October 19, 2007

Drogba vows to leave 'broken' Chelsea as soon as possible.: "My decision is taken," Drogba said. "Nothing could keep me here now. I know there's talk of Ronaldinho and Kaka coming here next season but that won't change my mind. I won't go back on this decision. No doubt because there's something broken with Chelsea." Is Roman's house of cards beginning to fall?

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And then he promptly backpedals.

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And then he promptly backpedals faster than Dida after being mocked by a crazy Scotsman. A petulant footballer demands a move and then backtracks? Say it ain't so!!! Next thing you're going to tell me is that the Incredible Sulk is asking for a move to a big name club after signing that four-year deal at Bolton. Kidding aside, Chelsea are in disarray. I would say they won't finish top 4, but I just can't imagine what team would take their place in the quadrumvirate.

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Manchester City, perhaps?

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I thought about Manchester City, but I just can't help but think that their play in the first several games was somewhat fluky. On the other hand, looking through the table, I don't believe it could be Portsmouth, Everton, Villa, Newcastle or Blackburn, who look to be the top competitors for the UEFA Cup spots. So if not Chelsea, perhaps Manchester City, but I might fancy Chelsea's chances even without Jose and now A. Cole out for a few months and Terry for maybe a month.

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I don't think Chelsea will lose the Champions League spot. They have too much quality, even if they are running amok, Lord of the Flies style, in the locker room. That said, I'm taking Man City more and more seriously. I too thought the first few games were a fluke, but by all accounts they have a great game and continue to get results.

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