April 30, 2008

Chelsea beat Liverpool, set up final battles with Man Utd for Premier League and Champions League: Chelsea broke their Liverpool and Champions League jinx with a 3-2 (4-3 aggregate) win to move into the final against Premier League leaders Manchester United. Has this ever happened before, where the same top two domestic teams (they are tied on points but United has far superior goal difference with two matches to go) are also in the Champions League final?

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I am crying silently into my post-lunch drink.

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:26 PM on April 30, 2008

Who would have ever guessed a thoroughly entertaining tie between Chelsea and Liverpool? Regardless of partisan feelings for either team, this was actually a really good couple of games.

posted by Chargdres at 05:00 PM on April 30, 2008

I'm crying too. Mostly about ESPN's coverage, which clearly showed Kalou onside for the first goal and yet they spent halftime, fulltime and post-game analysis consistently saying "the goal shouldn't have stood." I had to laugh when Torres was withdrawn for Ryan Babel and the colour commentator said he was surprised Liverpool "hadn't brought on a forward." Clowns.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 05:01 PM on April 30, 2008

They have special commentators for players of colour?

posted by JJ at 05:06 PM on April 30, 2008

The only previous all-domestic finals have been Spanish - Real Madrid/Valencia (1999-2000) and Italian - AC Milan/Juventus (2002-2003). In the Spanish one, Valencia finished third and Real were way out of the running in La Liga that season. For the Italians, Juventus finished on top of Serie A with Inter second. So, no - it hasn't happened before. Looking ahead, United have never lost a final, and Chelsea have never been in one.

posted by owlhouse at 05:06 PM on April 30, 2008

JJ: HAHA! I hope you're not serious. The way I've heard it described was back in the Murray Walker and James Hunt days on F1 coverage. Murray was there for commentary. James was there for comment. (Which largely involved slagging Patrese off.)

posted by Drood at 06:03 PM on April 30, 2008

I hope you're not serious. Tried it once, but it didn't suit me. Well done to Chelsea. The better team won on the night, and there's a soft old part of me that was pleased for Frank Lampard to score. A touching moment when he blew a kiss to his old man. I was offered a ticket, but didn't go as I'd have been in with the Chelsea bucketheads and suspected I wouldn't have been able to control my glee if and when Liverpool scored. As it was, I got so excited when Torres equalised that I nearly got in a fight with a Chelsea fan in the pub in Oxford, so I don't think I would have got out of Stamford Bridge alive had I been there instead.

posted by JJ at 07:43 PM on April 30, 2008

Well, I suppose I'll be cheering on United, then. Though having it in Moscow now means that Fergie may want to invest in a food taster for the squad. And yeah, this is the first time, given the relatively short history of the CL format, though hardly likely to be the last.

posted by etagloh at 10:49 PM on April 30, 2008

When Babel scored that wild goal I thought we were in for another miracle finish but Chelsea were (ack!) the better team. I remain confused why the 'Pool kicked the ball around the last bit of the second half instead of attacking though this hubris was probably the cause of our downfall.

posted by billsaysthis at 11:58 PM on April 30, 2008

I'm going to revise and extend: Lampard is one of the few Chelsea players for whom I have a degree of respect, and I wasn't aware of his mother's death. It takes a lot to come back for a match like that one.

posted by etagloh at 12:11 AM on May 01, 2008

I wanted Liverpool to win. Mainly because of my dislike for Drogba. But then the whole Lampard thing... So I was happy for him. Think I'll be cheering on Man Utd in the final though.

posted by Fence at 04:37 AM on May 01, 2008

Yes. I hope Chelsea beats Man U but I don't see it happening though. I think Manchester will play very strong on defense. I was also very happy when Frank Lampard scored because he is one of the few English players I like. I don't think the penalty awarded was really a penalty because it was close to the line. I don't understand why everybody cheers for Man U though.

posted by Scars at 07:30 PM on May 01, 2008

That was a stonewall penalty. With Drogba and Ronaldo on the same field, I'll be cheering for some sort of asteroid strike.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 08:35 PM on May 01, 2008

I don't think the penalty awarded was really a penalty because it was close to the line Even on the line is still inside the box, Scars.

posted by owlhouse at 10:00 PM on May 01, 2008

Nice link Bismarck, clearly it was inside the box and Hyypia without a doubt fouled Ballack. Rosetti was right on top of it and clearly had to make the call. Scars, why don't you see Chelsea winning? Did you forget that less than a week ago Chelsea did just that?

posted by Chargdres at 09:55 AM on May 02, 2008

I'm not pulling for either team. I'd like to see them both lose somehow. But I'll be watching.

posted by chicobangs at 12:27 PM on May 02, 2008

Looks like UEFA killed the youtube link I posted and are currently playing whack-a-mole everytime a new version is reposted.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 03:26 PM on May 02, 2008

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