February 02, 2008

Damn, why didn't I think of this?: Fringe prospect the Indians farm system sells $36,000 worth of stock in himself in exchange for a cut of his potential big league earnings. Legitimate idea or not? What do you think?

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Welcome back to SpoFi, erkno. What is your future in baseball (if you don't mind my asking. Though I should take this to the lockerroom.)?

posted by NoMich at 10:57 PM on February 02, 2008

Here's a brief summary. Signed w/Mets last offseason. Was told by them I basically had no shot to win a spot in AAA. Instead of risking it, went back to Mexico. Stupid decision. Season cut short by knee surgery and emergency appendectomy (three days in antiquated Mexican hospital). Went home. Retired. Found a real job. Hated it (worked in recruiting firm placing people in jobs that everyone in the industry seemed to hate). Company downsized and forced me out. Returned to winterball in Mexico and Dominican Republic. Pitched well. Played on my first championship team in the DR with Tejada, Furcal, and Bartolo Colon. Came home a week ago. Announced "retirement" to wife and kids. Now searching for another job in the real world. If doesn't work out, have plans to return to Mexico for another season.

posted by erkno11 at 11:21 PM on February 02, 2008

Yeah, this would have been a great plan. You'd have been hundreds of dollars ahead of where you are now. I'm glad you're still around, and that even though you're not 100% done with trying to make a go of the game yet, you've got a plan B. You've done better than anyone I know, that's for sure. And hey, congratulations on the championship!

posted by chicobangs at 11:35 PM on February 02, 2008

TBH already bought some stock in the guy. Previously. Also, welcome back!

posted by jerseygirl at 09:06 AM on February 03, 2008

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