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Fight of the year??

I doubt it. Not the part about him losing to Mayweather, but the part about him retiring. He still has a big payday when Miguel Cotto is ready and there is talk of De la Hoya coming back down.

I think Gatti has another three years left at a minimum. The money is too good for him to pass up.

posted by gilcintron at 12:11 PM on February 01, 2005

Fight of the year??

I will definitely get it. I don't quite understand why Floyd hasn't gotten more fanfare from the mainstream, but who cares?? Fight fans know that this will be a slugfest. Gatti has tried to be more of a tctician of late, but when he gets hit a few times he will start slugging. Should be awesome.

posted by gilcintron at 05:51 PM on January 31, 2005

U-S-A, U-S-A

Maybe this is what is really going on. Just throwing this out there...

posted by gilcintron at 03:39 PM on August 26, 2004

U-S-A, U-S-A

well, i have spoken to people who have expressed their delight in seeing the team fail. they aren't radio show yahoos and they aren't even people who'd be surfing mainly computer geeks like me (i just also happen to be a sports geek.) i think i agree with holden that once the "story" became the selfish nba players, the public believed it. the guys i've spoken to about this aren't sports fans so what would lead them to believe that the nba players are selfish? they wouldn't know carlos boozer from dave chappelle. i just think that there is more to the anti-USA basketball sentiment than their paychecks. i don't know that it is racism. i think that might be a bit of a reach, but there is something else going on. shaq, tmac and vinsanity selfish? sure, i can understand that argument. they turned down the chance to represent their country, but what makes dwayne wade, lebron james and carlos boozer selfish? i think the rap that the team was getting when it was formed just stuck to these guys through no fault of their own. they play a style of basketball that all NBA players play. If more teams played like Dallas, New Jersey or Sacramento, maybe we'd be better prepared in this Olympics. If more guys finished school and got some time in against a 2-3 three zone, maybe we wouldn't look so shaky. But I don't think the fact that they make more than some of the countries in the Olympics or the fact that they sleep on a cruise ship means I should be rooting against them. They still wear my colors so of course I hope they win.

posted by gilcintron at 03:32 PM on August 26, 2004

Blame Canada

This story has been around for a few weeks. I heard it talked about on Mike and Mike (ESPNRaio) and saw it covered in one of the trillion sports sites I hit each morning. It didn't bother me then and it doesn't bother me now. He stands for the National Anthem and he hasn't drawn attention to himself by blasting off in the media. He only discusses it when he is asked about it. I obviously don't agree with him, but I respect and accept his right to voice his opinion. Those who don't are commiting acts far more "un-American" than what he is doing. (And yes, I know he isn't American.)

posted by gilcintron at 10:55 AM on July 22, 2004

Moneyball Exposed as a Hoax!

Not exactly... while "Moneyball" won't win anyone any World Series titles, it will allow you to run a succesful baseball franchise from a business standpoint while giving you the chance to compete. Small Market teams lose because they do not have the $$ to pay "5-tool players" fair market value. They develop the talent until a major market team can afford to buy them as free agency approaches. All Moneyball puports to do is to get wins by not focusing on traditional scouting maxims, but statistical analysis. So, Billy Beane isn't interested in finding 9 Beltrans. Very few teams (NY, LA, Bos) can even afford 9 Beltrans. What Beane wants is a group of guys that perform well in certain statistical categories that he believes are more important to winning than the 5 tools. OBP is the one everyone talks about. Well, to say that his method is a fluke simply because another team is winning more games is ridiculous. Moneyball is a business philosophy as much as it is a baseball philosophy. Let's compare Texas, Boston and Oakland over a five year span and see who has won more games and also, who was more in the black. I bet the numbers would favor sabermetricians. It's just a matter of doing more with less. BUT, talent is the most important factor. The fact that Texas is doing better than Oakland doesn't mean that Texas' philosophy is better than Oakland's, it simply means that they have a better mix of talent. It is hard to argue with the results Oakland has gotten over the last few years with a fraction of the payroll of some other teams. Especially coming from the Rangers. If anything, the Rangers are poster children for why it works. Shed the high priced "5 tool player" and add players that in aggregate produce more towards a teams success.

posted by gilcintron at 02:22 PM on July 13, 2004

I think the point is to remove guaranteed rookie contracts so that the busts don't eat up roster space for the duration of their contract. Lets assume, just for hypothetical reasons, that each team has one bust on their 15 man roster (12 active, 3 IR) if that bust didn't have a guaranteed contract he could be released and proven veterans such as Cedric Ceballos and JR Rider could find thier way onto a team. Whether your team would want those guys is another conversation. He has a good point though. If guaranteed contracts were eliminated and the incentive for an immediate payoff wasn't there-- which is really the only reason so many kids have started coming out early-- than the rosters would normalize after a few seasons. As long as a HS kid or college underclassmen knows that he can dominate a HS All Star game or have a good NCAA tounament and ride that publicity to a first round pick and a guaranteed multimillion dollar contract, the risk might be worth the reward. BUT if the contracts weren't guaranteed and he could be cut at the end of his rookie season, he might want to go to college or stay that extra year and work on his game a little while longer. Some will say that if you are good enough to play in the NBA you are good enough as sophomore or as a senior. I think we all know that isn't true. Perfect example is Tom Gugliotta. He is a sad story now because of injury, but does anyone think he would have been drafted as high as he was if he came out as a sophomore or junior? I thought the post hit it right on the head.

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One link is to the article...the other is to the main page. I guess it could be considered a double post. I guess it could be considered a double post.

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Joe Pa will be back for four more

NYSSoftball, that travel point is an excellent one and it is something greedy-ass Boston College is going to have to deal with.
They now have to travel to Miami, Fla St, Clemson, Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, NC State....all league games. Like you said before shuttle flights now become major flights.
Also, their basketball team is screwed. All of their rivals (Georgetown, UConn, Syracuse) have said that they aren't interested in scheduling BC. The big one is UConn. The gates at a game in the Civic Center or the Fleet Center were big bucks for BC and now they won't get to make those gates. They will eventually forge new rivalries, but geographical rivalries are always better than phony "divisionally mandated" rivalries.
We'll see how BC, Penn State and some of these other schools feel about their greedy decisions a few years into the move.

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Joe Pa will be back for four more

Profile was supposed to say "...HATE the rest of the NFC East, Red Sox, Pacers and Phil Jackson."

fixed now though...thanks!!

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I have heard, from people who follow this way closer than I do, that the Milwaukee minor league system is chock full o' prospects. Apparently they should be a force in the next few years if some of their prospects progress the way most "experts" think they should. I can't imagine the Brewers being any good, but it may be coming.

posted by gilcintron at 11:40 AM on May 17, 2004