October 08, 2007

Ajax coach Henk ten Cate joins Chelsea.: The Guardian has aggressively reported that Ajax has released ten Cate to join Chelsea's coaching staff, reporting to Avram Grant. BBC is more conservative, saying that Chelsea is being "allowed to talk to Ten Cate." Soccernet reports that Chelsea ain't talking. Looks like a done deal. The bigger question is: How long before Avram is pushed out and Henk takes over?

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My guess is it'll only take one month before Henk takes over. If not, then in January.

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:39 PM on October 08, 2007

I think Avram Grant will stay until the end of the season. Chelsky need someone to be "the guy" that comes right after "THE GUY". Grant will serve that purpose. The real replacement for Jose should not be forced to listen to “Stevie Clarke’s blue-and-white army” sung in the home stand. If the bring in another new manager before the end of the season the fans will turn on him before he takes the pitch, too. Chelsea are in a no-win situation of their own making. The fans are not going to be happy unless the board can recruit a superstar to take over. And no manager worth a bucket of spit wants a job where the owner picks the squad, a retarded Englishman buys the players, and he must suffer the wrath of supporters who worship a Portuguese playboy coaching in Serie A.

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I wonder if Henk can wait that long. Also, how many coaches would go from one of the world's legendary sides to be assistant to a no-name caretaker, with the risk of another new coach being brought in to replace said caretaker? My marker is still on the one month line (from when they officially announce him at Chelsea) and no more than the January transfer deadline. However, that last sentence was priceless, r8r. LOL awesome.

posted by worldcup2002 at 03:46 PM on October 08, 2007

how many coaches would go from one of the world's legendary sides to be assistant to a no-name caretaker After reading the article I got the impression that Cate feels shafted by his club. They seem to have turned on him after a slow start with below average players. If that is the case, I can't blame him for taking a chance on landing himself the Chelsea gig. I just hope he knows what he is getting into. If he gets branded as one of 'Avram's boys', he is done. Also, Chelsea have publicly stated on many times their business model depends on Champions League play. If they don't make the top four - and I don't think they have a chance - all bets are off. Without the cash the CL provides Roman's little hobby will become a money sucking liability. Then what? ....back to mid-table obscurity where they belong

posted by r8rh8r27 at 04:15 PM on October 08, 2007

Or it could be a complete flameout like Leeds, if Roman tires of his hobby.

posted by worldcup2002 at 06:16 PM on October 08, 2007

Chelski, the London Leeds. That would be a laugh.

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Or it could be a complete flameout like Leeds, if Roman tires of his hobby. I think that's a distinct possibility. The team is made of quality players but built on a shaky foundation. No one coming up through the academy, a graveyard for formerly formidable talents like Ballack and Scheva, the core of the team pissed off with management and longing for the sacked manager, and legions of carpetbagger fans. Meanwhile Leeds has been galvanized and energized by the point deduction somewhat unfairly (let the punishment fit the crime--financial malfeasance should be met with fines and rolling heads, not point deductions that hit the fans hardest) leveled on them, and have already climbed middle of League One. As for Grant....I give him 4-6 weeks.

posted by lawn_wrangler at 09:35 PM on October 08, 2007

l_w, I think that you're off the mark on the squad composition (though admitting it doesn't give me any thrills) as there are plenty of quality young (under, say, 23) players: Jon Obi Mikel, Soloman Kalou, Scott Sinclair, Sam Hutchinson, Lee Sawyer and Michael Woods. Essien, Alex, Sidwell and Ben-Haim are all 25. And Peter Cech is also only 25, meaning he is still years away from what are considered the prime years for keepers and could remain in the nets for over a decade. Again, not thrilling, but I will be rooting for Avram Grant to succeed as long as Liverpool do better as he's the first Israeli to manage an EPL club (AFAIK). ten Cate's motivation in taking this particular job is not clear to me, for the reasons already given in this thread.

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