May 17, 2007

Neal Pollock and Paul Shirley Discuss the NBA Playoffs: and come to the conclusion (like you probably have as well), that David Stern is evil. Provided evidence includes, but is not limited to: "I want to see actual highlights at halftime, not a nausea-inducing music video set to a 'thanks for the memories' song that would be rejected by any self-respected quinceañera DJ."

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Basically, the NBA gives off the impression of an old white guy (like, I don't know, David Stern) trying to be street. Couldn't agree more. But as we see changes in ownership, subtle and isolated as they maybe, how will the game look when the street (Jay-Z, Usher) tries to appeal to the old white guy? Should be interesting especially as I continue to resemble that old white guy with every passing birthday. Hopefully I will never be so out of touch with youth or urban culture that the game will no longer make sense to me. As for Coors, I can't drink it because I always picture Mark Harmon wading in the stream that my beer supposedly originates, knowing full well that standing in frigid water is a good way to kick start the bladder. That's how you get that refreshing mountain taste.

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Shirley is funny. I do think the NBA doesn't care even a little bit if fans are outraged. It is baffling how they have managed to alienate so many people. I agree with Shirley that the marketing of players over teams is problematic. That's why the NFL doesn't really have the bad reputation, even though clearly some of those players are worse than anyone in the NBA. The NFL keeps their players hidden (don't let them take off their helmet and such), so all anyone sees is the team logo. I hope they continue this discussion because I would like to see his ideas for fixing the NBA.

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Shirley continues with (possibly) an even more humorous rant in "Why I Root for Brent Barry"

posted by gradys_kitchen at 01:03 PM on May 17, 2007

how will the game look when the street (Jay-Z, Usher) tries to appeal to the old white guy? Old, young, white or whatever. Appeal only has one color in business, green! Stern knows who pays his salary and keeps the jersey's flying off the rack. I can assure you it's not old white guy's. I think the NBA is more diverse than ever. It's a great league and will continue to find ways to appeal to everyone. Do you think 12 - 15 shots of Eva Longoria court side is just the work of a good cameraman? Someone with an office is responsible for that.

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There are more installments, including ways to fix the NBA. I was hoping for some practical fixes, but anything that decreases revenue is not practical.

posted by bperk at 01:01 PM on May 18, 2007

Great series of articles. Thanks for the link yerfatma. Oh, and watching the Spurs win game 5 was like watching Star Wars only to have Darth Vader win the big Light-Saber battle. Rooting for the pesky alliance all the way until finally Bruce Vader vanquishes Steve Skywalker, the Death Star is complete, and the poor lil' Ewoks (Eastern Conf. Champs) get vaporized by the planet destroying laser that is Tim Duncan. They're right, David Stern IS evil. The game has flat out sucked since the new zone rules and the restricted area came in. If Jordan's Bull's were playing today, the game would rest on the shoulders of Bill Winnington to hit 15 ft. jumpers while Mike got doubled. Much like I had to sit and watch Kurt Thomas shoot 20 foot Jumpers all night. So, the NBA tries to market players instead of teams, then changes the rules to favor "team" play over individual talent? Why ISN'T Kobe the next Jordan? Because you can double him all night and make Smush Parker have to be the team's leading scorer. If there is a Hell, I hope David Stern spends an eternity watching that game 5 over and over again. With Bruce Bowen kneeing him in the crotch.

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