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Bad, Sportswriter! Bad!

I think the article brings up good points. Who cares if he is a bit snippy. We all have been. As for appologizing for the article I think he shouldn't. Finally someone who tells it like it is and with honesty. So he pointed out that when people are emotionally involved they act rather, uhh umm, stupid! Haven't we all. YES! A good article, a great article. Don't agree with his decision but that's what makes this country so great. WE can sit here talking about who's #1,#2,#3, and so on. I wonder what the people of Iraq are talking about. Do you think football?! Makes this whole thing seem childish, doesn't it?!

posted by aaronscmc11 at 01:09 PM on December 11, 2004

Giambi admits steroid use.

Well, at least he admitted it. Now kick him out! I'm a huge Giambi fan and I hope I never see him play again. Just like I would fire a drug user at work, fire them all I say and hire new potential drug users.

posted by aaronscmc11 at 04:54 PM on December 03, 2004

Report: Bonds Admitted to Using Substances

Hey, does steroids give you a better swing?, better eye-hand cordination, or a longer shelf life? Didn't think so. The point is what they did was wrong and let thier fans down. Isn't that the true injustice here. They would have no fame if it wasn't for us fans. These spoiled millionare athletes who think they are semi-gods, just make me sick. As for Barry Bonds saying I'm black and Im keeping my money. Good for you, but what the hell does being black have to do with keeping your money? I'm tired of the racism card being played all the time. Be a MAN/WOMEN AND STEP UP TO YOUR MISTAKES AND TAKE WHATS COMING TO YOU. If I tested positive at my work for any steroids that wasn't by prescription I would be fired. Maybe they should be too.

posted by aaronscmc11 at 04:44 PM on December 03, 2004

ND really, really screwed?

For one if my new coach only did as good as the previous two coaches I had, he would no longer be my coach. You pick out a coach to improve your team, not to just have the same result. So the last three coaches had pretty much the same record and they are all not there anymore. Racism or just an attempt to improve one's team. Who knows. Willingham is better off somewhere else where they can actually recruit good talent and his coaching abilities can be truley appreciated.

posted by aaronscmc11 at 04:21 PM on December 03, 2004