February 23, 2007

Hidden: "He was a guy that was going to hit .300, hit 30 homers a year, run. And he had maybe the best left-handed arm I've ever seen. He had everything you wanted.": Former overall No. 1 draft pick Josh Hamilton is in camp with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays after spending time in eight different rehab centers and blowing through nearly $4M of signing bonus. He hasn't played a game of organized baseball since the summer of 2002. "It's not terminal, but there is no cure. It's hell on earth," Hamilton says of his addictions.

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Good story, but it's from last year. This year, he was picked up by the Reds in the rule 5 draft, which is interesting because it means they're going to try to keep him on the 40-man roster all year. I wish him luck.

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An update from the LA Times.

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He could be a part of the everyday lineup in cinci and if he can still hit and throw like he did when he got drafted. The reds need help and homer bailey and Josh hamilton might just be the new faces yhe organziation needs!!! Ken Griffey needs to be healthy is first and foremost for this club! Who knows the central is a shootout every year maybe this will get the reds over the hump! St louis 1st Cinci 2nd Chicago 3rd

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Fraze, you just haven't been the same since the wrestling dad thingy.

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Fraze, you just haven't been the same since the wrestling dad thingy. I know. Being the compassionate, clear-headed one has thrown me off my game. I voted for a deletion of this above and the insertion of this one and the corresponding instead: New life at the plate -- Josh Hamilton, right years removed from being baseball's first overall pick and after eight rehab stints, tries to resurrect his career with the Cincinnati Reds.

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Screw it -- delete this thread and use the new one I just threw up there.

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