September 09, 2002

Hamster racing!: Imagine with me, if you will, the creation of an international league of rodent-powered vehicle races. This is a low-entry-barrier sport, requiring only a rodent, a toy car and a hamster wheel. We could have different classes, based not on the vehicle, but on the rodent type: Hamster, Guinea pig, Gerbil class, et cetera. Imagine the fan base this would attract, everyone from little children to grannies to Richard Gere. Imagine the sponsorship opportunities. Pet-powered vehicle racing fans, unite!

posted by worldcup2002 to other at 01:17 PM - 1 comment

Free Speedy! Free Speedy! Free Speedy! What a great story. Hamster racing would be brilliant. I think the sport should replace baseball in the States. And Richard Gere would have to be the Commisioner. Of course, we would have to put restrictions on him, lest we lose some of our best racers. (Speedy, are you in there?)

posted by jacknose at 07:53 AM on September 10, 2002

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