September 20, 2002

Hockey, the old fashioned way.: The NHL is evaluating a proposal that might lead to the first outdoor game in it's modern history -- Alberta windchills and all -- to be played in Edmonton in 2004. No word yet on whether the referees will use a hand-bell, or whether the ice surface will be illuminated by skaters carrying a lantern.

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This sounds like a great idea...although I don't know that watching hockey in a football arena would give the best views of the game. Still, as an annual one-off event it certainly would be interesting. I like most of the special hockey events the CBC/NHL have cooked up -- Hockey Day In Canada and The Blue Pick-Up Cup spring to mind (though I'd prefer it if they'd done the latter on an actual, rather than an in-studio, frozen pond). I'd also like to see something similar to the Hockey Day in Canada match-ups, but instead pairing up the Original Six teams.

posted by filmgoerjuan at 12:43 PM on September 21, 2002

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