January 31, 2008

The Super Bowl Economy: Surprisingly, the NFL and the athletes on the field are not the richest beneficiaries of the big game. Players on the winning team each take home $78,000; on the losing team, each player gets $40,000. The league's biggest take is from merchandise hawked at the game venue, at the online NFL shop, as well as at retail stores across the country. The sales record for such merchandise was set in 1997, at around $125 million, and sales have hovered just below that amount in the years since

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posted by catfish at 04:44 PM on January 31, 2008

I can't answer that one for you catfish. It seems absurd that a company would pay somebody, even someone of Madonna's fame, $10 million to appear in a very short advertisement. There are plenty of models in the United States who could model the product just as well. I suppose it is just another example of American infatuation with celebrities.

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Actually, the answer is simple: a company would pay someone that much because they believe it'll pay off for them. It may seem absurd, but I don't work in advertising, and I'm willing to concede that someone who does is probably a better judge of such things than I am.

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lbb is right. Alot of money also goes into studys and consumer research as to what people will respond to in advertising. celebs is one of the big ones. if a company spends $12 million on an ad but makes $120 million as a result, thats a good day at the office.

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For a little historical perspective, the ad price for Super Bowl I was $40,000. Becasue the AFL and NFL each had TV contracts, it is the only SB broadcast on two networks, CBS and NBC. The Packers winning share was $15,000 per man and the Chiefs got $7,500. It is the only game that was not sold out, because people complained about the outrageous ticket price of $12. How times change.

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That's insain that over the course of a few short hours, and win or lose, these guys are going to get a BONUS of a minimum of $40,000! I don't make much more than that and I have to work the whole year to get that. Damn genetics.

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I am sure the tv ad will also be shown more than once after the Super Bowl is over. Also, the day after with friends.....Did you see that commercial with Madonna? I can't remember the name of the product! lol

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