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Fan Signs

Cubs-WhiteSox Game @ the Cell in 03 when Dusty Baker was still manager and all those "In Dusty We Trusty" went up- bunch of guys stood next to some queers with that sign with one that said "Dusty Is Musty"

posted by spoosh09 at 10:30 PM on January 09, 2008

Nick Swisher Traded from A's to White Sox

Exactly what the Sox needed, the loss of some good young talent, and the addition of another slow .260 hitter (notice the sarcasm). I admire Kenny Williams for trying to shake things up, but the Sox will have a pretty bad team average again next year, and with KC, Detroit, and Cleveland on the rise it looks like the Southsiders and Minnesotta are in the tank unless I'm really wrong.

posted by spoosh09 at 08:41 PM on January 03, 2008

Leave Steve Bartman Alone!

Even if Bartman or the 30 other people around him didn't hit the ball, Moises Alou had (and still has) a reputation for being a terrible outfielder and we don't know if he would have caught the ball. Secondly, Alex Gonzalez booting that ground ball was the real reason to be pissed off at anyone. Thirdly, they had another game, its not like that was the last play of the world series, there was a game 7 so Jay actually did have some good points. Lastly, the cubs and the cubs fans have never blamed the team for losing anything. Take the blame and sack up, maybe try to win something important in this century. And yes, quit blaming Bartman

posted by spoosh09 at 05:52 PM on October 03, 2007

Barry Bonds by the Numbers.

As much as the numbers show that there was a decline in Barry's home run, and then a huge spike (2001), and his increased girth we have all forgotten that he has already admitted to taking steroids (wether you believe that he didn't know he took them or not). "Bonds told a U.S. grand jury that he used undetectable steroids known as "the cream" and "the clear," which he received from personal trainer Greg Anderson during the 2003 season. According to Bonds, the trainer told him the substances were the nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a pain-relieving balm for the player's arthritis. According to government attorneys, BALCO founder Victor Conte has identified the designer steroid THG as "the clear." A testosterone-based ointment was identified as "the cream." Olympic sprinter Tim Montgomery testified that Conte used flaxseed oil containers to send "the clear" to athletes." THG, and HGH still have no reliable or proven way to test for them.

posted by spoosh09 at 06:44 PM on August 07, 2007

Hawaii Bowl Victory.

I agree with ucla, take Tony Romo for example. He played at Eastern Illinois. Enough said.

posted by spoosh09 at 01:46 PM on December 25, 2006