February 08, 2008

CEOs get serious at Pebble Beach Pro-Am.: Top bosses are competing at the pro-am tournament this week, and some of them have notably low handicaps. If you want, you can even check out your boss's scores at the USGA's Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN). I leave the inevitable jokes and questions to you.

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CEO is out golfing with his wife, after she complains about not spending enough time together. On the Par 4 11th, he hooks one close to the woods and goes to play it. His wife, on the bag, stands beside him as he attempts to find the fairway. He shanks one off a nearby tree, ricocheting it whereby it strikes his wife in the head killing her instantly. A year later he's back on the course with a friend. Gets to the 11th and starts to shake with emotion. "What's the problem?" His friend asks. "Something bad happened to me the last time I played this hole," is the reply. "What's that?" "..... I shot a 6."

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"..... I shot a 6." CEO's usually have 10's.

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Two buddies are out golfing and get caught behind a twosome of slow-playing women. They grow increasingly frustrated waiting to be waved through until they finally end up sitting on the tee of a par 3 for several minutes. "I've had enough of this," one fellow says. "I'm going down there and tell them we're playing through." The guy drives off in a huff, gets halfway to the green -- then spins the cart around and comes straight back. "Why didn't you go tell them them to let us play through?" asks the second guy. "I can't," the first says. "One of the women is my wife and the other's my mistress!" "Oh, shit," the second says. "Give me the cart, I'll handle it." He speeds off, gets close to the green -- and abruptly turns around and comes back. "Well, why didn't you talk to them?" the first golfer demands. Says the second, "Same reason."

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My great uncle (recently deceased) lived in a castle on the island of Alderney. He heard through a friend that Sam Snead was to visit the neighbouring island of Jersey to give a clinic, but only for golfers with single figure handicaps. My great uncle was a keen golfer, but sadly the lowest handicap he was ever able to boast was 17. Nonetheless, he somehow persuaded his friend in Jersey to get him a spot in the clinic despite his high handicap. On the big day, Snead went down the line watching people hitting shots, offering advice and encouragement. He arrived behind my great uncle and watched him hit a few five-irons. "What's your handicap, sir?" Sam asked. "It's nine, Mr Snead," my great uncle lied. "That so?" Silence as he watched one more shot. "You must be the greatest putter on the face of God's earth."

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A CEO is playing with Greg Norman in a Pro-Am in Australia. The CEO finally gets up enough courage to ask The Shark a question. 'Er, Greg, mate. How do you put backspin on a 7 iron?' Norman looks at him and asks 'How far do you hit a 7 iron?' 'About 130 metres', the CEO replies. 'Then why the hell do you want to put backspin on it for?'

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