ask him for the truth, and watch his nose grow then. One more thing, isn't Bud affiliated with some team in MLB ? iT'S ALL A BUNCH OF CRAP. I guess my question to all is can MLB ever recover again and be the sport it once was, I don't think so. I would like to hear some opinions on that.

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

Cave-Man, Your formula for a successful team is exactly right. I just finished Tony Dungy's new book and that is exactly what he has done in Indy and that also was his formula while at Tampa. Although another coach reaped the benefits at Tampa. Just a short plug for Tony's book. It is the best book I've read in a long time and every young athlete should be required to read it. The message is much more than the road to success in athletics, it is a template to success in life.

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

Congrates to NE on a tremendous accomplishment. HOWEVER, they beat Indy when Indy was minus 9 of their 22 starters. And by the way Indy is the WORLD CHAMPS until beaten. I hope all of you keep forgetting about Indy because they are healthy now and are waiting in the wings like a shark with their mouth open. That said, I think they(NE) still is a great team and ought to be held in very high esteem. If a fan is going to make a comparision between Indy and NE I think the Ravins game is a good comparision. Indy totally dominated the Ravins and NE was lucky to get out with their proverbial lives. They are far and away the best two teams in the game today and if they meet each other along the way it will be another great game. They also have the best coaches in the NFL.

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Vick Sentenced to 23 Months in Prison

I can't bring myself to think MV is a dummy. I think he is an element of his old environment, and listened to the wrong so called friends. I read the article in SI about his old so called friends from the hood and they actually said they in one word or another, would be waiting to take advantage of him when he got out of prison. Many of these super athletes are in the same situation, Robt. Traylor is another pro basketball player that could not tell his leech friends from the hood to get lost. He is now out of the NBA standing on the corner with all those money grubbing so called friends. I do think these guys are getting their just dues but it seems to me there is someone that could mentor them that they could trust. I know the NFL has a rookie program that is supposed to be doing that, but at this point it seems rather weak and not very affective. It is only my opinoin that these young superstars are thrust a profession to young and they don't get a chance to mature and learn the ways of the world at a natural pace. They are marketing tools thrust into the corporate world making ungodly amounts of money with zero experience on how or what to do with that money. Their guidance comes from a money grubbing agent who cares only about his cut. he makes it seem to these young men that he is looking out for them when the bottom line is his commision. As long as a young man with this God given athletic talent is able to enter a professional sport at such a young age these type of situations will continue to be common place. MV was in the NFL for 5 years with very little foundation in regard to common sense, trust, or guidance. As I've said many times on this blog it's all about money, money ,money, and to hell with the human aspect, nobody cares.

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New England By the Numbers

I agree with Family Man, Dallas will lose more games this season and they play in a division that can't hold a stick to the division the Colts play in. I f you watch any sports shows at all, every announcer has said that NE hasn't played the comp that the Colts have. I think I heard yesterday that the Pats running back was out for this game, which could make a big difference in the game. SD and Washington both STINK, and I'm suprised Dallas can put their helmets on their big heads and mouth. What kind of team takes the butt whipping like they did from NE and still talks like they won the superbowl. America's Team what a joke. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT HAS BEENS. They seem to have a TO INFECTION, swollen mouth. Personally I like both teams, NE and the Colts. I think the main focus on this game will be home field advantage not an undefeated record. I don't think the Colts give a darn about going undefeated. The last time they were in that situation they lost focus. I just think it is tough to beat the Colts when they have got a coach on the field and a great coach on the sideline. I also think BB is a great coach, it will be great to watch.

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Jimmy Kimmel Banned From Monday Night Football

To all who would rather see Kimmel than someone who actually knows and cares about the sport why don't you watch late nite crap. Or switch the channel and watch some other fantasic show while Kimmel is doing his thing on MNF. Oh wait a minute there are no fantastic shows to switch to. I think he is very humorous in his venue but is useless on MNF. However I don't think anyone should blame Kimmel, he goes where his agent can sign a contract. I also think the true football fan can turn the volume down if he doesn't like the way the game is being announced. Most Americans who watch MNF want to watch football and don't give a hoot about the comedic factor on MNF. Most comedians are held to higher standards when they open their big mouths about something they don't know. Again they should stick to what they do best COMEDY, not making fun of former football players. It's all about ratings, and money,money,money.

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George Gipp Exhumed from Michigan Cemetery

There must be money,money ,money involved.

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Hope Solo Kicked Off Team for Consolation Game

JJ, You are right. I apolgize.

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Hope Solo Kicked Off Team for Consolation Game

I was not putting down womens soccer, I was making a general statement about soccer. I guess I'm one of those sports guys that think soccer period is BORING. Most of the kids (males) who play soccer in the US play because their parents won't let them play football. Oh by the way, I would bet Gordie Howe has many more adult followers nation wide than the most boring game on earth. Curling may be more boring. WOW I bet all you soccer people are going to get your panties in a wad after you read this. Again, WHO REALLY CARES. The game will never be a major spectator sport in the US no matter what sissy they bring over from Europe to try and promote the sport.

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Howe boys staggered by cruelty of Dad's stalker-neighbours

I live in a suburb of Detroit and I think this took place in Bloomfield Hills. Allot of the people in this area think they are a bit better than the rest of the area population. It really would not matter if it was Gordie Howe or some other popular person, these people think they are the elite of the Detroit metro area. This is a major reason that the area is the most segregated community in the UNITED STATES. North of 10 mile road is where the pretty people live. South of 10 mile is where the common folk reside. No matter how much money Gorgie has he is just a normal guy like every one else and maybe that is part of the problem.

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