April 21, 2007

Hidden: Bulls Win!: Bulls overcome the Heat in game 1.

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I appreciate your passion for your favorite sport. However, a generic AP column is something you can catch on any news channel's sports coverage several times a day. If we are going to have to weed through posts of every playoff game It's gonna be a long couple of months.

posted by louisville_slugger at 09:10 PM on April 21, 2007

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posted by scully at 09:12 PM on April 21, 2007

I called this ( the Bulls beating the Heat in the East come play-off time ) at the beginning of the season, most my friends laughed at this statement defending a team I think to be one of the most overated. That same day the champs got whupped by 42 points. the Bulls have the necissary ingredients to win the East. Experience ( P.J., Big Ben ) and youthfull exuberance ( Sefolosha, Thomas ), the improving Loul Deng, all those energetic slashing jump shooters ( Henrich, Noc, Duhon ) a mini "assassin" in Ben Gordon, plus the ability to hit the three. but the main reason I like them in the post season, is that they play defense. I think the Bulls have what it takes to take the defending champs down for the count. Wierd, because I never liked the Bulls, even in the Jordan era, but I like THIS team. With the additions of Big Ben and Tyrus Thomas they won me over. I'm glad they didnt break it up to get Gasol.

posted by Captain Shugg at 09:42 PM on April 21, 2007

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